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  • Name: Alexander Rosenbaum ( Aleksandr Rozenbaum )
  • Date of birth: 13 September 1951
  • Age: 65 years
  • Place of birth: Leningrad
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: doctor, poet, composer, singer, actor
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Rozenbaum: biography

    Alexander Rosenbaum was born in Soviet Leningrad in the family of medical students who, after graduation, the distribution moved to Zyryanovsk in Kazakhstan. Here was born the younger brother of Sasha Vladimir. Father, Jacob Starevich Rosenbaum, later became the chief doctor of the city hospital, specialising in urology, and his mother, Sofya Semyonovna Milyaeva, was the doctor-gynecologist.

    After 6 years, the family returned to Leningrad. Alexander went to high school with profound studying of the French language, and in parallel attended a musical school in piano and violin. Independently practicing at home, I learned to play the guitar.

    Besides music he was fond of sports. In early childhood I visited the section of figure skating, and adolescence is seriously involved in Boxing in the Junior group in the Labor force.

    After high school, enrolled at the First Leningrad medical Institute, as he decided to follow in the footsteps of parents and became a physician. Worked in the emergency Department, and in parallel studied at the College evening jazz at the Palace of culture named after Kirov. Having received the diploma of musician-arranger, he faced a choice – to stay and continue doctor, increasing the already gained experience, or to go towards a new profession. And Alexander Rosenbaum picks the music.


    The first song began to write as a student of the Institute. It was mostly bawdy sketches on the theme Babaevsky «Odessa tales» or medical history. After graduating from music College he performed in small halls, which were in the statement of energy, as a member of the groups «Pulse», «Admiralty», «Argonauts», VIA «Six young». On the big stage as a solo artist came in the first half of the eighties.

    It is strange that working in the genre of art song, which at that time was in hiding, Alexander Rosenbaum has quickly become a party to most major pop concerts from the «Wider circle» to «Song of the year». But the greatest fame brought by the trip to Afghanistan and a number of speeches to the soldiers-Afghans. During this period, song of thieves theme virtually disappear from the repertoire, to be replaced by the theme of war and history of Russia. Also, the subjects of his poems are Gypsy and Cossack theme, philosophical lyrics, psychological drama.

    In 1986 in the movie «Pain and hope of Afghanistan» as sound track the song «In the mountains of Afghanistan» performed by Rosenbaum. A few years later his song «Waltz Boston» the Union becomes a hit. After the collapse of the Soviet Union Alexander Rosenbaum continued his speech, but his repertoire of increasingly songs dedicated to the people of Israel. So the singer gave a tribute to the ancestors on my father’s side.

    Rosenbaum is often either 6-string or 12-string guitar. He’s got his own intense style of play, as the artist often use paired strings, giving the sound a bright color.

    In their creative activities not just recorded songs in duet with other artists, for example, Grigory Leps, Michael Shufutinsky, Pearl Brothers, Joseph Kobzon.

    Personal life

    The first time Alexander Rosenbaum got married when I was still in medical school. But this student Union lasted only nine months.

    But after a year he creates a new family, married again to a medical student Elena Savshinsky, where he still lives. In 1976 Alexander and Helen born daughter Anna, who is the only child in the family Rosenbaum. The girl was weak, sickly child, and my parents had to pay a lot of attention to her health. When Anna grew up, she married an Israeli swimmers Tiberio Chucky. The couple live in Saint-Petersburg. My daughter gave Rosenbaum four grandchildren.

    The singer loves dogs. He has a Terrier named Lucky.

    In addition to the musical activities of Alexander Rosenbaum — a successful businessman. He is the owner of the restaurant «Bella Leone» and co-owner of the St. Petersburg network of beer «Thick Fraer». In addition, he is honorary President of the Jewish sports Association «Maccabi» and the Vice-President of the company «Big city», which has been supporting young aspiring artists.

    Selected discography

    • 1983 — Dedication dedicate
    • 1986 — Epitaph
    • 1987 — Draw me a house
    • 1987 — the Road long in life
    • 1988 — Anathema
    • 1994 — Sluggish schizophrenia
    • 1996 — plantations of love
    • 1999 — the TRANS-Siberian railway
    • 2001 — Old guitar
    • 2007 — Companions
    • 2011 — Shore clean brotherhood


    Oleksandr Rozenbaum

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