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  • Name: Alexander Stekolnikov ( Aleksandr Stekolnikov )
  • Date of birth: 25 November 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married to Maria Stekolnikova

    Alexander Stekolnikov: biography

    Even just a few years ago, no one could not think that the stylish and active man named Alexander Stekolnikov famous all over Russia due to the role of the typical «nerds». But it is the role of Valentina, Budaka in the youth series «Univer. The new dormitory» opened to the public a talented actor.

    Alexander was born on 25 November 1982 in an ordinary family where his mother studied art, and his father was a promising programmer. From early childhood he was fond of dancing, thanks to which came to the theater Studio. After school he raced to the Palace of children’s creativity, disregarding the amusements of children his age. Stekolnikov even switched schools in the seventh grade to spend less time on the trip to the Studio.

    Alexander has applied for the Theatre Academy. Easily passing the exams, the guy was at the course the legendary film Director Vladimir Viktorovich Petrov. In the future the young man will not go out of your way and will work in the field of acting.

    Shooting in the TV series «Univer» has become an important point not only in the career of the actor, but in his life. Alexander lived in St. Petersburg, while the project itself was completely removed in Moscow. Torn between two cities, the artist was forced twice a week to travel home. However, such a busy schedule could not last forever and eventually Stekolnikov decided to take up permanent residence in Moscow.

    Alexander Stekolnikov theater

    For any actor to be a member of the troupe is incredibly prestigious and honorable. Alexander Stekolnikov is no exception, having started his theatrical career immediately after graduation. He was in the troupe of musical-drama theatre «Buff», who was famous for not only performances, but also music and dance performances. The greatest success in the native theatre for Stekolnikova was the role of circus Goodwin of the production of «the Wizard of oz». The play enjoyed huge success with children and in the same year the actor became the winner of the fourteenth festival «Theatres of St. Petersburg – to children».

    But Stekolnikov not limited to only one «Buff», he was invited to the performances of other theatres, which he found very exciting. Directors such famous theatres as «the Theatre of satire on Vasilevsky», «This» theater «Shelter comedian» and many others wanted to see the talented actor in their scenes.

    His theater work Alexander for a long time, combined with the shooting, which occurred frequently in the capital of Russia. With 2013 almost stopped the performance at the Petersburg theatres.

    Alexander Stekolnikov: movies

    First and foremost, Alexander Stekolnikov became known as a movie actor. His debut picture was a loud perestroika Comedy «Window to Paris». The role of the young actor entrusted small — he played a disciple of the «Business Lyceum», only briefly appearing in the frame. These few minutes gave Alexander a lot of positive impressions about the world of cinema.

    Since 2002, the student theatre Academy is already actively removed in the minor roles of Russian TV series. Stekolnikov actively attended the auditions and screen tests in search of their lucky ticket to the cinema. He took part in the shooting of two detective series «the Agency «Golden bullet» and «Streets of broken lamps». Unfortunately, with large or noticeable roles the actor had no luck.

    In 2006, Alexander was able to apply his experience in the filming of the picture «Katherine» where he played the guy from the orphanage. The accuracy of the way he helped to ensure the long and fruitful dialogue with the likes of guys during his teaching ritmoplastika.

    Until 2013, the actor had to settle for the minor characters of movies and series. A fateful event occurred in 2013, when Alexander got a call from the TV channel TNT and was told that he was invited to audition for the popular project «

  • Univer. New Dorm». The actor got very mixed Comedy role, which could easily become another secondary way of his filmography. As planned by the writers he had to play the «nerds», which is under the mother’s wing gets straight to the hostel. Appearing on the screen, Valentine Buteyko performed Stekolnikova instantly won the love of audience, which allowed the project management to make it one of the main characters.

    Alexander Stekolnikov: personal life

    Personal life Alexander Stekolnikov there was not less successful than his acting career. During one of the performances in his hometown, the artist met a girl named

  • Mary, who worked as an artist-technologist in costumes. The girl from the first minute Dating won the heart of the actor who up to this point just didn’t believe in love at first sight. In 2011, the lovers were married in the family circle: for Mary it was the second marriage, and she didn’t want pomp and circumstance than its fully supported Alexander. The girl also had a child from his first marriage, son George, which the actor took as his own. A year after the wedding the couple had a son Ivan. When Stekolnikov began acting in the TV series «Univer», all the responsibilities of raising the children fell on the fragile shoulders of his wife: the husband was physically unable to devote much time to the family. After some time he took his wife and children. Together with his sons Stekolnikova like to travel the world: young George and Ivan have already visited in Greece and sail on the ferry on the waters of the Baltic sea.

    Alexander Stekolnikov: filmography

    • Window to Paris
    • The Agency «Golden bullet»
    • Streets of broken lights 4
    • Catherine
    • The labyrinths of the mind
    • Foundry 4
    • Strange district 2
    • COP wars 7
    • Univer. New Dorm
    • Police major
    • Strange district 3

    Alexander Stekolnikov: photo

    Oleksandr Stekolnikov

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