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  • Name: Alexander Samoilenko ( Alexander Samoilenko )
  • Date of birth: 28 March 1964
  • Age: 52 years
  • Place of birth: Tashkent, Uzbekistan
  • Activities: Actor
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Samoilenko: biography

    Alexander Samoilenko was born on 28 March 1964 in Tashkent. He grew up in an exemplary family of intellectuals: his father Valery Samojlenko was a respected Professor, doctor of Sciences, who studied the prestigious field of Hydrobiology, and his mother worked as a teacher in the local school. From childhood Alexander was instilled respect for elders, he obeyed his parents. The boy grew up dreamy and artistic child, he attended the circle of acting and acted on the school stage. It was the Soviet cinema Alexander was inspired to become an actor.

    After graduating from secondary school, the boy decided to arrive in theatrical Institute. Mother was strongly against the actor, but the father insisted that the young Alexander chose his profession. Samoilenko went to Moscow and filed documents at the Higher theatre school named after BV Shchukin. Thanks to the inherent artistry and participate in the drama club, skills and talents of the boy was enough to get the approval of the examination Committee and to enter the acting Department.

    In 1988 Alexander graduated from College and went to work as an administrator in the Vakhtangov theatre. Two years later, Samoilenko decided to go into business with his friend actor Maxim Sukhanov. After the restaurant «Prague» has terminated the contract of the canteen of the theater, the friends organized the club «Mayak». It was a private club for stage actors and their friends, who also functioned as the buffet. Samoilenko and Sukhanov also organized the opening of the canteen in the Central children’s theatre. Restaurant business friends flourished somewhat later, they opened the art-restaurant «Labardans», which had originally planned to turn it into an artistic centre with a café and a theatre Museum. To the best of their ability the actors tried to help colleagues, their buffets served free to needy people in the theater, paid for the funeral and fed the students of the Shchukin school.

    To work Alexander Samoilenko was only in 1997, after he was invited in the troupe of the Moscow drama theater. K. S. Stanislavsky. On stage, the actor playing sir Toby of «Twelfth night,» Shakespeare and the Baptist from «taming of the shrew».

    In the mid-2000s he became a leading author of the program «Steam room with Alexander Samoylenko,» on the radio «city-FM».

    Aleksandr Samoylenko movies

    His first role, Alexander Samoilenko played, while still a University student. Not so much for the beginning of his career, as for the break-in period. He played in the musical film «Pranks in the old spirit» and the drama «Forgotten melody for flute», released in 1987 under the guidance of legendary Director Eldar Ryazanov.

    Movie Samoilenko returned only after ten years, taking part in the filming of the detective series «Maroseyka, 12», where he called Dmitry Kharatyan. Profession a few years ago Samoilenko considered boring and monotonous, again intrigued and inspired actor. He took part in the filming of the TV series «Cobra», «Black room» feature film «Oligarch». Thanks to the latter, the actor has gained popularity and its first fans.

    In 2004 he released the fantasy film «

  • Night Watch», which instantly became a cult. In it the actor played the role of Elijah — the magician / shape-shifter. The film became incredibly popular on the territory of CIS countries. The actor also starred in the sequel «Day Watch», which was published in 2006. In 2004 she made her debut as a producer. Together with Maxim Sukhanov, he put a Christmas romance «Package from Mars», and a year later the actor made his debut as a Director in the movie «horror novel», which was released in 2005.

    The huge popularity of Alexander Samoilenko shooting in the Russian TV series «

  • Daddy’s girls». The actor played a family friend of the main character, doctor Andrei Mikhailovich Antonov. The project was quite successful, the series existed until 2012, and then were suddenly closed, without a logical end. Aleksandr Samoylenko acted in films to this day. His filmography includes more than fifty films a year out on some of the tapes.

    Alexander Samoilenko: personal life

    His personal life the actor prefers to hide from the eyes of journalists. With his first wife Alexander Samoilenko met while a student of the Institute. The young people were married, and they had a son Stepan. In the end, the marriage failed and the couple soon divorced.

    In 2000, the actor re-married a girl named

  • Elena, who bore him a second son Sasha. In 2006, Samojlenko became interested in a girl
  • Eugenia, who at the time worked at one of the restaurants. Passion turned into a novel, to be able to be with my lover, Alexander divorced his wife and married Eugenia. In 2009, the couple had a son Prokhor.

    Alexander Samoilenko: filmography

    • Forgotten tune for the flute
    • Maroseyka, 12
    • Black room
    • The oligarch
    • Night watch
    • First after God
    • Day watch
    • Daddy’s girls
    • 1612: Chronicles of distemper time
    • Kings game
    • Nameless — a woman in Berlin
    • The irony of love
    • Unreal story

    Alexander Samoilenko: photos

    Oleksandr Samoilenko

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