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  • Name: Alexander Popov ( Aleksandr Popov )
  • Date of birth: 16 November 1971.
  • Age: 45 years
  • Place of birth: Forest, Russia
  • Height: 197
  • Activity: outstanding Soviet and Russian swimmer, four-time Olympic champion
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Popov : biography

    Future legend of Soviet and Russian sport Aleksandr Vladimirovich Popov was born in the closed Urals town of Sverdlovsk-45. Such places are called «mailboxes». Now the city is called the Forest. In his family were not athletes. Parents worked at a secret facility.

    To take his son to the sports section of swimming with mum and dad decided just «for health». Far-reaching goals to make the boy the Olympic champion was not. No one thought that Alexander is so fond of sports. Open future 4-time Olympic champion managed first coach Galina Whitman. Although it is unlikely then, in partnership with Forest city, she could guess that the long and clumsy boy is a future legend.

    Swimming lessons were taken from Alexander Popov more time. When the level came down, the parents became alarmed. Father even asked whether it is time to fasten with sports. To which the son replied briefly: «Later.»

    After school, the priests went to Volgograd, where he enrolled in the University. There he continued to train. For a long time the Alexander sailed on the back. His coach Anatoly Zhuchkov believed that this form of swimming is most suited to the athlete. But at some point, Popov realized that although it is listed among the most promising guys, but not moving forward. Then he moved to another coach Gennady Turetsky.

    This trainer and managed to realise the vast potential of the swimmer and realized in time that best suits his style – free swimming. Nearly 2-meter height, good sense of water and stretch the muscles Alexander Popov – these were the qualities necessary for a Sprinter. And now, this potential was used at 100. Victory was not long in coming.


    A brilliant sports biography Alexander Popov began in 1991. He first went to the European championship. Then the competitions were held in Athens. 4 gold medals received at these competitions – this is the result of many years of work by Popov. He was able to win at distances of 50 and 100 meters and two relay events. This year has brought Victoria the first in a series of brilliant victories of the Soviet swimmer.

    The following year Alexander Popov – already Olympic champion, and two-fold: two gold medals he brought back from Barcelona. Two gold medals won at the European Championships in 1993. This year, the swimmer moved to Australia. Here after the Olympic games in Barcelona left to work its trainer Gennady Turetsky.

    To prove that his victory was not accidental, Russian swimmer managed and in 1994, breaking the world record twice and won the Rome world Cup. And next year Alexander Popov added to his already impressive collection of awards 2: this time the highest award he got at the world Championships, which took place in Vienna.

    The Olympics-1996 in Atlanta made American swimmer from Russia world-renowned: he again snatched two gold medals. And again at distances of 50 and 100 meters. This is the second consecutive Olympic games where the Russian athlete left his opponents far behind. But the victory in Atlanta was especially vivid and memorable for sports fans. After all experts had to win the American swimmer Gary Hall. At that period he was in the best form, and in previous competitions were able to demonstrate better than the Alexander results.

    The Americans were so confident in his triumph that openly said in the press about the future victories of its sprinters of the Hall and Olsson. Himself Gary Hall behaved provocatively. Popov was doubly difficult, because in the stands were fans of American swimmer. Support your athlete arrived even bill Clinton with his family, I’m sure the winner will be compatriot. But the triumph was in the hands of don Hall and Popov. The disappointment of Americans in advance smachiwausa his victory was enormous. Alexander became a legend.

    In August 1996, the Russian fans and fans of Alexander Popov frozen from the shocking news. Their favorite athlete, having arrived from Australia in Moscow received a heavy knife wound in a street fight. The penetration was deep, 15 inches. What hurt the kidney and lungs. Who knows how it would have ended if not for the Golden hands of Dr. Avtandil manvelidze. This capital surgeon not only saved the life of an athlete, he was able to carry out a unique operation, making the incision not across and along the muscle.

    Next summer Alexander Popov are not just returned to the sport, he twice managed to become European champion. The competition was held in Seville. And in 1998, the swimmer won his third gold at the next Olympics. In the same year by the international swimming Federation handed him the Cup as the most outstanding swimmer of the last decade.

    In 2000 Alexander Popov, who at that time was 28 years old, managed to beat the world record on 50-metrovke. Now on its account two victories (previously, the athlete was overcome the world record in 25-metre pool).

    Some decline in the achievements gone after the Olympics in Sydney. Here Popov managed to take 2nd place in the 100-metre and 6th in the 50-meter. However, he continued to swim for another 4 years. Alexander said he wants to finish his career where it started – in Athens.

    The departure from this great sport

    Since 2005, Popov is not involved in the competition. But he continues to do for the national sport everything depends on it. Alexander Vladimirovich member of the International swimming Federation. He works at the Russian Olympic Committee and manages the organization «Russian sports society «the locomotive»».

    Russian swimmer very fond of Western journalists. Alexander Popov is very positive, friendly person. He knows the English language is striking and interesting thoughts. In 2001 in France, the presentation of his book-the autobiography.

    The famous watch company omega has offered Alexander Popov long-term contract. For years, the swimmer was the «face of the company.» The contract was extended even after not very successful games in Sydney. As stated by the leaders of the company, they were attracted to not only win the swimmer, but also his human qualities, integrity and deep patriotism.

    For a long time Alexander Popov lived in Australia. But some suggestions to take the citizenship of this country he rejected, arguing that not everything in this world can be evaluated by money.

    Now the legendary athlete lives at home in Moscow.

    Personal life

    Alexander Popov – a family man. With his future wife Darya Shmeleva he met at the pool. Dasha is also an athlete, a swimmer. She played for the national team on the Olympic games of 1992 and 1996 years.

    Personal life Alexander Popov — a beloved wife Daria and three children. Sons Vladimir and Anton were born in 1997 and 2000, respectively. Great joy for the couple was the birth of a third child – a girl. She was born in December 2010 and was given the name MIA.


    Oleksandr Popov

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