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  • Name: Alexander Piles ( Alexander Pall )
  • Date of birth: 16 December 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Chelyabinsk
  • Activities: Actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Alexander PAL: biography

    Alexander PAL became known only recently, but already named as one of the most promising young actors of Russia. The actor has occupied a niche, which is clear to the Russian people: simple, a little ridiculous, but a direct and honest guy. And, of course, this image has attracted the attention of the public.

    Alexander was born in Chelyabinsk on 16 December 1988. Its unusual name, the actor has German roots. Childhood of the future young star was difficult and dangerous: the actor tells that the family lived quite poorly — even the dumplings on the table was a feast. The boy from childhood a lot of time spent on the street, communicating with the local neighborhood kids. Books young Sasha was not very interested in, like art in General. He wanted to be a chef, and was fond of criminal romance.

    Everything changed when in the ninth grade, Alexander went on six months in Germany to their relatives. There are Piles addicted to literature, changed his habits and began to look at the world through very different eyes. Since then the teenager as a substitute after returning home, Alexander was reading suggested literature, even our «old» friends — but know I need to look for other people, and with a domestic company his path diverged.

    About that time, Alexander realized he wanted to become an actor — to such decision, the teenager pushed the man who advised Sasha to be engaged in a theatrical Studio. The dream Alexander the Piles had to escape from his native Chelyabinsk, which was a difficult task, because among other things, had to negotiate with parents. And, if the father supported the son, the mother doubted that Alexander something. The main argument was that in Moscow, a huge contest, and in addition, all seats will still be bought, and nothing will fail. Sasha’s mother dreamed that my son got a «normal» profession of a surgeon, for example. Her grandmother is also supported.

    Despite the opposition of relatives, after school, Alexander went to conquer the capital. Had hard: before entering the young man worked as a security guard at the notary office, and then rehearsing, preparing for the exams. After receipt in GITIS, the young man was not enough time and energy to work. Parents helped with money, but for six thousand rubles per month, even in the zero life was very difficult.

    In Smoking did not develop into a career. Although some of the student actors started to act in movies and plays, almost from the first days of training, over Alexander as if a curse hung: the Director is lost, the project will close. Some time Alexander Pile was in a depression and even thought about dropping out, but in the end gathered strength. As will be later — not in vain. In 2012, Alexander Piles graduated from GITIS, where she studied under the direction of Leonid Heifetz.

    Alexander PAL: theatre

    In 2012, the actor began to cooperate with the Vakhtangov theater, which is located on the Arbat. But this experience was short-lived, and after some time the actor has passed in the Moscow young generation theatre. There Alexander Piles were involved in many popular plays, including «

  • A ridiculous poem» by Dostoevsky and»
  • The four-legged crow» by Daniil Kharms (in this performance, Alexander has played a major role).

    Their joint theatre work lasted for a little over a year, and then Piles began to cooperate with an institution that attracted him for several years: the Moscow Academic Mayakovsky Theater. The first production of «mayakovka» with the participation of Alexander — the play «

  • Berdichev» — was demonstrated on stage at the end of the thirteenth year. The actor himself with great warmth speaks about the team they work with, what about the theater in General. Argues that «mayakovka» the situation is much more lively. In addition to «Responsibility», the actor collaborates with the theatre and club «Masterskaya», which plays in the performance «
  • Waiting for Godot».

    Alexander PAL: movies

    Alexander’s film debut was the film, which is due to the specifics of the technical side of shooting came to light after Piles became famous: criminal Comedy «

  • All at once,» where the actor played a major role. This film became a pass, Alexander to glory and popularity, because the shooting of this film the Director had noticed the talented actor, and invited him to the casting for the film»
  • Kiss!», which was filmed and released in 2013. It is noteworthy that this movie was filmed less than a month.

    First, as recognized by the actor, the role of the groom’s brother was looking for another character — older and more solid. Yes, and the Smoke character was really like. But Alexander managed to get into the character so much that, after filming the teaser, the Director changed his mind, and so, Sasha got the role which made him famous throughout Russia and in CIS countries.

    «Kiss!» became a cult film of its genre. After the premiere of Alexander firing shaft literally showered with offers — however, almost all of them Sasha refused, as the images offered by the Directors, were almost indistinguishable from what the actor has already played in the Comedy. Right after «Kiss!» came the Comedy «the

  • All at once,» which only strengthened the actor in the role of a narrow-minded, comical and not-very-nice guy. This continued until finally, in 2014, Alexander Piles not played in the Comedy «
  • Christmas tree 1914″. There’s a young actor not only able to break out of the boring image, but also gained experience working on the same site with such famous actors as Eugene Brick and Konstantin Khabensky. In 2015 and 2016 is expected to yield several films with Alexander firing, in particular, the Comedy Thriller «
  • Seven days a week». While on these projects there is practically no information, and therefore it remains to wish him luck and success and to monitor further development of his career.

    Alexander PAL: personal life

    As recognized by the actor himself, time for personal life. Journalists also are unable never to see Alexander in the company of potential girls. On the question of whether he plans to start a family, twenty-six, the actor responds flatly: «I».

    Alexander PAL: filmography

    • New Russian
    • Christmas tree 1914
    • Kiss! 2
    • All at once
    • Dumplings
    • Kiss!
    • Weekends

    Alexander PAL: photo

    Oleksandr PAL

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