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  • Name: Alexander Shulgin ( Shulgin Aleksandr )
  • Date of birth: 25 August 1964
  • Age: 52 years
  • Place of birth: Irkutsk
  • Height: 175
  • Activity: musician, composer, producer, businessman
  • Marital status: divorced

    Alexander Shulgin: biography

    Alexander Shulgin is a composer and producer. Thanks to him, on the big stage were singer Valeria and Alevtina Egorova, saxophonist Elena Sheremet, a group of «Dream» and other musicians. Also his name is associated with the television show «American idol» and «Popstars». Now Shulgin manages the group of companies «Family», which operates in the field of media and entertainment industry.

    Alexander was born in Irkutsk and even in elementary school he showed himself as a creative person. From an early age he began to write poetry, and at age 12 became interested in music. At first it was due to the collection of popular recordings, but soon Sasha has played in the school band on guitar.

    After school Shulgin entered Irkutsk state linguistic University, then was transferred to the Irkutsk technical University, and from there to the Baikal state University of Economics and law. But it’s OK to learn he couldn’t get anywhere, so as with the music the young man did not leave, and at age 19 began working in the Soviet rock band «Cruise».

    Working with this team has led Alexander to Germany, where he learned the modern trends of recording and imbued with the system of show business. After returning home, Shulgin began a production activity, and also opened a number of private firms. In 1998, he founded the company «Name». To date, this structure includes music publishing, a consulting company, a number of social networks and many other branches.

    In recent years Alexander Shulgin became fascinated with religion and in 2011 joined the faculty of theology at St. Tikhon’s Orthodox humanitarian University.


    The first record of Alexander Shulgin coincided with the birth of the debut album of the band «Kruiz». Germany was the strongest recorded the album «Kruiz», there was a lot of live concerts, which were attended by Alexander.

    After returning to Russia, the musician begins to realize himself as a composer. More than 50 of his songs became hits and hit the charts. During the 90-ies Shulgin collaborates as a songwriter with such stars as the singer Valeria and the group «Dream», as well as producing the album «Jazz» the rock band «Alice» will promote the first album «Mumiy Troll» and group «Ivanushki International». Worked with him, Dmitry Malikov, Oleg Gazmanov, Irina Allegrova, Alexander Malinin, Irina Saltykova, Christina Aguilera and many other popular artists.

    By the way, in the Studio of «funneling sound Recorder» that belongs to Alexander Shulgin and Ilya Lagutenko, they released their first album Zemfira. Also produced are given concerts of Michael Zadornov and restaurerede at his own expense the archives of Yuri Vizbor. In the new century, Shulgin managed to create a musical «I», to reveal to the world the extraordinary saxophonist Elena Sheremet, whose CDs have sold millions of copies, especially in North America.

    In 2005, Alexander writes concept album «Idea», all the songs and instrumentals which treat of the struggle between good and evil. Then he released the CD «Triptych» — a triple album of purely instrumental music, written in the form of cocktail jazz and sounds for relaxation. The last Studio work Shulgin at the moment is the double CD «fairy Tale». The first part of this work played by the harp and cello, and the second on piano.

    In 2011, the composer gave the hometown anthem «Siberia, Baikal, Irkutsk», which was a gift to the 350 th anniversary of Irkutsk. Record made in different interpretations – from the purely orchestral to choral.

    Television projects

    In 2002, Alexander Shulgin was invited to the first reality show to support young performers «Become a star». The result was the group «Other rules», which included five finalists of the show. But starting to work with this team, Shulgin moved on to a new, more promising TV project «star Factory».

    For the participants of «Factory» Alexander wrote more than 40 songs, and creates dozens of scenic images and helps many beginners to define their own style. Under Shulgin, all-Russian fame was Yulia Mikhalchik, Nikita Malinin and Alexander Kireev.

    Personal life

    With his first wife, singer Valeria Alexander Shulgin met in a nightclub, where she performed solo. At first the producer offered their professional services, but then their relationship became romantic. This is despite the fact that Valeria was then married to musician Leonid Yaroshevsky.

    However, soon the young people are officially married, and in 1993 gave birth to first-born daughter Anna. Later, a family has sons Arseny and Artem. Although at the time, Valery has already filed for divorce, Shulgin was able to convince her to stay for the baby.

    But in the end, the singer and producer is still getting a divorce, and with a grandiose scandal. The fact that the ex-wife Alexandra went on to tell reporters all about their argument that dealt a serious blow to his reputation.

    After Valerie Alexander Shulgin some time lived in a civil marriage with singer Julia Mikhalchik, whom he met on «Factory of stars». However, and with his young bride, the composer divorced and since then prefers to enjoy the life of a bachelor.


    • 1992 — The Taiga Symphony
    • 2000 — the First Internet album
    • 2005 — MADE IN RUSSIA
    • 2005 — Donna
    • 2005 — Presentation
    • 2005 — Lady Sax
    • 2006 — Sax It Easy
    • 2006 — Sax It Up!
    • 2008 — Triptych
    • 2013 — Diptych «SKAZKA»


    Oleksandr Shulgin

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