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  • Name: Alexander Sokolovsky ( Aleksandr Sokolovskiy )
  • Date of birth: 12 February 1989
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Alexander Sokolovsky: biography

    Alexander Sokolovsky called promising actor, because of his young age he has already made a fair career in the movies.

    Sasha was born in St. Petersburg on 12 February 1989. In his family no one associated with the movie, but the guy decided that he would do the theater school in 12 years. Children’s dream led him to the Studio «Duet» where he began to learn the basics of acting already at school age. Amateur theatricals gave him great pleasure, but growing up, Alexander Sokolovsky understood that for a professional actor it is not enough. He also understood that the road to success is thorny, so was looking for alternatives.

    First Sasha wanted to enter the economic faculty, then the faculty of journalism. After school he went to Moscow and filed documents to several universities — was in this list, and GITIS. To his own surprise, the examiners believed in the talent of the guy. He soon became a student of the prestigious theater school in Russia.


    The theatrical debut of Alexander Sokolowski was held in the fourth year of the Institute — it was a student project with many challenges. The theater did not have its own premises, funding, all the performances kept the enthusiasm of the actors. Two years Sokolowski worked in this project — that was enough time to gain experience.

    Then Alexander got a job in the Moscow provincial theatre under the direction of Sergei Bezrukov. Audiences saw him in the role of Jura in the play «Spring», Mowgli in «the jungle Book» and Jim Hawkins in «treasure Island».


    In the movie Alexander Sokolovsky began acting in College. In 2005, he played a cameo role in the TV series «Kamenskaya-4». In 2008 there were two more small roles in the movie «Russia-88» and «All will die, and I will remain.» Three years later, the actor appeared in the film «Schism» — this work he considers his full film debut: first, the role was prominent, and secondly, it increasingly began to invite to the shooting.

    The popularity of Alexander Sokolovsky came in 2013, after the premiere of the series «Vangelia». In the same year, he played Pete in the movie «the Passion according to Chapa», and also starred in the historical film «son of the father of Nations.» But the audience he is remembered and loved by the images of the cadet’s in multiserial film «Method Laurel-2» and hockey player Yegor Schukin in the Junior team.

    In 2014 he released the third season of the series «Sklifosovsky» with the participation of Alexander Sokolowski. The actor also starred in the new series of the project «Junior».

    Personal life

    In his personal life Sokolovsky is not so successful as in film career. The actor admits that he dated many girls, but to no avail. Alexander is the only child in the family, his parents live happily married for 30 years, dreaming of grandchildren. The failure of the son in his personal life afflict them.

    A few years ago, Sokolowski vacationing in the Crimea in the company of Alexandra Knyazeva, graduates of GITIS. The actor said that they are friends.

    But with actress and model Christina Lazarians Alexander had a romantic relationship. The pair dated for almost a year and a half, but at the end of 2014, the lovers parted. Christina explained gap is the unwillingness of an actor to a serious relationship. She believes that Alex is careless about life and turns everything into a joke.

    In his free time Alexander Sokolovsky likes wakpala, hockey, swimming, acrobatics. The actor, an ardent supporter of a healthy lifestyle, he does not drink or smoke.


    • «Son of the father of the nation»
    • «The passion according to Chapa»
    • «Sklifosovsky»
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    • «All will die, and I’ll stay»
    • «Russia-88»
    • «Vangelia»
    • «Drop dead diva»
    • «Team Th»
    • «The Method Laurel-2»


    Alexander Sokolovsky

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