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  • Name: Alexander Rapoport ( Aleksandr Rapoport )
  • Date of birth: 1 April 1947
  • Age: 69 years
  • Place of birth: Kazanlak, Bulgaria
  • Height: 188
  • Activities: actor, singer, psychotherapist, broadcaster
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Rapoport: biography

    Alexander Rapoport, a Russian and an American actor with an amazing, but very heavy fate. He was born in the Bulgarian town of Kazanlak in the family of Sims Mikhailovna and Grigory Solomonovich. Alexander’s father at the time of birth was an officer, and then by many different professions – from the diver and Turner to actor and doctor. Sasha was a month old when the family left Bulgaria and after several removals settled in Leningrad.

    Rapoport, Jr. from an early age, saw himself on the stage, but the parents did not take this profession seriously. At their insistence, he became a student of the medical Institute, where together with his son, by the way, did father. During his studies, Alexander joined the Institute’s ensemble, and also participated in Amateur theater played Medin basketball. To the medical profession the young man no interest had almost every exam in the first attempt failed. But when 4 year started specialization in psychiatry, the young man was transformed and began to study hard.

    Aleksandr Rapoport
    Alexander Rapoport | Official website

    After high school Alexander Rapoport distributed to the district hospital, but he made the transfer to Moscow of the famous clinic named after p. P. Kashchenko. Career was fine, but suddenly in 1980 he was arrested because he refused to recognize unhealthy conscripts who evade military service. Condemned the doctor of a political article for 4 years. After such a relationship the man left the home on foot with his youngest son traveled to Barcelona. There was no money even for bare necessities, so they had to make on the way, including singing in the streets.

    In 1990, Alexander Rapoport was in the USA and first worked as a taxi driver. Then was able to return to medical practice and even sat behind the Desk in Adelphicos University furthering knowledge in psychiatry. Now he combines cinema with psychotherapeutic activities. In addition, Alexander G. conducts trainings on human relationships, often focusing on aid in the preservation of a romantic relationship.

    TV presenter, singer and actor

    The first media activity of Alexander Rapoport connected with the TV. On the American channel, he opened her own show «the Mirror», which talked about psychological problems. Much later he was the host of the program «hour before midnight» on the radio station «Silver rain», and on Russian television has appeared in such shows as «Men’s territory», «we have arrived!», «Love can’t…», «I Want Your husband».

    Also Alexander was the «singing doctor» and even recorded a few Studio albums. Out and videos, for example, in the late 90s among fans of Russian chanson, was a success with the song «Barcelona», later a song of Michael Tanich «Amadeo Modigliani».

    In fact, after performances as a musician Rapoport and invited to make his debut in the American theater «Steps» in the play «Last summer in Chulimsk». Get a taste of acting, a man takes master classes from stars like al Pacino, Meryl Streep and Michael Caine.

    Played Alexander Rapoport not only in American theater but also domestic. For example, he was personally invited Galina Volchek, the «Sovremennik» theatre, where he played some interesting roles.


    In the movie Alexander Rapoport began acting in 2000 in the paintings live in America Russian-speaking Directors. But the actor himself in his real debut, which became the starting point for professional filming, considers melodrama «My Prechistenka» in which he played a small role of a security officer Kuznetsov.

    Alexander Rapoport in the series
    Alexander Rapoport in the series «the Reader» | Telenedelya

    There he was invited not by chance: he was in an art gallery in Moscow, where he was noticed by Galina, the wife of George Danelia. She said to her companion, which turned out to be a casting Director, and Lyudmila Large that a man simply can not shoot a movie.

    By the time Alexander G. was already over 50. However, today he managed to participate in the creation of over one hundred films and television series! Of the most famous projects is to provide youth mystical series «Closed school», romance, «Marriage under the will», a psychological detective story «the Reader» and the film «the Source».

    Personal life

    With his only wife Lyudmila that he was home calls only «the one», Alexander Rapoport met at the tender youthful age. A girl killed a young man of incredible beauty and a real female temperament. At 18 they got married. In the family were born two sons, Vyacheslav and Cyril.

    Ludmila I. Aleksandr Rapoport
    Lyudmila and Alexander Rapoport | Facebook

    The eldest son, like his father, he studied at different schools of Russia and America, and is now working in USA as a Manager. Jr., who was a father actually walk to Barcelona failed to move to new York in 1990. Still a teenager, he remained in Spain, one in six long years. Without language skills, without any education, but with obvious talent of the businessman, Cyril opened his own business, and now in America contains your cafe. Along with his wife, a model and actress Irina Dmitrakova, he gave parents a grandson named after his grandfather Alexander.


    • 2006-2007 — My Prechistenka
    • 2008 — Blue beard
    • 2010 — angel on Duty
    • 2010 — Nanotubule
    • 2011 — Lecturer
    • 2011-2012 — school Closed
    • 2014 — Breaking the vicious circle
    • 2015 — Reader
    • 2016 — Citizen One
    • 2016 — Source


    • 1997 — No pain you’re last
    • 1997 — I’ll be back, just choose the date
    • 2002 — don’t place one woman
    • 2002 — Untitled


    Aleksandr Rapoport

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