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  • Name: Alexander Tikhomirov ( Aleksandr Tikhomirov )
  • Date of birth: 21 February 1991
  • Age: 25 years
  • Place of birth: Rybinsk, Yaroslavl oblast
  • Activities: photographer, video maker, blogger, lifestyler
  • Marital status: married to Maria Noise

    Alexander Tikhomirov: biography

    Alexander Tikhomirov, a young independent photographer, filmmaker and blogger, who became famous not only in cooperation with domestic and foreign musicians, but also as the author of extreme video.

    Alexander was born on 21 February 1991, in the Yaroslavl region, where is his hometown Rybinsk. His parents were ordinary working people. However, his father left the family shortly after the birth of his son, so the education the boy received first at boarding school, then in the cadet corps, where he after some time got kicked. Further Tikhomirov lived with his grandmother.

    Alexander Tikhomirov in childhood
    Alexander Tikhomirov in childhood | VK

    Already in his childhood and adolescence he was a very athletic child: worked in different sections. Tried a lot of sports. Later Alexander became interested in parkour and that’s when with friends took the first video just on the topic of their common interest in «urban acrobatics».

    After school Tikhomirov was going to be a cadet of one of military institutions, but instead went to the capital and entered the Moscow private University «New technology Business». However, from there the boy was quickly expelled. Not enrolling the following year in Saint Petersburg architectural University, Alexander came back to Rybinsk in the course of the year works as a security guard and work in the window manufacture.

    The following summer he was again trying to become a student, this time in Yaroslavl higher education institution. To do the guy in the lecture, he went just three months: in that time, Alexander began to make movies, so, again, quitting school, however, now independently and finally.

    Photos and movies

    After the first attempts to work as a photographer and videographer in Yaroslavl Alexander Tikhomirov goes to the Northern capital, and began to organize photo shoots and shooting weddings there. But the popularity of the young man bring not footage of happy newlyweds, but much more naughty pictures candidly posing girls. By the way, many of his works have spread as the elements of design t-shirts and cases for mobile phones.

    Later, Alexander switched to video. He made the video «Cinderella» for the French musician Bob Sinclar, also worked with the production center Timothy. But the main success Tikhomirova is in creating extreme commercials in the style of «lifestyle».

    Alexander Tikhomirov during shooting
    Alexander Tikhomirov during shooting | VK

    In these projects, the audience can see him skydiving in Dubai, riding a convertible on the Crimean mountain slopes, drives the boat to Bali… These movies talked about the trip to Hawaii, Sri Lanka, Los Angeles, Europe.

    The success of this small video was very serious. Therefore, the main direction in the work of Tikhomirov today is shooting viral videos about travel, extreme sports and free style of life.

    Personal life

    In recent years, the main heroine of the rollers of Alexander Tikhomirov became a beautiful girl, and fans of the blogger is interested in who she is. It turned out that the model name is Mary Noise (Shum Mary) and she is the woman of Alexander.

    Alexander Tikhomirov with his wife Mary and son Noise Space
    Alexander Tikhomirov with his wife Mary and son Noise Space | VK

    In October 2015, the couple announced that they are expecting a baby, and may 29, 2016 Alexander and Mary had a son, who was given an unusual name – Space. By the way, have spouses deliberately went to Hawaii and, of course, such significant event as the appearance of the baby born also has a special video report. And when the baby is little, his parents went to the registry office and officially signed. The wedding took place in October 2016 and, of course, could not do without the traditional Alexander video, made with his own hands.

    I should add that between the numerous journeys Alexander Tikhomirov lives in Russia, sometimes in Moscow, sometimes in Saint-Petersburg, and «spends his free time with the famous footage and negotiating with partners. Main hobby photographer and filmmaker is still a sport. He trains in the gym, swim in the pool, jumping in the water tower, work out tricks on the trampoline and so on.


    Aleksandr Tikhomirov

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