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  • Name: Alexander Robak ( Aleksandr Robak )
  • Date of birth: 28 December 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Zlatoust
  • Activities: actor, film producer, film Director
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Robak: biography

    Alexander Roebuck was born on 28 December 1973 in the city of Zlatoust, Chelyabinsk region. The boy grew up in a modest Soviet family: the father of REM Aleksandrovich worked as an engineer at a metallurgical plant, and his mother Raisa Lukinichna a teacher at a local school. The boy grew up creative person, was early interested in music and learned to play the guitar, participated in concerts and performances of the school drama club. Due to its rowdy nature, he earned his first money at the age of eight years, as punishment for bad behavior, mother Alexander agreed with the local housing office and arranged for the boy to work as a janitor. While his classmates were playing outside, young Roebuck clearing the snow and gained as much as five rubles, which bought a scarf for mother.

    After graduating from the local secondary school, Alexander decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and become an engineer-Metallurgist. Then it was very popular and in demand in Zlatoust profession. The guy went to Moscow, but failed the entrance exams at the capital Institute of steel and alloys. Roebuck then remembered his dream of becoming a theater actor and tried to pass the competition for admission to the theater Institute.

    Youth is not enough acting training to successfully arrive there. Before Alexander was a choice: or to seek another institution for admission, or to go into the army. Fortunately Roebuck, theatrical institutions of Saint-Petersburg and Yaroslavl have announced an additional set of students. The choice of the future of theater and film actor fell at the Yaroslavl theatrical Institute for one simple reason: the ticket from Moscow to Yaroslavl was two times cheaper than the ticket from Moscow to Saint Petersburg. In 1989, the guy successfully went to College for a course outstanding teacher Yaroslav Vorontsov.

    After graduation in 1994, Alexander Robak sent back to Moscow at the invitation of the Director Andrei Goncharov joins his troupe, which performs at the Moscow academic theatre of a name of Vladimir Mayakovsky. Robak played in the theater for four years, after which chose to work in film.

    Aleksandr Robak movies

    The first film Alexander Roebuck was a small role in the drama

  • «The day of the full moon,» directed by Karen Shakhnazarov. Due to its characteristic appearance with Alexander very quickly entrenched the role of a person prone to the use of force: some character of a law enforcement officer or a thug. Robak played a cameo role of criminals, guards, soldiers in many Russian movies and TV series. For a year he could take part in filming one or two movies. After a career stage actor Alexander began to act in films more often: with its participation came to ten paintings a year. In 2000 together with his friend and the Russian actor
  • Maxim by Lagashkin founded the production company
  • «Sinemafor». The films produced by «Sinemafor» Alexander Roebuck acted as producer and actor. The first production experience was the Russian Comedy series
  • «Hostel». This project has been successful and gained the love of the viewer, and Roebuck himself was more interested as a producer. Under his leadership for ten years out of thirteen paintings.

    In 2007, Alexander tried his hand as a Director, removing the Thriller

  • «Room of lost toys». The film was captures from the first frame the plot, as well as philosophical monologues of the characters, forcing viewers to think. However, the popularity of the painting has not received. In 2011, the screens out the TV series
  • «The island of unnecessary people» produced by Star Media, where Roebuck played politics Savely T. Rybakov. The series was notable for the fact that all the shooting took place in Thailand, where the crew spent a total of about a year. Roebuck has starred in over seventy films. One of the major roles was the role of Alexander Roebuck Maxim Budkina from the dramatic movie «
  • The geographer globe propyl.» The film inspired the actor to travel to his native country and came to believe in the future of Russian cinema. The film was well accepted by critics and audience, earning numerous awards.

    Alexander Robak: personal life

    About the personal life of Alexander Roebuck is practically unknown. Robak long married and the father of two sons — Plato (born in 2004) and Arseny (born in 1994). Despite a very tight shooting schedule, Alexander is trying to give your family the maximum attention.

    Every winter the family Roebuck along with his family friend Lagashkin go to the ski resorts, but early autumn is trying to visit warm countries. However, despite all the efforts of Alexander, in his opinion, he spends too little time with their families.

    Alexander Robak: filmography

    • The day of the full moon
    • Brother 2
    • The hostel
    • Kamenskaya 2
    • Turkish March
    • The palmist
    • Love-carrot
    • The irony of fate. Continued
    • Freaks
    • Christmas tree 2
    • The geographer drank his globe away
    • Kiss! 2
    • Where the homeland begins

    Alexander Robak: photo

    Aleksandr Robak

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