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  • Name: Alexander Tsekalo ( Alexander Tsekalo )
  • Date of birth: 22 March 1961
  • Age: 55 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev, Ukraine
  • Activities: Actor, broadcaster, producer, musician
  • Marital status: Married to Victoria Galushko

    Alexander Tsekalo: biography

    Alexander Tsekalo is a popular Russian showman with a multi-faceted creative abilities, known to viewers as presenter of TV programs «Good morning, country!» «Mind games», «star», «Minute of fame», «the Big difference», «Cabaret without borders», as well as contractor roles in the films «the Lily of the valley silver», «Zolushka», «special Forces in Russian.»

    Alexander Tsekalo was born in the Ukrainian capital on 22 March 1961 in an ordinary family of engineers heatpower engineering specialists. He studied at the local school with advanced study of foreign languages from early childhood dreamed of becoming a TV star. In school by all means develop their artistic abilities, taking an active part in Amateur talent contests, performances and productions. In addition, artistic Sasha went to music school piano and guitar. In high school, he created his own musical group «IT» in their repertoire was based mainly on the hits of the popular group «Slade» and «the Beatles».

    Upon graduation from high school in 1978 Tsekalo at the request of the parents became a student at the Leningrad technological Institute where he enrolled in the correspondence Department of the faculty paper industry. Along with his studies, Alexander worked in the Kiev chemical laboratory, a mechanic and worked as a lighting technician and fitter in a dance theatre of Kiev. Along with this Tsekalo has created his own Quartet «Hat», during bright creative performances which Sasha and other members of the team said the teachers of the Kiev pop-circus school and invited to a training the second year. In 1985 members of «the Hat» graduated from College and was redirected to work in the Odessa Philharmonic Quartet.

    Alexander Tsekalo: TV

    The first known project called

  • cabaret-duet «Academy» Alexander Tsekalo and Lolita Milavskaya created in 1985, which in a few years became one of the most popular in the former Soviet Union. With him, the artists and went to conquer Moscow, which, as expected, did not meet young people’s joyful arms.

    But dedication and perseverance Tsekalo and Lolita did not break from the rigors of Metropolitan tests and to stay on television. After 10 years of existence, the «Academy» collapsed, and Alexander began to pursue a solo career in another creative direction. He became a leading many at the time popular programs and producer of the musical «Nord-OST», «12 chairs», «Two captains».

    In 2006 Tsekalo was invited to work leading to the First channel in the TV shows «Two stars», «Big difference», «Minute of fame», «mind Games». Since 2007, the showman became the General producer and Deputy Director of the First channel special projects. In a year Alexander was removed from his post in connection with the reorganization is guided by the structure of the management channel, but he continued to work on the First as the master.

    The star of Russian television expressed themselves in the creation of productions for the festival «Kinotavr», creative evening of Igor Krutoy, Alsu concerts and Angelica Varum. Account lead and producer of over 30 projects, for which he was repeatedly awarded the prestigious prize «ovation», «Pro», «Star», «Golden gramophone».

    In addition to a successful career as a producer and television host Alexander Tsekalo has starred in several films, in particular «

  • Lily of the valley silver», «special Forces in Russian», «Catch a wave». However, the entertainer doesn’t consider himself a talented actor, and film their lesson. He said that his life’s calling is the production of television projects in which he is a master at all stages of the process. Currently, Alexander Tsekalo is working on several projects, some of which have already aired. In March loudly kicked off the show «
  • Fartsa» from the very first days, won the audience. Modern criticism and serious the creators of the successful television after the premiere of «Fartsa» praised the potential of the paintings and noted that the name of the place already becomes a kind of guarantee of quality of the future project. Also in 2015, viewers saw several of the works of Alexander, namely the series «
  • Major and project side of the moon», after which the audience eagerly awaits the release of the second season. In the near future on television new movies will appear Tsekalo «Klim», «Scum» and «Method».

    Alexander Tsekalo: personal life

    Like all the celebrities and stars of show business, the personal life of Alexander Tsekalo is a topic about which he tries not to spread. In view of the peculiar attractiveness and ability to apply themselves in society entertainer has enjoyed great success with women, despite the rather complex and difficult character.

    Alexander officially consisted of three marriages. First wife Tsekalo was his colleague in the Quartet «Hat»

  • Alena Sifferman, with whom he lived for a short time and divorced through the convergence of characters. The second wife was a showman
  • Lolita, with whom he lived in wedlock over ten years. Alexander Tsekalo and Lolita have a daughter Eva. In 2000, their marriage broke up. After a loud parting with Lolita showman for quite a long time lived in a civil marriage with
  • Yana Samoilova, whom he met on the world the Eurovision song contest in 2000. After Samoilova Tsekalo was to change women as well as television, appearing in society every time with a new girl. In 2008, Alexander was able to conquer the sister of Vera Brezhneva
  • Viktoriya Galushko, which is a popular presenter and producer has entered into a formal marriage. Third wife Hannah bore him a daughter Alexandra and son Michael.

    Alexander Tsekalo: films and projects

    • «Two stars»
    • «Mind games»
    • «Wall to wall»
    • «The big difference»
    • «South Butovo»
    • «ProjectorParisHilton»
    • «The big difference in Ukrainian»
    • «The other side of the moon»
    • «Cabaret without borders»
    • «Fartsa»
    • «About what still speak men»
    • «C»

    Alexander Tsekalo: photo

    Aleksandr Tsekalo

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