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  • Name: Alexander Ovechkin ( Alexander Ovechkin )
  • Date of birth: 17 September 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 190
  • Activities: Professional ice hockey player of club of NHL «Washington capitals», a member of the national team of Russia on hockey at the Olympics in Sochi
  • Marital status: Married

    Alexander Ovechkin biography

  • Alexander Ovechkin is the star of Russian hockey. Hockey player born in a family of professional athletes in Moscow on 17 September 1985. His mother — a famous basketball player, who twice became Olympic champion in the USSR team, and his father was a successful footballer. Alexander is the third child in the family. From early childhood he was passionate about hockey, and from 8 years started going to the relevant section thanks to her older brother.

    Alexander Ovechkin as a child and now
    Alexander Ovechkin as a child and now | Agence France-Presse

    Parents didn’t want Sasha was engaged in such dangerous activities, moreover, the boy had to stop training because the relatives could not take him to training. To return to my calling Alexander helped the coach who was convinced that Ovechkin is a born hockey player, and persuaded parents not to lose these prospects. Also a major role to achieve the current success in life the guy was support of his brother Sergei.


    Alexander Ovechkin has always distinguished dedication and desire to win, it is thanks to these qualities, he was invited in «the Dynamo» (Moscow hockey school), this club was the first step in his career. Then everything happened pretty quickly, the boy went through the teams of all ages and did not cease to be the best. Even popular media and professional athletes has positioned him as a very promising hockey player.

    In 16 years, Sasha became the youngest member of the Russian super League. In such serious competition Alexander Ovechkin came in 2002 and 2003 was for a young athlete sign — he received the title of winner of the youth world championship, after which he was invited to the national team. Moreover, thanks to a 13-year successful goals scored in the period 2003-2004 hockey player has earned the title of best sniper of club in its entire history.

    Alexander Ovechkin of the Moscow
    Alexander Ovechkin of the Moscow Dynamo | Sportsor

    The main thing that is different from Ovechkin, has always been its unrivaled game, as a hockey player with the first steps of my career was with the rink goal. Only for the 2004-2005 season, Ovechkin didn’t slow the momentum and won the gold medal at the age of 20 years, despite the many other capable players in the NHL. This recognition was by 23 points that was scored during the playing season. Also thanks to the professionalism Ovechkin was deservedly called the Best left-handed hitter.

    Alexander Ovechkin in his youth
    Alexander Ovechkin in his youth | My Compass

    Alexander always had the will to win, so despite a shoulder injury, his last game for the club «Dynamo» he has spent as always with dignity, scoring more points than the previous season. Russian hockey player has received world recognition is confirmed by international awards: a silver medal in the Junior championship and bronze in the adult match.

    This extremely capable athlete could not fail to notice well-known foreign clubs, so in 2004 the guy was invited to the NHL club the Washington capitals right winger, which he is still.

    Alexander Ovechkin in the lineup
    Alexander Ovechkin is in the «Washington capitals» | Agence France-Presse

    However, before moving hockey player abroad, he was made a lucrative offer by the representatives of Omsk «Avangard», luring young star round amount of the fee. Due to the fact that Ovechkin left Dynamo, there was a huge scandal, the case even went to trial, however, the dispute was resolved peacefully.

    Having gone on his first championship team of the NHL, the youngest player of our team scored what was the age of a record in international hockey. Further success followed Alexander, in 2005, he received the bronze medal at one of the world Championships, and in 2006 at the Olympics in Turin became the author of five goals and hit the top five Players in 2006.

    Alexander Ovechkin team Russia
    Alexander Ovechkin team Russia |

    In the same year, a young hockey player got his official nickname – «Alexander the Great». In his debut season, the Russian rookie has made 44 assists and scored 48 goals, and has earned such an outstanding nickname. The nickname was chosen by fans of several approved Ovechkin options. Most of the nicknames somehow beat the Russian origin of the hockey player and a figure eight – the number in the team. Selected by a vote Klitschko any fan of Dylan offered to write as The Alexander The GR8, for which he received the thanks of the hockey player and the set of hockey equipment.

    Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby
    Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby | Reuters

    However, at about that time in the NHL came another promising hockey player — Sidney Crosby, which became the main rival of Russians in the fight for the honorary title of best Rookie of the year. Despite his very strong opponent, Ovechkin was confident to win and surpassed the expectations of even those who are in him already believed. Thanks to this zeal of the young player scored 106 points, for which he was awarded the prize «Calder Trophy». So the hockey player Ovechkin became the undisputed leader, spectacularly beating Sidney Crosby in the competition.

    Alexander Ovechkin every season easily scored the puck behind the goal, earning the unofficial title of most expensive player in the NHL (the contract with the athlete for 13 years, has cost the club in 124 million dollars).

    In early 2011, the year Alexander Ovechkin has won the competition for the most beautiful penalty shot in the NHL. The blow was recognized as the best by vote of the fans. Russian hockey player took the award for the third time in a row. The striker took part in the competition on the strength of the throw, but the result was pretty average.

    Also in 2010-2012, Alexander repeatedly became the world champion, playing for the Russian national team. In this case, the player has enough average for his sport, the growth of 190 cm and the light weight of 104 kg.

    Alexander Ovechkin | Sport-Express

    Now Alexander is the highest paid Russian hockey player. Ovechkin earns not only their sporting activities but also advertising. Hockey player became the face of Nike sports wear, hockey gear, Bauer, Gatorade, and energy of a hockey simulator from EA Games.

    In the last World Cup Alexander scored just one goal in the first leg. The Russian team out of the group, but lost to Canada with the account 5:3. Despite these high-profile defeats, the General statistics of the game famous hockey player remains smooth and bright recessions are not observed in it.

    Personal life

    Due to an active sporting life the personal life of Alexander Ovechkin for a long time did not supplemented by changes in marital status. His relationships never made public, although the press often attributed to the player novels with Russian and international celebrities.

    There were rumors about the relationship of the athlete with Zhanna Friske, Victoria and lopyrevoy, soloist of the group Black Eyed Peas fergie and many other stellar women. The athlete claimed that do offer only a girl from his native Russia, and has not violated his word. Hockey player started Dating with the famous Russian tennis player Maria Kirilenko. The pair have confessed their serious relationship and announced their engagement at the end of 2012, the year the thirty-first of December.

    Alexander Ovechkin and Maria Kirilenko
    Alexander Ovechkin and Maria Kirilenko | Russian Courier

    But the marriage never took place. In the summer of 2014, the year Mary called off the engagement. She told the press that with the player they broke up quietly and she continues to respect him as a person.

    Soon Alexander Ovechkin appeared in public with new lover-model Anastasia Subsky, daughter of the famous actress Vera Glagoleva. Hockey player made a new offer of marriage nearly a year after the previous breakup. Photos of Anastasia with a wedding ring lovers have posted it on social networks, blogs and instagram.

    Alexander Ovechkin and Anastasia Subsky | Instagram

    Anastasia followed a hockey player. She moved to his house in Washington during the NHL season, and was rooting for him for the 2016 world Cup. Despite an active social life Subsky, a pair of abandoned luxury wedding, having painted and a new wife just changed her name on social media. Most likely, a lush ceremony the couple just postponed because of the world Cup.

    Sochi Olympics

    The most anticipated and controversial event was the Olympic games in Sochi in 2014-m to year. Ovechkin, being a boat of the Russian national team, claimed that the team is well prepared for the match and he has no opponents, so the team will win.

    Part of Alexander Ovechkin in the Olympics has long been a big question. First, in connection with the injury received on January 19 during the game with «new York Rangers»,it was not known whether there is Alexander Ovechkin on the ice, and if possible, how successful will play. Secondly, legal complexity: the NHL did not immediately agreed to release their players to Sochi.

    Alexander Ovechkin team Russia at the Olympics in Sochi
    Alexander Ovechkin team Russia at the Olympics in Sochi | LiveSport.Ru

    Although no hockey player just proved that he is always ready to fight to the end and will not fail his team, this time the miracle did not happen. In the quarterfinals Russia lost to Finland with the score 3:1. The striker admitted that the opponent was stronger, and the Russian team, though, and tried to win, made two serious mistakes.

    The conflict around the Olympics-2018

    Perhaps the players League NHL the following Olimpiade gave rise to numerous discussions. There were rumors that the leadership against the best players in the competition in Korea. Although no official confirmation from the Commissioner of League of Gary Betmen had been made, the rumors look reasonable.

    Alexander Ovechkin
    Alexander Ovechkin | Reuters

    The NHL as a regular and commercial championship does not see any benefit to losing players for a few weeks and get them tired and possibly injured. Against this decision with the loud statement was made by Alexander Ovechkin. The athlete assured the press that not only he, but also all Russian hockey players leave the NHL to join his team in Korea.

    These words shocked the sports world. Hockey has supported the club owner of «Washington» Ted Leonsis, who promised to release Ovechkin, even if the tournament is the NHL will not be terminated.


    Alexander Ovechkin as a child and now

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