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  • Name: Alexander Kobzar ( Aleksandr Kobzar )
  • Date of birth: 18 may 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: actor, Director
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander bard: a biography

    Alexander Kobzar — Ukrainian theater and cinema actor, also received recognition as a Director. Fans of Russian cinema know him from such films as «Match», «Forget and remember», «Guide», and many others.

    Alexander was born in Kiev on 18 may 1976. Early childhood the future actor was held in the Obolon district. But when Sasha was a teenager, was seriously ill his father was. Nikolai Kobzar had a heart attack, and doctors advised to move to a quiet provincial town. So the family moved to the beautiful ancient city where Alexander finishes school.

    I must say that the boy had no desire to link their lives with art. Received a certificate of maturity, the poet goes to Kiev to become a student of pedagogical University. But these plans are not destined to come true, and Alexander is back in Nizhyn. My best friend who started to study at the local school of culture, bard involved in theatrical productions under the leadership of Oksana and Vladimir Malyarenko literally fell in love with the profession of actor.

    Alexander Kobzar in the film
    Alexander bard in the movie «the Dark labyrinths of the past» | full Movie

    At the first opportunity he entered the acting Department of the Kiev theatre Institute named after Ivan Karpenko-Kary, and at the end does not go with the Alma mater, and studying the move on the Director.

    Distribution Alexander sent to serve in the Donetsk theater of Russian drama. Two years later he was already Nijinsky in the theatre not only takes the stage, but he makes plays. And then together with a group of fellow poet creates original performance of «Morphine» from the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov, which the actors were shown… on the streets!

    Known long-term cooperation, Ukrainian actor and Director with the Academic theatre of drama and Comedy on the left Bank of the Dnieper, which lasted more than 12 years. Here, Alexander is paired with Andrei Zamenimym made the staging of the play «play Chonkin», for which he has received several prestigious theatre awards. In 2016, the actor is included in the troupe of the National academic theater of Russian drama named after Lesya Ukrainka.


    First attempt at writing in film for Alexander bard was the war drama «Second front». But for a long time, he continued to be considered a theatrical actor, and appeared on the screen occasionally. Most important roles was the brother of the famous ataman Makhno Omeljan from the TV series «Nine lives of Nestor Makhno», district crime boss Alex Bruce of the blockbuster «brother Brother» and the anesthesiologist Ilya Rozin from the action-movie «Fury».

    Alexander Kobzar in the film
    Alexander bard in the movie «Match» | Movie-theater

    And wide popularity among the audience, Alexander gave a dramatic sports movie «Match,» where he played the role of Viktor Shevtsov and collaborate with such stars, as Sergey Bezrukov, Elizaveta Boyarskaya and Ostap Stupka. After the success of the picture the poet began to regularly receive offers to work.

    Of the dozen works of the actor should pay more attention to the melodrama «the Last role of Rita,» a family film «Solstice», a historical-biographical drama «the Guide» and the detective series «Nikonov and Co». And the latest project of poet, which was released at the moment, is romance «Forget and remember».

    Personal life

    While studying in high school theater Alexander Kobzar met a classmate Vera, who soon became his wife and took his last name Kobzar. Together they went to Donetsk, together passed from theatre to theatre. Therefore, Faith is inseparable and Alexander at home or at work.

    Alexander Kobzar and his wife Vera Kobzar at the Odessa film festival
    Alexander Kobzar and his wife Vera Kobzar at the Odessa film festival | NikLIFE

    The couple created a strong family and gave birth to two children who received the old Slavic names. First, they had a daughter Barbara, and after a few years the son Prokhor.


    • 2006 — Nine lives of Nestor Makhno
    • 2010 — brother Brother
    • 2010 — When the South will fly the cranes
    • 2011 — Rage
    • 2012 — Match
    • 2012 — Champions of the gate
    • 2012 — the Latter role of Rita
    • 2012 — Solstice
    • 2013 Guide
    • 2015 — Nikonov and Co
    • 2016 — Forget and remember


    Oleksandr Kobzar

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