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  • Name: Alexander Sudarev ( Aleksandr Sudarev )
  • Date of birth: 14 December 1994
  • Age: 22 years
  • Place of birth: Zelenograd, Russia
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Alexander Sudarev: biography

    Alexander Sudarev is an aspiring Russian actor and professional debut on the screen is serial film Director Valeria Gai Germanika «Bonus».

    He was born in the Zelenograd administrative district of Moscow, where he lived together with his parents and brother Sergei. Family him to the cinema had no relationships.

    Sasha from childhood was interested in the acting profession, so I studied the art of pantomime and gesture. Also paid much attention to the sport for a few years engaged in sport orienteering, acrobatics and shooting, was fond of fighting and about a year played in Junior Amateur events.

    After graduating in 2012, Zelenograd secondary school No. 718, sir entered the Moscow theatre Institute named after Shchukin on the acting Department. His supervisor at the University is a well-known Soviet actress, star of the Comedy «Wedding in Malinovka», Valentina Nikolaenko.


    In 2015, Alexander Sudarev began acting in the new project of the Director Valeria Gai Germanicus «Bonus». She decided to make not just another youth show, TV serial rap musical about a teenage rapper Vova nicknamed the Bonus which comes from the province to Moscow. The main character played by Sacha Sudarev, who together with his hero is going to experience UPS and downs, love and suffering, conflicts and a strong friendship. And all this against the background of many rap songs, which reads Alexander Parkhomenko, a former member of the band «UNDERWHAT?», currently known as the rapper Dunya.

    Alexander Sudarev came to audition for roles in the film have already been distributed. The main character was claimed by the actor Artem Suchkov, who eventually played a friend Bonus – a drug dealer Reverend green.

    Finally built a 16-episode serial «Bonus» for the first time will be shown in 2016.

    In parallel with shootings in «Bonus» Sudarev managed to participate in one of the episodes of crime series «the Spider,» which was shown on the First channel in autumn 2015.

    Personal life

    The 21-year-old Alexander Sudarev a serious romantic relationship at the moment. He is passionate about his profession as a film actor, so much of his time to the development of acting.

    In free time he plays sports, visits the gym. Also Sasha is a football fan, trying not to miss the matches of our favorite Moscow «Spartak».


    • 2015 – Spider
    • 2016 – Bonus


    Alexander Sudarev

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