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  • Name: Alexander Sirin ( Aleksandr: Sirin )
  • Date of birth: 15 March 1955.
  • Age: 61 years
  • Place of birth: Tallinn, Estonia
  • Activity: film and theater actor, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Sirin: biography

    Alexander Sirin was born in a family of actors. Parents of Alexander are Honored artists of the Estonian SSR. Vyacheslav Surin and Vera Fedorova-Sirin, one of the first actors who stood at the origins of Russian drama theatre of Estonia. In 1949, the cultural attaché of the Embassy of Estonia has offered the acting troupe, in which they were to arrive in Tallinn, to participate in the creation of a new theatre. The family immediately responded to the offer, and went into the city on the coast of the Baltic sea.

    Alexander Sirin in his youth and now
    Alexander Sirin in his youth and now

    Prior to 1975, Alexander Sirin lived in Tallinn. After graduation, he made three unsuccessful attempts to enter higher educational institutions of Moscow. Soon Sirin was able to go to the Tallinn pedagogical University, but after the first year he was drafted into the army. From 1975 to 1977 he served in the aviation Navy of the USSR.

    Alexander Sirin in the film
    Alexander Sirin in the film «the Dictatorship of conscience» | Movie-Theater

    Alexander Sirin always dreamed of a professional acting career. After demobilization, former soldiers decided to connect his life with the acting profession. According to Alexander, he never thought about the choice of profession, because it all the child had to have parents watching their perfect acting skills. He has repeatedly said in interviews that Russian actors weren’t popular in Estonia, but the artists still sometimes managed to break the negative stereotypes of the brilliant performance on stage.

    Alexander Sirin in the film
    Alexander Sirin in the film «the Night. Friday» | Movie-Theater

    Sirin himself has repeatedly stated that he does not consider himself a man of vision, despite the fact that trying to constantly learn. For it is always an example was a father who was a media darling and companionable person.

    Alexander Sirin in the film
    Alexander Sirin in the film «Lawyer-2» | full Movie

    In 1977, he entered the Theatrical Institute named after Boris Shchukin, where he successfully studied on the course of St. L. Kalinovsky. Here he really tried to learn all the skills of acting and become the best representative of the Soviet theatre and film community. It was here that Alexander Sirin for the first time played a leading role in the famous play «the proletarian mill of happiness». In the fourth year, Alexander has played in the Lenkom theatre in the performance «People and birds».


    Sirin for the first time debuted on the screen in 1980, when he played in the movie «Adam married eve». In 1981, after graduation, was accepted into the troupe of the theatre «Lenkom», where he plays today. In the future, Alexander V. played in over seventy television and feature films. Especially the audience remembered the characters in the paintings: «Once in Rostov», «Torpedo», «Dictatorship of conscience,» «the Citizen the chief», «Cheaters», «a Guy from our city», and many others. Today, with the participation of Sirin in production are films: «Ticker», «Kuprin» and «the fallen Sky».

    Alexander Sirin in the film
    Alexander Sirin in the film «the House that swift built» | Movie-Theater

    The series «Sklifosovsky» became one of the most ambitious works of a famous actor. In this picture, Alexander played the role of a surgeon Ivan Khromov. Execution Alexander Sirin the role of the older, cynical doctor who is always looking for trouble, immediately remembered the Russian viewers.

    Alexander Sirin in the film
    Alexander Sirin in the film «the Brest fortress» | Movie-Theater

    Alexander over the years in «Lenkom» was involved in performances: «the Dictatorship of conscience», «a Guy from our city», «Memorial prayer», «Thiel», «Three girls in blue», «Royal game» and many others. War drama «Brest fortress» – one of the last films with the actor.

    In 1991, the famous actor received the title of Honored artist of the RSFSR. In 2008, he was awarded the title people’s artist of Russia.

    Personal life

    Alexander Sirin married to actress Tatiana Rodinoy. In an interview to representatives of mass media the woman repeatedly told that she was lucky with her husband. According to Tatyana, she’s not a very good cook, but my husband for years, married life has become a good cook.

    Tatyana Rudina
    Tatiana Rudina, wife of Alexander | Snob

    In marriage, the famous couple had a son Nicholas, who also became an actor. 18-year-old boy after graduation decided to continue the family tradition. Nicholas began to conquer the theatrical peaks, like all children in the family Sirinya.

    Nicholas Sirin
    Nicholas Sirin, son of actor | Guild talent Agents

    In 2009, Nicholas Sirin came in a troupe, one might say, is the native theatre «Lenkom». On the stage of the theater companies the actor was actively involved in the famous production of «Juno and Avos». In this case, Nicholas played the role of a naval officer.


    • 1980 Adam marries eve
    • 1982 — the House that swift built
    • 1983 — Torpedo
    • 1990 — a Tale of outstanding moon
    • 1992 — the Woman in the sea
    • 2000 Woe from wit
    • 2003 — List of lovers of the Russian Federation (TV series)
    • 2003 — Download Now. The consequence conducts the layman
    • 2005 — Philip’s Bay (TV series)
    • 2006 — piranha
    • 2008 — Inhabited island
    • 2009 — Lyubka
    • 2009 — When we were happy
    • 2011 — raider
    • 2012-2015 — Copernicus
    • 2014 — Goes nature
    • 2015 — kings can do Everything
    • 2015 — side of the moon 2


    Alexander Sirin

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