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  • Name: Alexander Revva ( Alexander Revva )
  • Date of birth: 10 September 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Donetsk
  • Height: 176
  • Activities: entertainer, presenter, actor, the player of KVN
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Revva: biography

    The famous showman Alexander Revva has come a long way to the Olympus of fame. Like many comedians, he began his career in one of the KVN teams, which gave him an unforgettable image of Arthur Pirozhkov, whom viewers will remember even more of the artist.

    Alexander Revva was born September 10, 1974 in Donetsk. His family was extremely talented, which is fully passed on to the boy: his grandfather worked at the local Conservatoire and was listed in the Guinness Book of world records thanks to its unique ability to multiply six digit numbers in the mind, and mother she was a soloist of the choir and was known for his unique ability to attract metal to his body. Unfortunately, the Revva father abandoned the family when boy was very young. The education of the future artist was engaged in his mother and grandmother who doted on Sasha.

    Like many other guys, why would days playing football or cops and robbers. Because of his unusual surname, which occurred from the Estonian kind of Erwa, friends often called the young artist «Reva-measles». The boy soon learned to play the guitar and was fond of magic, who would come up with on their own. Revue also was no stranger to theater. He was a member of many clubs initiative and always amused the audience with their humorous performances.

    When Alexander was ten years old, his family moved to Khabarovsk. There the mother of the artist opened his own club, to join its sister. The children began to lead a dance circle what they helped a lot of experience dancing ballet. However, after two years of exciting adventures, the family unexpectedly returned to Donetsk, where Alexander graduated from high school.

    After the ninth grade, he was faced with the question of further education. Revva thought to enter the theater Institute, mindful of the success that he enjoyed in his school performances. But the young man decided to choose a more solid profession and enrolled in the College of industrial automation. He graduated with honors and applied to multiple schools, successfully enrolled in the Academy of management and the Polytechnic Institute. Alexander did not choose and the first time visited both schools, but after a semester decided to continue studying at the Academy of management, where he received the profession of Manager.

    Some time Revva worked as a mechanic and tried to engage in the advertising business in life is not happened at a turning point: Alexander was in the famous project of KVN.

    Alexander Revva: KVN

    It is no exaggeration to say that the popularity and fame of Alexander Revva — largely due to the popular TV show KVN. In 1995 «Club of Cheerful and Resourceful» enjoyed great interest among the audience and every single day was opened by the young talents. The first team of talented Alexander became the Donetsk team, «Yellow jackets». In its composition, the artist played a long five years, working in parallel on the radio. The first time Revva perceived the game as a pastime and hobby, and the place in the Premier League and television have not even dreamed of. His first pay he received in 1999, and then somewhat revised his views on the WHC.

    To earn money, Revva often sold their jokes and humorous scripts offer other teams, it was very commonplace in those days. So he met with the guys from the Sochi team «

  • Burnt by the sun». In 2000, Alexander arrived in Sochi to visit his mother and come into the Studio, where trained team. His goal was to sell some of his jokes and rooms, but «Burnt by the sun» urgently need another member, and they literally asked Why to go with them to the game. Participation in the team gave Alexander a fame and popularity. His jokes, and incredible images have become so recognizable that it often overshadowed the artist. A special success with the audience enjoyed the images of grandmothers in the performance of the humorist, as well as macho Arthur Pirozhkov. This character, by the way, Revva created after visiting one of the Sochi fitness clubs, where had seen enough of the «bullies» that can only talk about your body and sport. In the «Burnt by the sun», he was the winner of the Higher League. KVN also gave the artist a lot of useful contacts, which helped him in his future career.

    Alexander Revva: TV

    In 2006, the talented comedian was invited to a young and still unknown project «

  • Comedy Club». It includes many other KVN, which provided the initial audience for the show. Over time, sparkling jokes and memorable numbers presented incredible popularity of «Comedy Club». Alexander appeared in a pair of Gabriel Gordeyev and other colleagues at the show. But he soon switched to the format of solo performances, which enjoyed no less success. In 2009, the Revva became the host of the show «You’re funny!», which led to his famous character of Arthur Pirozhkov. His colleague was the captain of the team «Ural pelmeni» Andrey Rozhkov, also took his stage name is Andrey Borisovich. However, the project was criticized from both professionals and spectators. The main problem was a fairly high degree of vulgarity, which is beyond the limits of decency. Many viewers and jury members did not appreciate the humorous performances of the contestants and are not considered funny. After the first season it was decided to close the show.

    At the moment, the Revva is a leading popular shows and projects, including going on the First channel.

    In 2010 the artist decided to go into the restaurant business and together with well-known specialist in this field Dmitry Orlinsky opened the school «Spaghetteria», located in a picturesque corner of Moscow.

    Alexander Revva: personal life

    Personal life Alexander has made no less success than in their professional career. In 2004, he met a beautiful girl

  • Angelica won the artist of her beauty. For the first time Revva saw her at the Sochi disco. To draw the attention of the beautiful stranger, the actor spent all his money on a limousine, which took Angelica home. The couple were married only three years, when the beloved entertainer was on the third month of pregnancy. In 2007 they had a daughter Alice, and in 2013 and second girl, Amelia. Alexander is fully satisfied with their family life and dreams of the son. According to him, Angelica seriously changed his view of the world: until his current wife was an artist and could not conceive on how to get married and have children.

    Alexander Revva: TV shows

    • KVN
    • Comedy Club
    • You’re funny!
    • Repeat!
    • One to one!

    Alexander Revva: photo

    Alexander Revva

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