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  • Name: Aleksandr Semchev ( Aleksandr Semchev )
  • Date of birth: 16 April 1969
  • Age: 47 years
  • Place of birth: Vyshniy volochëk, Russia
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor, Honored artist of Russia
  • Marital status: divorced

    Alexander Semchev : biography

    Actor Alexander Semchev – the figure is massive-both literally and figuratively. Probably not among the domestic audience of no one who would not know of this remarkable artist. On account Semchev countless number of games played in theater and film roles.

    L. Alexander Semchev was born in the Tver region in April 1969. He grew up and made the first steps in the profession in the small town of Vyshny Volochyok. In school it was already clear that this guy will grow up to be an artist. Alexander Semchev has become famous among peers great sense of humor and ability to show stunning pantomime.

    First, the guy was doing in the doll circle, then realized his artistic talent on the stage of the school theater, playing various fairy tale characters. The debut was the role of Baba Yaga in one of the productions.

    Another talent came from Alexander Semchev music. As a teenager he appeared in school discos as a DJ.

    After high school, and then serving in the army, Semchev returned briefly to his hometown. He joined a local drama theater and quickly became the leading actor. Once his game on the scene saw the teachers of the Moscow theatre school named after Boris Shchukin. And immediately offered to go to Moscow and to continue to «grind» skills in the legendary University. Alexander Semchev, «breathing» scene, ask twice was unnecessary. In the same year he entered the «Pike», anywhere on the course Eugene Simon, who after his death was replaced by Valentina Nikolaenko.


    Alexander Semchev theatrical career began in his student years. He played on the stage of the Sovremennik. But after graduation in 1997, worked briefly in the «Satyricon». Here game the talented young artist was noticed by Oleg Yefremov and lured Semchev at the Moscow art theatre named after A. P. Chekhov.

    On this stage, the artist’s talent is revealed in full force. Very fast Alexander L. has become one of the leading artists of the Moscow art theatre. Theatergoers enjoyed watching him play in the play «Servitude of hypocrites», «Tartuffe», «Duck hunt», «old world landowners» and «the White guard». In the latter production, he played Lariosik and received his first award «Seagull» award in the nomination «Best Comedy role».


    A cinematic biography of Alexander Semchev started in the early 2000s. He appeared on the screen in the Polish film «the First million». The recommendation to take him to this role was given by Krzysztof Zanussi.

    It was a great springboard, after which Semchev been swamped with offers to act in films. However, most of these were supporting roles, but with such a bright and colorful artist all of them are almost on a par with the main.

    More attention to the person he received after the shooting in advertising of beer «Three fat men». In 2000, Aleksandr Semchev was named «Advertising person of the year». But such glory is not pleased. In one interview, he complained that do after Directors failed his proposals, but all these roles were continuous and homogeneous.

    Indeed, in the box of the actor a large number of characters with a negative image. Drunks, corrupt officials and police. But, nevertheless, all these roles made Alexander Semchev real star. Movies «Train romance», «Goat milk», «12 chairs», «Kolkhoz interteynment», «Plot» is only a few titles from a range of wonderful paintings, many of which became favorites of Russian spectators.

    In 2006, Aleksandr Semchev made his debut as a Director. But his Comedy called «Girl» turned out to be not very good, so was the first and, at this point, the last directorial work.

    The artist has concentrated on work in film and every year gave his fans a few projects with his participation. «Enchanted land», «Liquidation», «election Day», «Our Russia. Eggs of fate» — all these films are Semchev brought considerable popularity.

    Among the most striking recent acting work of Alexander L. Semchev role in the film «the dragon Syndrome», «Limousine» and «Sex, coffee, cigarettes.»

    Personal life

    In the artist’s life there were 3 marriage. For the first time Aleksandr Semchev married, when he lived in his native Vyshniy volochëk. His wife has agreed to be the teacher Julia Panova. To this marriage was born a son, Cyril. Its name he received because of the aunt, the native sister of the father, which is very much to his nephew’s name was Kirill. Unfortunately, the young family did not last long. Cyril grew up without a father. It is known that he studied in Saint-Petersburg on the Manager. The Semchev strongly involved in the life of a son, paying for his education and helping money.

    Shortly after moving to the capital from Semchev began an affair with the Bank Manager Marina Gridarray. But after marriage, the couple has lived together for long.

    Personal life Alexander Semchev changed after a meeting with Liudmila Voronova, who worked as a costume designer. In 2005, the couple had a son Theodore. For some time the family lived quite happily. The Semchev was a wonderful father. But this marriage collapsed.

    However, Alexander L. strongly cares about his son and takes an active part in his life. As says the artist, he Fyodor mutual love. The son is engaged in Sambo, good draws and studies in the Orthodox school.

    Not so long ago on the program «Let them talk» by Alexander Semchev happy 45th anniversary. The actor admitted that he has another son, about whom nobody knows. He is older than Cyril for a year. Guy’s name is Paul Loginov. But when the actor found out that Paul waits backstage for his appearance on the stage and the meeting with his father, he left the room. In defense of one arose, his colleague Alexey Panyushkin. He said that the Semchev serious and responsible person. And make public details of his personal life, making of it a show for the onlookers, he will not.


    • «The first million»
    • «Train song»
    • «The kid in milk»
    • «12 chairs»
    • «Kolkhoz interteynment»
    • «Plot»
    • «Enchanted land»
    • «Liquidation»
    • «Election day»
    • «The dragon syndrome»
    • «Sex, coffee, cigarettes»


    Oleksandr Semchev

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