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  • Name: Alexander Tufte ( Aleksandra Tuftey )
  • Date of birth: 3 October 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Tver
  • Height: 163
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Alexander Tufte: biography

    Alexander Tufte – Russian theater and film actress, famous thanks to the debut of the film «the Fly.» Lately, she wins the hearts of viewers through television: «it does not happen»». Central district», «Claw from Mauritania» and many others.

    The girl’s parents went to school, and when we got married, moved to Tver, where Alexander was born. Sasha’s father served as a lawyer and my mother worked as an English teacher, making future, the actress has mastered English at a very high level.

    Tufte was the only child in the family and, of course, parents all the free time devoted to her. The father instilled in her daughter a love of art, especially music and film, persuaded to engage in ballroom dancing.

    In high school, Alexander moved to the capital and became a student of the Moscow international film school, where in the morning the children studied General subjects, and after lunch every day and staging performances. There Tufte finally realized that dreams to be a professional actress. It applies to all College theater, and when after examination it turns out that she has a choice, then stops his view of the Theatre Institute named Shchukin, so that the course recruited Yuri Pogrebnichko whose productions she has been fond of.

    This cooperation proved fruitful: the Director invited the young actress in the theatre «Near the house Stanislavsky», where stands still in such plays as «Man and woman», «Three sisters,» «Wanderers and hussars», «the Elder son» and many others.

    The film

    Senior year of Theatrical Institute was very fruitful: in addition to the first performances, he brought Alexander Tufte and his first film role. It was the dramatic film «the Fly» directed by Vladimir Kott, who immediately brought her the award of the Tallinn film festival «Black Nights» as best actress of the first plan. Except for Estonia, together with Sasha have traveled to other countries – Germany, America, Shanghai.

    The character of Alexandra – hard teen Vera Mukhina, who early lost her mother and instead of supporting the father chooses aggression, which is implemented in Boxing. As an aspiring actress has never approached the punching bag, she was hired as a professional coach Oleg Borisenko. By the way, he already had the experience of training actors to the role of athletes that Oleg was teaching the actor Denis Nikiforov in front of his famous painting «the shadow».

    After this success it became clear that Alexander Tufte has a great future in film. She starred in various series, for example, in the 3 and 4th seasons «. Central district», «How to marry a millionaire» and «Angels of war». Of the feature films highlighted in the musical drama «Slackers», filmed for songs of the legendary rock musician Viktor Tsoi, and the romantic Comedy «the Habit to leave».

    Among recent works actress success enjoyed light Comedy «does not happen» and crime Thriller «the Claw of Mauritania.» Most critics note that Alexander in each role opens a new facet of his talent and is able to create a sufficiently diverse images.

    Personal life

    Alexander Tufte’s not married, but she has a beloved man. His name, she carefully hides from the public, but we know that the man is a professional musician. Probably the actress, it is important that a loved one has been from a creative environment.


    • 2008 — Fly
    • 2008 — Dead souls
    • 2011 — Loafers
    • 2012 — At risk
    • 2012 — Angels of war
    • 2012 — How to marry a millionaire
    • 2013 — the Habit to leave
    • 2014 — Alien life
    • 2015 — the Claw from Mauritania
    • 2015 — it does not happen


    Oleksandr Tufte

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