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  • Name: Alexander Seleznev ( Aleksandr Seleznev )
  • Date of birth: 8 March 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Podolsk, Russia
  • Activity: pastry chef, author of numerous books, television and radio presenter
  • Marital status: not married

    Alexander Seleznev : biography

    The author of many books on cooking, absolute national champion in pastry-making, a wonderful TV presenter, who is called «a favorite pastry chef of Alla Pugacheva» a true professional, possessing several University degrees culinary schools not only Russia, but also Belgium, France and Switzerland. His titles can be listed for half a day. And it’s all about him, the Alexander Anatolyevich Selezniov.

    Alexander Seleznev was born in the small Russian town of Podolsk on the women’s day in 1973. Maybe that date of birth has ordained that a wonderful lesson, who devoted himself to this man. With his remarkable culinary skills Seleznev really nice «gift» for all women for whom a kitchen is a real Studio.

    There is nothing surprising in the choice of profession Alexander Seleznev not. He, like all the boys and what we confess, men, large sweet tooth. In my childhood, when my mother bought cakes, sweets or cakes, Sasha along with brother Tolia «dealt» with sweets for several minutes. The same fate befell her grandmother’s baking, which gave off a divine scent of cinnamon or vanilla. But Alexander Seleznev, unlike most males, was more consistent. He not only loved to eat the Goodies, but also helped my grandmother to cook them. And when adults don’t have time to cook, then he began to slowly culinarily.

    So, the boy finished his first culinary courses, which are called Granny. In high school he thought the future would be nice to associate with cooking. But the parents wanted Alexander received some more «masculine» technical specialty. He entered the naval Academy. But, short of the 3-th course, understood that the desire to become a chef is not gone, but rather increased. Seleznyov went to culinary College «Tsaritsyno».


    College young pastry chef graduated with honors. It as the best student, immediately took to the kitchen of the famous hotel «Metropol». Thus began the great culinary biography of Alexander Seleznev. But to bake and cook wonderful desserts he began immediately. At first young cook was peeling mountains of potatoes and wash hundredweight of fruit. Later Alexander begged his head of pastry shop in the same «Metropol» to take him to work.

    Finally, he trusted that Seleznev loved most of all – desserts. Around the clock he rolled truffles. Then he began to trust more complex processes.

    When he opened the restaurant «Eldorado», the young cook had the opportunity to get a job in the culinary shop. After the «Metropol» Alexander taken immediately. Here he learned a lot. He was lucky to work with a Japanese master Hideki Morikawa. Teach Russian counterpart virtuoso technique of mixing Japanese and Austrian pastry school. Along with Morikawa Seleznev prepared real hits.

    Over time, Alexander Seleznev more and more I realized that his culinary knowledge modest. To fill in the gaps, he went to France, then to Belgium and Switzerland. In these countries out of culinary courses. Learned how to make awesome cakes, exclusive cakes of enormous size, Petit fours, chocolate mousse and candy. In Lausanne Seleznev mastered the technique of baking truffles, and Swiss school, «Fabia» he has demonstrated the English technique of making flowers on cakes.

    The knowledge and diplomas from known schools helped Alexander Seleznev become a leader of tens, if not hundreds of contests and culinary festivals.

    In 2004, Seleznev created a «Konditerskiy Dom Alexander Seleznev». And the following year he published his first book «a Sweet story» which had immense popularity. The master decided not to stop and today he has a whole library of his own writings, which has more than 20 books.

    Tried Seleznev himself as a TV presenter. He is a popular transmission «Sweet story», which airs on channel «Home». Then he was invited to broadcast with the same name on «Radio Alla». Here the talented chef noticed the prima Donna of the Russian stage. For her Alexander Seleznev not just bake cakes for various celebrations. Rumor has it that Alla was pleasantly surprised by their taste and appearance.

    Personal life

    Renowned pastry guru already over 40, but he’s still a bachelor. Personal life Alexander Seleznev – closed issue. He says that a career and permanent employment had stolen from him the time when he could have a family.

    Now he has a huge house, where there was a huge dog Zhorik. Seleznev said that he was not fond of small decorative dogs and always wanted to make a great family pet, good and faithful friend. Bernese mountain dog Zhorik such.

    And the celebrity chef loves to travel. In other countries it takes not only strength and positive emotions, but also improving as a cook.


    Oleksander Seleznyov

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