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  • Name: Alexander Serov ( Serov Aleksandr )
  • Date of birth: 24 March 1954
  • Age: 62 years
  • Place of birth: village of Kovalivka, Kyiv region, Ukraine
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: singer, composer, poet, broadcaster
  • Marital status: divorced

    Alexander Serov: biography

    Alexander Serov, a famous Soviet and Russian singer, people’s artist of the Russian Federation. A lot of people, both in Russia and far beyond it who love his songs. For many years, such hits as «do You love me», «Madonna», «I love you» and «shooting stars» remain among the most performed songs on most of the vocal competitions.

    Alexander was born in the Ukrainian village Kovalevka, located in the Nikolaev area. His father Nikolay Serov was the head of the carpool, and mother had charge of the shop of perfume glass factory. When Sasha was very young, his father left the family. Mom had to move for earnings in the regional center of Nikolaev, so the burden of raising a son fell on the shoulders of the grandmother.

    In adolescence Serov really fell in love with music and realized that he wanted to connect his life with this art form. It all began with the songs of Tom Jones «Delilah», which the boy once heard on the radio. Since then, Jones and Elton John, began to Alexander examples of variety performance.

    At school the boy played in the student orchestra, which played the viola. It is a known fact that Serov independently mastered the piano and even earning by playing in restaurants and cafes. After school he entered musical College, from which he graduated in the class of clarinet.

    After serving three years in the Navy, the young man began to build a musical career. First, he played in Krasnodar, in the part of the vocal-instrumental ensemble IVA, then there were such groups as the «Singing ship’s boys» and «Cheremosh». And only in the early 80-ies began a solo singing career, which has brought the artist success.


    The first time the masses heard the voice of Alexander Serov in 1981. It was the song «Cruise», a duet with Olga Zarubina and became a big hit. That was followed by another duet with Tatiana Anciferova «long distance call» and the first solo composition «Echo of first love.»

    Best songs of Serov’s early 80’s was his first album, «Peace for lovers». The popularity of the singer gained momentum, and after the appearance of the video clip «Madonna» and «do You love me» the demand Alexander was phenomenal. By the way, the video «do You love me» is the first domestic clip, which as a guest actress starred celebrity. It was Irina Alferova.

    Naturally, followed by clips of the second CD «I’m crying» was a resounding success and he was invited on tour not only in all the countries of the former Soviet Union, but also abroad. In addition to these, had the success of the songs like «wedding Music», «You’re in my heart» and «I’m in love with you for a long time».

    The following album «longing for you» and «Suzanne» gave the audience such famous songs as «I love you» and «Starfall». Then the sound came quite a long pause, related, apparently, that there was misunderstanding between Alexander Serov and his regular composer Igor Krutoy.

    Only after 8 years the world saw the long-awaited new album «My Goddess», followed by «Endless love», «Recognition» and «Fabulous Versailles». The last Studio album of the famous singer to date is the CD «Love will come back to you», which was released in 2013.

    Personal life

    Singer Alexander Serov was always very popular with the opposite sex. And hot admirers attributed to him novels with a huge number of Actresses and singers. But he was married only once. His choice was a gymnast Elena stebeneva, master of sports in acrobatic gymnastics. And before the wedding they met for a long time.

    In this Union the couple had a daughter who in honor of the French actress Michelle Mercier and American Michelle Pfeiffer called unusual for the Russians by the name Michelle. But after 19 years of marriage Serov and stebeneva broke up. As now says Elena, they just outgrew the relationship.

    Later, the singer’s name was linked with several young singers, for example, Elizabeth the seven-part. But Alexander Serov in his interview admits that in the last 5-6 years he is utterly alone.


    • 1984 — the World for lovers
    • 1988 — Madonna
    • 1991 — I cry
    • 1993 — Suzanne
    • 1997 — Nostalgia for you
    • 2002 — My goddess
    • 2007 — Endless love
    • 2008 — Recognition
    • 2011 — The Fabulous Versailles
    • 2013 — Love will come back to you


    Alexander Serov

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