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  • Name: Alexander Peskov ( Aleksandr Peskov )
  • Date of birth: 19 may 1965
  • Age: 51 years
  • Place of birth: Syzran, Samara oblast
  • Growth: 182
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Peskov: biography

    Alexander Peskov, a Russian actor and singer, known to fans of the movie, primarily, for shooting the insurgent «Ameriken fight» crime and detective «Gangster Petersburg». He was born in the town of Syzran of the Samara region in the family of a military officer Vasily Peskov and G. school teacher Alexandra Vasilevny Gorevoy.

    Alexander’s childhood was very eventful. It is difficult to list all, what did a boy. As it from an early age wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a military pilot, trained hard and developed physically. Football, hockey, volleyball, gymnastics, classical and freestyle wrestling, Boxing, swimming, karate… All these sections are Sasha purposefully visited and hardened his body. In addition, he jumped out of the airplane and mastered the air space of the Middle Volga region, graduated from the school of young astronauts, studied aerodynamics and a teenager was able to receive and transmit messages using Morse code.

    But that’s not all. Alexander Peskov in parallel with the secondary school music and class piano, as well as engaged in Amateur circles, was the soloist and guitarist of the vocal-instrumental ensemble, learned to cook at cooking classes. In General, parents gave their son an excellent education, and made him well-rounded.

    At the end of the last class, Sands was sure to do in flight school, but his plans changed suddenly. In Syzran the cinema before the film was made by a famous actor Igor Starygin, who spoke with the audience about his vision of the profession. Alexander was so caught up in his story that he was naturally enthusiastic about the idea of becoming an artist.

    Having gone to Moscow, and learn how to prepare, the young man studied all the necessary material and in 1982 he entered the Higher theatre school named after Mikhail Schepkin. There he was engaged in a 2 year course, after which he transferred to the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre to the artistic Director Vladislav Bogomolov. On the main stage of the Moscow art Theater, the actor appeared and after graduating from high school until 1991. Later on in his career was the theatre of Roman Viktyuk, Moscow drama theatre named after A. S. Pushkin, antrepriznyh performances. And since 2004 until today, Alexander Peskov collaborating with the «Theatre of the moon» under the leadership of Sergei Prokhanov.


    Still a student at the Schepkin school Alexander Peskov made his debut on the silver screen. In 1984, he starred in two military dramas «the unit» and «First horse». It’s funny that when he saw the first time on the screen of the finished picture, using a fake mustache, makeup and shape of the red army didn’t even recognize the character himself.

    Then came such fantastic films as «mirror for a hero» and «New Yankee in king Arthur’s court» and then he came back to films about the war and strong men. Soldiers-the penalty box «Ivin A.», Sergeant in «to Kill a Scorpion», the militia captain «Hagi-Tragger» and many other paintings created Peskov role of a true warrior, never succumb to the difficulties.

    In a similar role Alexander appeared in the movie, which brought him all-Russian fame. Insurgent «Ameriken fight» where his character – a former Afghan who was taken prisoner by the enemy, returns home and takes revenge on the killers of his friend. The topic of the war in Afghanistan, Sands was back in 1995 when she starred in the drama of Vladimir Khotinenko’s «Muslim».

    Interestingly, the actor has collaborated with Hollywood in his filmography there are the Comedy «Police Academy 7: Mission to Moscow» and the Thriller «the Peacemaker.» European cinema is also not without Peskov. He was invited to Germany for the filming of the Thriller «a Deadly campaign» in the UK to participate in a military drama «Provocateur.»

    In the new century, Alexander Peskov more began to appear in the television series, although full-screen cinema are not forgotten. On account of his such famous paintings as «Major Vetrov», «Breakthrough», «cadet» and the series «Stairway to heaven», «Gangster Petersburg», «Truckers», «Turkish March», «Balzac age, or All men are bast…» and many others. To date, the actor has played about 100 roles, although some films with his participation still did not see the light.


    Recently Alexander Peskov was fond of song genre. His repertoire includes more than 25 songs of various styles. The author and arranger of most of them is the composer and poet Konstantin Gubin.

    Alexander also sings songs on verses of the poetess Karina Filippova, poet and composer Alexei Rykov, composer Oleg Ivanov. In addition, he also has the songs from the repertoire of Vladimir Vysotsky.

    The impetus for the capture of vocal creativity of the artist himself calls his work in musical drama performance of «White knight». It was after he became engaged with professional teachers, who gave him a voice.

    On the basis of their songs Alexander Peskov, at its expense, has created the musical project «I will play this…» and put the performance «Above the clouds of love.»

    Personal life

    Alexander Peskov – not the big fan to dwell on his private life, especially about previous relationships. It is known that his first marriage didn’t work out with his wife-he divorced actress. In fact, as his second wife Margaret, who left Alexandra, being the third month of pregnancy. Due to the complex relations of Sands rarely sees his little daughter.

    Now the actor is married to Ruslan filimonovoy. They met in 2003, and sand I liked that the girl didn’t know he was a celebrity. From Ruslana has a son from a previous relationship, but he is already adult and lives separately. Home Alexander Peskov good host, knows how to fix many things and is particularly fond of the simplest items to create works of art.


    • 1990 — Ivin A.
    • 1992 — American battle
    • 1992 — In the region of the heavens…
    • 1993 — Gladiator-for-hire
    • 2002 — Secret sign
    • 2005-2007 — Gangster Petersburg
    • 2006 Alias «Albanian»
    • 2007 — Mayor Of The Winds
    • 2009 — Right to pardon
    • 2012 — the Fatal love of Savva Morozov
    • 2015 — Stairway to heaven


    Alexander Peskov

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