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  • Name: Alexander Pushnoy ( Aleksandr Pushnoy )
  • Date of birth: 16 may 1975
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: Novosibirsk
  • Height: 180
  • Activity: musician, entertainer, singer, actor, TV presenter
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Fur: a biography

    Alexander Pushnoy was born in Novosibirsk. His parents, neither on the stage nor in creative professions had no relationships. Papa Boris studied Cybernetics, and mother Nina Dmitrievna worked as an economist. But son they become accustomed to the music – was sent to a music school, where Sasha studied for 5 years piano and 12 years presented with a Russian seven-string guitar and tutorial. Independently mastered the tool, Fur then learned to play classical and 6-string.

    After graduating from high school Alexander Pushnoy did not go the way of music, and enrolled at the prestigious Novosibirsk state University, Department of physics. Diploma Alexander managed to, although, frankly, much more time was spent in student KVN team. In their speeches the guy wrote funny songs, helped with the script, and later he began to go on stage.

    In 1997, he goes with a team of KVN of NSU in Moscow, where in the broadcast the qualifying round of the Highest League presents to the audience his parody of the singer sting. This room instantly makes Alexander Pushnoy known. After graduation, the young man goes to the team of KVN «the Siberian Siberians» and then plays «Children of Lieutenant Schmidt». Then begins his progress on television as a host.


    In 2004 Tatyana Lazareva and Michael Schatz invited Fur in his television program «Good jokes» on the role of lead. They invented the competition «APOZH» became extremely popular, although it shows almost the highest ratings.

    After the closing of «Good jokes» Alexander Fur began to conduct scientific and educational program «Galileo». All were shot more than a thousand editions. The first program was done at the Munich Studio, and then shooting moved to Moscow. This show was very popular with audiences and was well attended. During the filming of Fur has carried out various physical and chemical experiments in front of the camera lens. And I must say that these dramatic experiments were not always safe. For example, during the experience «Termite» Alexander burnt me hand badly.

    In 2007 Alexander Pushnoy develop a new program, «Who’s smarter than a fifth grader?», combined entertaining and educational elements. In addition, most domestic stars, had to answer questions from elementary school. After closing this project host together with Mikhail Shatz and Tatyana Lazareva did improvisational show «song of the day», which told, or rather sang the last news of the world to the accompaniment of guitars on the tune of the famous hits of past years.

    In addition, during his career presenter Alexander Pushnoy appeared in this capacity in such programs as «Always ready!», «Creative class» and more recently on the channel «Match TV» he’s leading the show «Mad sports», which clarifies who is «cooler» — ballerinas or gymnasts, football players or hockey players and so on.


    Professional music career of Alexander Fur began in Novosibirsk, when he formed rock band «the Bear», which lasted 3 years, but managed a few songs of his own authorship, for example, «WWWalenki» and «Lenin sent all on may day.»

    After the Fur has started to play KVN, the musician’s career has faded into the background. In 2004 alone, he began to present his own compositions on his website, and resumed concert activity and that later – in 2010. It was then that he performed together with a group of «Djankoy brothers», and in this composition, the musician toured the cities of Russia and Ukraine so far.

    The guys have also performed at a rock festival «Invasion» and TV show «Doubles run», where their songs were interspersed with poems of Leonid Kaganova. On its YouTube channel Alexander Pushnoy puts the video clips on their songs, and review videos about guitars from different manufacturers. These videorecenzja are very popular even among experts, and not only in Russian segment – translated into English and look all over the world.

    It should also be noted that Fur as a composer and singer has recorded songs for TV games «Thank God, you came!» and «wall to Wall», TV show «Big difference» «southern Butovo», the sketch show, «Unreal history» and «6 shots». In many movies sound soundtracks, written by Alexander — «Once in militia», «Casual relationships», «Superheroes», «Stoplight», «Hacks», «Simple truth» and many others. Some of them Fur appeared as an actor.

    Personal life

    Alexander Pushnoy married in August 1998. His choice was a girl named Tatiana. She works as a designer and has a blog devoted to needlework. Lately, Tatiana is heavily involved in production of greeting cards, albums and other gifts in the technique of scrubbing.

    The couple has two sons – Dmitry and Mikhail. The family lived for a long time in Dolgoprudny and in 2015 moved to Moscow.

    Few people know that Alexander Pushnoy suffers from a mild form of color blindness: it distinguishes colors, but periodically all the items for him fade.


    • 2008 — Fur.Gee
    • 2012 — ALBUM! folk songs
    • 2015 — #nedostatok


    • 2001 — Eighteenth moment of spring
    • 2002 — Hacks
    • 2010 — Happy together
    • 2010 — South Butovo


    Oleksandr Hottovy

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