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  • Name: Alexander Rybak ( Alexander Rybak )
  • Date of birth: 13 may 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Minsk, Belarus
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: Singer, composer
  • Marital status: Not married

    Alexander Rybak biography

    Alexander Rybak – winner of Eurovision in 2009 year. A young man with a touching appearance and strong voice charmed everyone and set the record for the number of points in the contest. This victory secured the young Norwegian musician with Belarusian roots popularity around the world.

    Biography Alexander Rybak originates in the capital of Belarus, Minsk. The singer was born 13 may 1986, today is a benchmark of success among singers and composers in Europe.

    Alexander Rybak in childhood and now
    Alexander Rybak in childhood and now | Telesem

    Alexander grew up in a creative family. Alexander Rybak’s parents are professional musicians, which gave an example of the boy from an early age. Father Igor Aleksandrovich all life played in the musical ensemble of Vitebsk on the violin. The singer’s mother, Natalia Valentinovna is a pianist, she devoted herself to the editorial Board of music programs on television of Belarus.

    Alexander Rybak with his parents
    Alexander Rybak with parents | zetaboards offer

    The love of music in the family, Alexander Rybak has been handed down from generation to generation, grandmother Savitskaya Maria B. is associated with this direction, she has taught students lessons in music school. From a very young age the boy was interested in singing and music. In five years he began to take steps under the guidance of his father, he was taught to play the piano and violin.

    At an early age Alexander Rybak wrote their first song, which subsequently was accomplished. In 1990, a family with a young son moved to Norway, where the father took a prestigious job. Alexander Rybak gave the school of music, received a certificate, he flashed talent and enrolled at the Conservatory of Oslo.

    Alexander Rybak in his childhood with his father
    Alexander Rybak in childhood with a father | Imgrum

    Since childhood, he was fascinated by three players, who became his inspiration and role models – Mozart, the Beatles and sting.

    From childhood Alexander Rybak took part as vocalist in the musical group «A-ha» under the direction of Morten Harket. A young guy over his years of growing up managed to travel most of Europe, visited China and the United States. The fisherman was lucky to step on one stage with such legendary stars as Arve, Tellefsen and Hanne Krogh. World-famous violinist Panas Zuckerman praised Alexander Rybak, for his perseverance, talent and love of music.

    Alexander Rybak |

    The year 2006 was marked by the singer’s successful participation in the competition of young talents Kjempesjansen», which took place in Norway. There, a young man he sang his own song «Foolin'» and received first place. Today Alexander Rybak works in the youth Symphony orchestra «Symphony wing» in Norway for the posts of concertmaster.


    In the spring of 2009 the whole world watched as Alexander Rybak won the hearts of billions of spectators at the international contest «Eurovision-2009», where Sasha sang and played the violin his own song «Fairytale».

    The fisherman has set an absolute record (387 points) in the history of the contest and became the winner. Soon, the singer said that the song was dedicated to his former lover Ingrid.

    The first album by Alexander Rybak was published a month after Eurovision, fans of the young actor queued in the music shops to purchase CDs. The rapid growth in popularity of did unknown ygosu a superstar almost overnight.

    The fateful year of 2009 did not end with the victory on «Eurovision» and the release of the album. In September, Alexander Rybak decided to take part in the popular show on the First channel «Minute of glory».

    Alexander Rybak | ArybakFairytale

    Tour of Russia began in November, was a resounding success. Alexander Rybak managed to come to Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Samara, Yekaterinburg and Rostov-on-don. At the end of the month an event was held in which singer along with the famous figure skater Alexei Yagudin presented the future symbols of the Olympic games 2014 in Sochi.

    As darling and artist, a Fisherman came to the Ukrainian «Factory of stars» which sang along with one of the participants of the project. In January 2010, Alexander Rybak was invited to voice the main character of the Norwegian cartoon «How to train your dragon». A few months later, the inhabitants of Tallinn could hear a live performance of the artist, the concert will be held in the hall «Nokia», and the demand for tickets was stunning.

    Last for today Studio album «Christmas Tales» was released in 2012, but this does not mean that the musician has ceased to delight fans with new songs. In 2015, the Fisherman recorded the song quickly became a hit. His «Cat» was different light romantic content and repetitive simple text. The song and the clip quickly found many fans. In 2016, released the video for the song «Ambrazame».


    Repeatedly since the days of «Eurovision-2009» Alexander Rybak was accused of plagiarism. Self-composed by the musician of the song are often very similar to existing songs. His popular song «Fairytale» of his motives is very reminiscent of the song «Bit Pazari», which marks the Turkish singer Hussein Oil.

    Another reason for the scandal was the song «Abandoned», someone thought that it is very similar to «crane Song» by Kirill Molchanov.

    Alexander Rybak in 2010 became the owner of an anti-award «Silver Shoe», then the musician heard the accusations of plagiarism for the song «will unlock twanttomissathing», which was similar to one of the songs of the group «Aerosmith».

    Alexander Rybak | Russkoe Radio

    One of the tracks from the album «No Boundaries» was very similar to the song Valery Meladze, «How beautiful you are today». This gave rise to a wave of indignation, as it later turned out to be useless. Fisherman absolutely legally bought the rights to the melody.

    Personal life

    The young man has gained immense popularity, but it didn’t help his personal life. Ingrid, in whose honor was written brought victory to the musician the song, left of the Fisherman in the five years prior to «Eurovision». He tried to restore relations with the girl becoming popular, but I saw that Ingrid only makes their joint past. In order not to reopen your old feelings, Alexander did not raise a scandal and try to prevent it.

    Ingrid and Alexander
    Ingrid and Alexander | Stars-En-Couple.FR

    In 2010, Alexander was warmly supported by the German singer Lena Mayer during the «Eurovision». He rehearsed with her, and just spent a lot of time around. The girl took first place and continued to chat with the musician. The lovers did not deny that they are a couple, and hinted at a wedding. But marriage did not happen.

    Alexander and Elena Mayer
    Alexander and Elena Meyer |

    Now, Alexander Rybak said to journalists that he has a girl he has no plans to marry and whose personality does not want to disclose to the press.


    To date discography of Alexander Rybak has five Studio albums:

    • «Christmas Tales»
    • «Visa Vid Vindensangar»
    • «Europe’s Skies»
    • «No Boundaries»
    • «Fairytales»

    Also on the bill singer 9 singles and 11 clips.


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