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  • Name: Alexander Sheps ( Alexander Sheps )
  • Date of birth: 26 November 1986.
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Samara
  • Activities: Psychic showman
  • Marital status: Dating Marilyn Kerro

    Alexander Sheps : biography

    Alexander Sheps was born in the city of Samara, on 26 November 1986. At birth his mother was very surprised, as infants usually are born with a red tint, Sasha was born as white as ivory. Alexander’s parents — the fourth son of five children.

    Mother Lyudmila Sheps — in the city’s identity is known, it is known as a clairvoyant and physician, spiritualist and Tarot reader. Biography of Alexander Sheps is very different from the simple, ordinary people. In my childhood my parents discovered that the boy is secretly communicating with someone invisible. These abilities passed on from her mother. Until the age of 13 Sheps finally realized that with it something happens, he sees those whom others do not see. From an early age my mom also saw his dead father, so the fellowship of the son with the world of the dead did not bother her.

    Father Oleg G. – employee of the cemetery. Its mission is to provide the area with water and light. To the world of the dead is indifferent, because he does not see anyone from the other world. To abilities son accustomed, not afraid of his strange relations and argues that we should fear the living.

    When the Sheps went to school, died, a very dear person – his grandmother. At that time the woman was 87 years old. During the life of the grandmother, the boy often came to her house after school to visit. Alexander had a premonition of her death. He said he saw him standing at the grave of the grandmother and keeps the ring. When the woman actually died, Sasha took this ring to the funeral and now never takes off.

    After school, Alexander enrolled in the local theater Institute in «actor drama theater and cinema», but dropped out and left school. This did not prevent him some time to pursue professional acting and modeling business. Also was fond of vocal music, recorded songs and planned to release a solo disc.

    Sheps wrote scripts, took pictures. In his Arsenal, a collection of photos and videos from the shows, discoveries and projects with the participation of famous stars of show business. Some time Alexander Sheps worked as an actor in the theatre «the Hammer», was the host and administrator of the Studio’s Special Event «Atmosphere». His interest in something new was always amazed family and friends.

    In 2007, the guy was assassinated. Unknown on a motorcycle shot the car of Isaac and his friend, wounding the psychic neck. After Alexander was told that this event was not planned. Just two inadequate guy in narcotic intoxication thought it would be fun, choosing the first available car.

    Alexander Sheps: «the Battle of psychics-14»

    In official selection «the battle of psychics» Sheps late, his participation in the project was random. The Sheps weren’t invited to the first qualifying test, but he decided to come himself to the Park where the casting of future participants. The surprised spectators gasped with delight, watching the actions of the psychic.

    Sheps during the tests, used all kinds of attributes: a stick, with which he removed the amulet «Wolf shepherd», candles, speeches, knives, burial ground, coins and spheres in the bowl. Before you start the testing, Sheps brandished a dagger. With its help Alexander supposedly can overcome the barriers between the worlds to understand what they say dead.

    In the 14th season of «the battle of psychics» Sheps won, defeating many strong opponents. It is now difficult to walk down the street unnoticed. Sheps never holds techniques via the Internet and does not ask to send money. He agreed only to a personal meeting, but numerous official page of the Alexander fake, so the guy advises not to give in on provocation of swindlers.

    Alexander Sheps: personal life

    The psychic wasn’t married, but a serious relationship was. Personal life of Alexander Sheps full of bright moments, but it was love and disappointment. The guy was betrayed, after which he experienced, but all in the past.

    On the project «Battle of psychics» Sheps struck up a romance with Estonian participant Marilyn Kerry. Pair long time hid their relationship, leaving the answers, what actually happened between them. In the final project publicly Sheps gave Marilyn a hard case, which she refused to open when cameras. But viewers believe that there was a ring. The girl then took the second place in the battle, he even tried to give the call a «hand» of his lady.

    Sheps and Kerro continue to meet after the project in spite of gossip about a PR stunt. Joint photo of Sheps and Marilyn are full albums on their social media pages. The couple travels together, share experience and rituals.

    Alexander Sheps: photo

    Oleksandr Sheps

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