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  • Name: Alexander Polovtsev ( Aleksandr Polovcev )
  • Date of birth: 3 January 1958.
  • Age: 59 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 176
  • Activity: the Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, Honored artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Polovtsev : biography

    Today actor Alexander Polovtsev widely known to the Ukrainian audience. People recognize him on the street and ask for an autograph. And although the actor appeared on the screen in the late 1980s, but the all-Union fame came to him only at the end of the 1990s, after the release of the mega series «Streets of broken lamps».

    Alexander Polovtsev was born in January 1958 in Saint Petersburg, then called Leningrad. He was an exemplary son, who was very proud of mom. A diligent student, bring only good grades, an indispensable helper around the house, never ogorchatsya parents bullying or calls to the school to talk with the class teacher.

    Perhaps the only thing that upset the mother of Alexander Polovtsev, and this is his dream to become an artist. Because my mother wanted to see my Sasha, a military sailor, in a beautiful form and splendid officer bearing. But the guy wanted on stage. One day my mother saw her son in one of the Amateur productions and immediately realized that her boy goes on his way, he inscribed the top. More question about military school arose.

    After high school, Alexander Polovtsev, examining a few passages from popular plays, went to enter in LGITMiK. But the first attempt turned into a painful failure. The guy was so upset by the fact that the Commission saw in it the artist that took the documents to the College for training specialists in Maritime engineering. There he was immediately adopted. But during the school year, Alexander Polovtsev realized that he is absolutely not interested in the profession of which he acquires. So I quit College after my first year and went back to drama school. This time he won the competition and was enrolled in the Studio of Vladimir Petrov.

    In 1980 Polovtsian graduated from the acting Department and graduated from LGITMiK. Here Alexander was drafted into the army, having enlisted in company a with agitation and an artistic bent.


    After returning from army service began a theatrical biography of Alexander polovtseva. First, a beginner artist, accepted into the troupe of the Leningrad theater «Time», was assigned the role of Baba Yaga and Koshchey the Immortal. But seeing as he masterfully handled the images of fairy tale characters, began to trust more serious characters such as don Juan.

    All-Union popularity came only when a stage actor came on the set of «Lenfilm». Polovtsian debuted in the film «It» that was released in 1989. Then there was the movie «Barabaniada» (here for the first time the actor got the main role), the Comedy film «Operation «happy new year» and a picture of the «Whiskers». The latest project is notable for the fact that Alexander Polovtsev first appeared on screen as a Minister of law enforcement.

    Probably, this image was very persuasive, because after the «Sideburns» in 1997, Polovtseva was offered a job in the new «police» the project «Streets of the broken lanterns». He gladly agreed, as an invitation to play in this series has received his colleagues in the «Whiskers» Alexander Lykov Sergey Selin.

    Polovtsian appeared on the screen in the image of a brave and thoroughly decent major Solovetskii. The series instantly became one of the most popular, and all his actors were the stars of the national cinema. The popularity of the artists,»cops» was such that it was hard for them to pass along the street: they were immediately surrounded by crowds of fans.

    Between the new seasons of «Streets of the broken lanterns» Alexander Polovtsev had time to star in the new rating films. He appeared in lead roles in the films «Their», «cook» and «roly-poly», the series «peculiarities of national policy», «stopping power», «the Saboteur. The end of the war» and «Leningrad».

    Most of these projects Polovtsian played characters connected with the protection of public order. Although all these images relate to the same role, but all the films were warmly received by the audience, and Alexander is even stronger in the status of a favorite artist.

    In the 2000s removed the Polovtsy as often. He appeared in the popular national blockbusters «the Jungle» and «the diamond arm-2». After them came the rating series «the Eighties» and «Ice.»

    Not the actor refuses role of the second plan or even episodic, making them vivid and memorable. As an example we can name popular projects «flame Color», «Last meeting» and «Sherlock Holmes».

    The creators of the popular «COP» TV series «Streets of broken lights» is also not left rating project and continue to film its sequel. Colonel Solovetskii remains one of the main characters of the tape.

    In 2010, Alexander Polovtsev became the Honored artist of the Russian Federation.

    Personal life

    The first wife of the famous artist became a colleague Yuliya Sobolevskaya. The audience could see her in the series, which brought fame Polovtseva, in the image of his wife. Here, in the «Streets of the broken lanterns», as the son appeared and a real actor’s son, Stepan Polovtsian.

    Together Alexander Polovtsev and Julia Sobolevskaya lived for more than 20 years. But at some point they realized that the further joint life is a rut and take no joy in any of them, becoming a routine. This is critical for the life of the family, the company, the actor met a young woman Esanu or, as he calls it, Alexander. Broke out between them the novel. Polovtsian briefly questioned whether I should continue this relationship. He realized that if will pull, you will forever lose the woman that became a real gift of fate in his declining years.

    Divorce proceedings between the former spouses was peaceful. Polovceva and Sobolev managed to maintain friendly relations. Julia realized her ex-husband and let him go without another word. Understand father and adult son.

    In 2015, Alexander (Asana) Muratova and Alexander Polovtsev legalize their relationship. At the end of January 2016 they had a son Andrew.


    • «Barabaniada»
    • «Operation «happy new year»
    • The «whiskers»
    • «Streets of the broken lanterns»
    • «Their»
    • «Peculiarities of national policy»
    • «The saboteur. The end of the war»
    • «The jungle»
    • «The diamond arm-2»
    • «Eighties»
    • «Ice»


    Aleksandr Polovtsev

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