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  • Name: Alexander Pashkov ( Aleksandr Pashkov )
  • Date of birth: 15 November 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Yekaterinburg
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Pashkov: biography

    Alexander Pashkov is a Russian theater and film actor, star of TV series «Paradise apples», «movers and Shakers» and «Between two fires». He was born in Ekaterinburg into a family of police officers. In the footsteps of parents and older brother, who after College went to work in the organs. And only Alexander from an early age dreamed of becoming an actor.

    The childhood years of Alexander occurred in the economically difficult period the country is Rebuilding. His parents to feed his family, had to find additional earnings. Father in parallel with the work of the police took a job as a chauffeur to the station, and her mother after watch at the office MIA worked as a cleaner. However, seeing the desire younger son, they are, in spite of the need, agreed to send him to school with a theatrical bias.

    However, Pashkov, Jr. also began to earn a little: in his spare time he and his friends sold the print edition in trams and trains. But all thoughts of little Sasha still held the theatre. He not only learned the basics of acting, but also learned to dance perfectly, so much so that it without viewing was enrolled in ballet school. Thus, Pashkov, and from 9 years started to appear on the stage of the Academic theater of musical Comedy, and at 14 became a full actor of the theater.

    In the last class of high school, my parents tried to persuade Alexander not to associate with art, but get the service of the police. The young man was relentless and came at the Ekaterinburg state theatrical Institute, actor’s office. After the University already as a professional actor Pashkov back in the home theater, but soon realized that the province to make a good career is unrealistic.

    The last money he buys a train ticket and sent to the capital, where lived his friend, the Director Alexander Meleshko. For a long time the young man is unable to catch hold of a significant role, limited to rare moments on the screen. In parallel, he had to earn money courier and a loader. Probably not once in the time Alexander Pashkov recalled advice from his parents about career choices. It’s funny, but the desire of the mother and father relatively soon come true: in the first films of Aleksandr Pashkov will appear in the role of policemen and commandos.


    After participating in episodes of such television series as «the Investigation leading Experts. Arbiter», «Return of Mukhtar» and «People and shadows. Optical illusion» in which Alexander Pashkov has consistently appeared in police uniform, the fates decided to return him to his location. He had the opportunity to play a very important character in the new season of melodrama «Undina 2: On the crest of a wave». And all happened on the one hand by chance and on the other symbolic.

    The actor came to the casting of an entirely different movie, where he was offered another small role. But he was on the wrong floor and ended up on the set of «Ondine,» where, being confident that he came to the right, insisted on the revision of their nominations. The Directors liked the character and acting ability, the perseverance of Alexander, so they approved him for the role of Dimitri. Just leaving the Studio Pashkov understood that this was the wrong casting. But since this series began his rise as an actor.

    Even more popular has brought Pashkov 2008. Then he starred in half a dozen paintings, three of which were with great interest taken by the audience. First, in the melodrama «Paradise apples» he, together with Olga Filippova offers adapted to the Soviet entourage version pure relationship of Romeo and Juliet. Then, in the psychological picture, «love on the pavement» shows the remorse of the driver, which inadvertently makes the disabled young girl. And in the crime drama «Dealers» turns into the main oligarch Vsevolod Borodin.

    After these films Pashkov without work does not remain. Annually 5-7 projects with the actor, with many paintings, such as the military Thriller «Desantura» crime drama «Cherkizon. Disposable people» or adventure movie «the Project «Golden eye» gripping and vigorously discussed by fans long after the end of the show.

    By the way, Alexander Pashkov, was filmed not only in feature films. In 2005, he appeared in the video of Yulia Mikhalchik for the song «white Swan», and in 2010 participated in rating entertainment show «dancing with the stars». Alexander remembered that he was taught as a child the teachers at the ballet school and, adding to that incredible desire, managed together with the actress Julia Zimina to be on the podium of the project.

    Personal life

    Becoming a student at the Yekaterinburg state theatre Institute, Alexander Pashkov met a girl named Angelica, who studied two courses above. Two months Pashkov daily sought the favor of his lady before she agreed to go on a date. When Alexander was 18 years old, young people got married, and subsequently they had three children: daughters Alina and Kseniya and son Theodore.

    Alexander and Angelica Pashkova more than 17 years we were together but broke up. Now Alexander has a new family: in the winter of 2015 he is married to actress actor Karine Romaniuk, who bore him a daughter.


    • 2004 — Ondine 2. On the crest of a wave
    • 2007 — made for each other
    • 2008 — love on the pavement
    • 2008 — Paradise apples
    • 2008 — the movers and Shakers
    • 2009 — the second life of Theodore strogova
    • 2010 — Cherkizon. Disposable people
    • 2011 — White rose of hope
    • 2014 — Project «Golden eye»
    • 2015 — Between two fires
    • 2015 will be the Third attempt


    Aleksandr Pashkov

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