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  • Name: Alexander Pasenjuk A. A., Lecturer ( Aleksandr Ptashenchuk )
  • Date of birth: 22 August 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Birthplace: Veselinovo, Mykolaiv region, Ukraine
  • Activity: comedian, kvnschik, actor
  • Marital status: Not married

    Alexander pasenchuk.a. teacher: biography

    Alexander pasenchuk.a. teacher – Russian artist, the player of KVN team «Deja Vu», which became popular on a national scale through participation in the television sitcom «One day in Russia.»

    He was born in the Ukrainian village of Veselinovo, located in the Nikolaev area. But in this town the family was short-lived because soon after birth he moved to Yakutia, Neryungri. There, Sasha graduated from high school №17 in which grade 9 first came on the scene.

    Having matriculation, pasenchuk.a. the teacher has long hesitated – where else to apply. He had a choice between the Novosibirsk medical University and Technical Institute in Neryungri. As with the decision the young man was in no hurry, in the end, missed the date of the last working day of the admission Commission. In order not to lose time, Alexander pasenchuk.a. the teacher comes in Aldan Polytechnic College, where he studied at the electrician-installer, though, as the joking guy, he since the childhood was afraid of electricity.

    After three years of study in College, Alexander moved to the capital of Russia and became a student of Moscow state University of culture and arts.


    In a humorous game Alexander pasenchuk.a. lecturer debuted back in high school. He was invited to join the teen team and to prepare his own speech. The staging of the scenes took just one day so as a joke the boys took from the Internet, and rehearsed virtually before the release. Therefore, a complete surprise was the victory of the newly minted team in the citywide competition. In the second round the team Ptashenya also took first place, and Alexander decided that in the WHC, he feels as at ease. The next step aspiring artist was the team of the Yakut state University, where he performed with his older brother, and then one of the most popular city teams «Cartoons» with which the young man got to the city finals of the school League of KVN.

    Two years of regular performances in the city League has borne fruit: Ptashenya said Lyudmila Berezovsky, head of the national team of Yakutia «Deja Vu», and this was a professional level. Along with «Deja Vu» Alexander pasenchuk.a. the teacher made her debut in the Highest League of KVN in 2009, when they reached the quarter-finals, and subsequently won Small and Big Kivin music festival in Jurmala, respectively, in 2010 and 2013.

    KVN Alexander pasenchuk.a. the teacher showed himself as a fine artist with a variety of roles, but also as a talented organizer. He is a senior and editor-in-chief of University Culture, and in 2013 was part of the jury at the Cup of the Central administrative district.

    Pasenchuk.a. the teacher is a five-time holder of the title «Mr. of KVN».


    When in 2014 Semyon Slepakov and Vyacheslav Dosmukhamedov decided to create a new comic project, «Once in Russia», they invited the brightest stand-up comedians of recent years. Next to Azamat by Musagalieva, Olga Bartunkova and Denis Dorokhov received the offer to star in a sketch show and Alexander pasenchuk.a. teacher.

    A new programme, combining not only elements of «Comedy Club», but the principle of the drama, became very popular among viewers. At the moment, went for 4 season, and pasenchuk.a. the teacher played various roles, from the informal to the stripper. His appearance always makes the audience a storm of emotions.

    In addition to ongoing participation in «Once in Russia» Alexander pasenchuk.a. the teacher often appears as a guest star in other entertainment programs. So, together with Irina Chesnokova comedian was preparing an exotic dinner, «Culinary duel», which was filmed in the restaurant «Tarantino», and also became the secret weapon of the psychologist Viktor Ponomarenko in the program «Reboot», where he helped to get rid of inferiority complex girl Regina for which you created the new image.

    Personal life

    Alexander pasenchuk.a. the teacher conceals personal side of life and almost never tells the public about their romantic relationship, which creates in the environment of fans a lot of rumors. The only information available to the public, are limited by the fact that the actor is still single.


    Alexander Pasenchuk

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