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  • Name: Alexander Samokhin ( Aleksandra Samokhina )
  • Date of birth: 1 November 1983.
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Rostov-on-don, Russia
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Samokhina biography

    Alexander Samokhina — actress of theatre and cinema, was born on 1 November 1983 in the family of young artists Anna Samokhina Vladlenovna and Alexander N. Samokhin. The father, an ethnic Russian, was a native of Vladikavkaz, and mother, in the future, popular Russian actress, born in Kuzbass. Then Anna was the unknown artist of youth theatre of Rostov-on-don and they lived in the dormitory of the theater. The girl’s parents met while studying at drama school of the city of Yaroslavl. They were a beautiful couple, the couple lived together for almost 16 years.

    Alexander Samokhin
    Alexander Samokhin

    In 1988, Anna Samokhina begin inviting in the movie and in two of its work it takes to play his little daughter. Alexander is already at the age of six hits the cinema screens in the role of a girl Gypsy in the film «don Cesar de Bazan». She plays a young lady in the film «Wolf pack». In the first movie the talented mother-daughter partners in the set were the famous artists of that time: Mikhail Boyarsky and Yuri Bogatyrev.

    Alexander Samokhin mom
    Alexander and Anna Samohina

    Being from a very early age in the actor’s environment, Sasha was no doubt who she wants to become in the future. So in 2000, she chooses theatre Institute of the city of St. Petersburg and enters the Studio of Vladimir Petrov. While studying at the University, Alexander has starred in three TV series: «the Black Raven», «national security Agent» and «Three colors of love». The films came out on Russian television and was warmly received by the audience.


    In the creative biography of the actress are not so many films. After graduation, she starred in several television films. Mostly her roles in films of this period is sporadic. In parallel with the shooting, Alexander plays in the St. Petersburg theatre «Comedians», which is the artistic Director Mikhail Levshin. Goes on stage and she in antrepriznyh performances and also takes part in some performances of the St. Petersburg theater center on Kolomenskaya, which features her mother.

    Alexander Samokhina in movie
    Alexander Samokhin in the movie «the Last victim»

    After his mother’s sudden death in 2010, Alexander suddenly beginning to invite television projects, where the actress offered a major role. In the film «the Last victim» by Alexander Samokhina played the main character Julia. Together with it, the participation of Dmitry Isaev, Marina Yakovleva. And in 2013, Alexander played the role of Faith in four-part melodrama «the other woman» in partnership with the student Armen Dzhigarkhanyan Andrei Belanova.

    Alexander Samokhina in movie
    Alexander Samokhin in the movie «the other woman»

    Alexander tries not to waste your time on uninteresting work and carefully choose the script. For example, after the birth of her daughter, she was offered to star in a big TV show in the title role. But Alexander refused. She chose family and has no regrets. Currently Sasha adheres to the philosophy of a healthy lifestyle. She eats right and plays sports. Their intention is to remove a series of programs dedicated to active lifestyle.

    Personal life

    While studying at the Institute, Alexander became friendly with fellow Phillip Azarov. The young people were happy and after training have continued their relationship. Besides, Alexander and Philip went to work in one of the theatre «the Comedians». In 2006 a young and promising actor proposed to Sasha the girl reported to her mother. But Anna V. was acting against marriage and delivered an ultimatum to his daughter: either she or Philip. After this forced break Sasha was very worried and even lost weight.

    Actor Phillip Azarov
    Actor Phillip Azarov — first love Alexandra

    After her divorce from Philip Alexander for a long time with anybody did not meet. But her heart is eventually won by a young officer named Vitaly. They met for a long time. He helped Alexander when it was her mother. Vitali bought drugs, took Anna V. procedures in the hospital. He’s the first to tell Sasha the news of the death of Anna Samokhina. For some reason, his name unknown to the public. On the Internet, particularly Instagram, not even a photo of him with Alexandra.

    Alexander Samokhin daughter
    Alexander Samokhin with daughter Eva

    At the end of January 2011 Alexander Samokhin was married to her beloved. Wedding, they played in the Literary café at the ceremony were mostly family and friends, it was just 50 people. Six months after the registration of Alexander gave birth to a daughter, eve. The girl was born small and fragile. Its growth was only 48 cm, and weight not more than 2400 grams. But despite this, the girl was perfectly healthy. A young mother first wanted to name the girl Anna, but then changed his mind, so as not to tempt fate.

    Alexander Samokhin today
    Alexander Samokhin today

    The man cares about and protects family favorite. Alexander unlike his mother doesn’t dwell on his career, it belongs to their profession safely. In the first place for in her life — family. To date, a young wife and mother engaged in small business, a little removed, and all free time to communicate with his beloved daughter and husband.

    Filmography Of Aleksandra Samokhina

    • Don césar de Bazan (1989)
    • Wolfpack (1990)
    • Black Raven (TV series) — (2001)
    • Three colors of love (TV series) — (2003)
    • National security agent 4 (TV series) — (2003)
    • Touched (TV series) — (2005)
    • Little tragedies (2010)
    • The North wind (TV) — (2011)
    • The last victim (2012)
    • The other woman (2013)
    • Ultimatum — (2014)
    • Hispanic (2014)
    • Never been better (2015)
    • Bounty hunter — (2015)


    Alexander Samokhin

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