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  • Name: Alexander Shirvindt ( Aleksandr Shirvindt )
  • Date of birth: 19 July 1934
  • Age: 82 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: actor, Director, screenwriter, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married to Natalia Belousova

    Alexander Shirvindt: biography

    The national actor Alexander Shirvindt’s known to the people who caught the Soviet era. Just then the screens came the cult film «Irony of fate or With light steam!», «Three men in a boat, not counting the dog» and many other paintings, which starred famous actor. Actor Shirvindt is a prominent figure in the theater world, he has over hundreds of different roles played on the stages of famous theatres of Moscow.

    The legendary artist was born on a warm summer day in 1934 in Moscow. For your unusual for the Russian ear the name of the boy should thank his father — a talented musician, teacher, and violinist Theodor Gidalevich, Pruss origin. Mother Raisa samoilovna was also closely associated with music, as he worked in the Metropolitan Philharmonic. Parents Shakespeare was incredibly busy, they were constantly invited on tour to different parts of the country, so most of my childhood, brought up Alexander to his grandmother, who lived in the city of Cherdyn. It was there that the young artist received his primary education. In high school, he moved to his parents in Moscow and was educated at a fairly prestigious school, where he studied the offspring of party leaders.

    Wife of Shirvington dreamed that his son would continue the family business and follow in their footsteps, so the family sent Alexander to a music school. But, surprisingly, no desire to study music and develop in this direction, the young artist was not. Their house is often guests came, among them many artists who, with their knowledge of the profession seized the boy. He dreamed of the stage and set, wanted to become a recognizable and well-known, like actor Leonid Utesov, often stayed with Shirvington.

    After high school, guy has applied to acting schools and started going to the exams. Despite the lack of experience in productions, he helped a lot of musical and dancing skills, as his time in town doing ballroom dancing. In 1951 he became a student of Theatrical school of a name of Schukin, where he went on an acting course Faith Lvova. Already in his student years artsit deserve considerable credit of trust from the teachers, who predicted the young actor has a great future.

    Alexander Shirvindt theater

    Talented actor Director of Theatre-Studio of film actor was spotted when he was a student. His thesis in productions of «bread Labor» and «Night of errors» was so impressive that immediately after the release, Alexander was accepted into the troupe. The theatre was founded specifically for the movie actors that could play on the stage set out, and opened the artist’s way in the movie.

    His debut production at the theater of the Lenin Komsomol was the picture «the First horse» from Director Benedict Nord, which premiered in 1957. Critics and audiences appreciated the art of acting Shakespeare, which allowed him to continue to count on more serious and bigger roles.

    Alexander Teodorovich worked for a year on a scene of drama theater on Malaya Bronnaya, and then went into the troupe of the Moscow academic theatre of Satire, became a second home. Of the actor’s craft, the artist gradually fell into the role of Director. Here was his directorial debut in 1970. Together with mark Zakharov staged «Rise and Shine!».

    Debut planned to celebrate in the restaurant «Sofia», but the Director of the same theatre Pluchek has advised the artists to go to St. Petersburg, where was then a good friend of the artist Andrei Mironov. The arrival of old friends had become a great joke and surprise of the great Soviet actor, but someone called my wife from Moscow, and when theatergoers reached the hotel, Mironov was already waiting for their reserved table in the restaurant. Although the lottery was not a success, the actors quite clearly celebrated debut.

    In 2000, town became the artistic Director of theater of Satire.

    Alexander Shirvindt movies

    In the movie actor made his debut in 1956 in the romantic Comedy «She loves you!», playing a small role. In the picture it came by accident, as initially this role was planned to take actor Mikhail Kozachenko, who was unable to come to the shooting. Your first fee and the artist decided to spend it on something serious and important. So he had the car «Victory».

    In the career of an actor for a long time lull. He rarely appeared in movies. That all changed in 1967, following the film «Major Whirlwind», where Shirvindt played a guy named Jozef. The character was very vivid and memorable, so the Directors began to actively invite a young artist.

    The real fame came to become famous in 1975 after the screening of the cult film «Irony of fate or With light steam!». He played the role of Pavel, the friend of the main character in the movie and gave his voice to the narrator, whom the audience hears at the beginning of the film. The Director of the film Eldar Ryazanov decided to continue the fruitful cooperation with the Shirvindt, regularly inviting him to their paintings. The actor appeared in his film «Station for two» and «Forgotten melody for flute».

    Another success for the actor was the tape «Three men in a boat not counting the dog», where he played with his friend, Andrei Mironov. Shooting on the river was conducted until November, but as the film the action takes place in the summer, the actors could not dress warmly and were forced to warm up strong drinks that they brought in stunt-divers. The picture was a huge success, and the trio in the face of Mironov, Shirvindt and Derzhavin for many years became the standard Soviet Comedy school.

    Alexander Shirvindt: personal life

    Family life Alexander strongly connected with architect

  • Natalia Belousova, whom he met in the village of NILE. Their romance was quite strong, and in 1957 they decided to register their relationship. A year later they had a son Michael, who in 1981 gave parents first grandson named Andrew, and after five years came to light and granddaughter of Alexander, named after his grandfather. All the free time in town trying to devote family, especially beloved grandchildren.

    Alexander Shirvindt: filmography

    • She loves you!
    • Come back tomorrow
    • Major Whirlwind
    • Once more about love
    • The irony of fate or With light steam!
    • Heavenly swallows
    • Three men in a boat, not counting the dog
    • The circus Princess
    • Station for two
    • Forgotten tune for the flute
    • The irony of fate. Continued

    Alexander Shirvindt: photo

    Alexander Shirvindt

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