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  • Name: Alexander Oleshko ( Aleksandr Oleshko )
  • Date of birth: 23 July 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Chisinau
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: actor, television presenter, singer, Honored artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: not married

    Alexander Oleshko: biography

    Alexander Oleshko – the popular TV host and actor, known mainly for Comedy films. But in his biography it is possible to find diverse roles not only in the movies but also on stage.

    Alexander Oleshko was born July 23, 1976 in Chisinau. In this city lived peacefully people of different nationalities. Russians, Jews, Moldovans always went to each other’s homes, going for big noisy tables, celebrated in large companies. This greatly influenced the character and worldview of Alexander.

    Alexander Oleshko in childhood and now |

    Educating young artist completely laid down on shoulders of the grandmother. She wanted to grow up the grandson of a devout man, that he did later in Seminary and became a priest. But Alexander early childhood I dreamt of the stage. Even at such a young age he loved the attention of the public, do not miss an opportunity to preen in the spotlight.

    My grandmother told me that in his childhood the future actor dressed in different characters and even tried to up my grandmother’s cosmetics. Any inhibitions the boy replied that the artist will.

    Thank you mom and grandma
    Alexander Oleshko mother and grandmother | Home

    At school Oleshko dreamed of living in Moscow and constantly repeating it to each friend. In school, the artist took an active part in all school plays and activities and was an active pioneer. The teacher was proud of such a talented boy and gladly gave him various roles in school plays.

    In his youth Oleshko has not left the idea to find yourself in her acting, despite the love for school and extracurricular activities, Alexander was never any good at all exact Sciences, and the parents and grandmother suspected that he was doing it deliberately, not wanting to absorb unnecessary artist knowledge.

    Oleksandr Oleshko
    Alexander Oleshko |

    In the early nineties Oleshko set of parents with a fait accompli: he was going to go to Moscow. All objections the guy firmly replied that he will flee if he was forbidden to fulfill the dream. In the end, the parents gave in, and happy Alexander went to enter in the variety-circus school.

    The talented artist took on the first try. The love of bright and interesting circus arts helped the future star to learn perfectly and with pleasure.

    Oleksandr Oleshko
    Alexander Oleshko |

    Already in his student years he was earning his living independently. He became a presenter on TV, which was indescribably happy. The training took place without difficulty, and the artist at the end received an award as one of the best students. Immediately after school Oleshko has dedicated his life to the stage. He had to stop his participation in various projects, when the artist went to study in the famous Shchukin school for a course Ivanov, Alexander has studied the mysteries and nuances of the profession of actor. For four years, the future actor has never regretted his decision to leave his hometown. Later in the interview he calls his student years the most happy time in my life.

    Raised with his grandmother, the actor is now seen rarely, but spoke to the old woman reporters learned that she still worries about famous grandson, and that even disappears sometimes for a year or more, but never forgets every month to send money.


    After graduating from the Shchukin drama school, the actor went to work in the Moscow theatre of Satire. But the artist is not finalized until the end of the season. Disagreements with the leaders pushed him to the dismissal. Promaxis some time without work, Alexander received an invitation to the theater «Contemporary», where he worked under the guidance of Galina Volchek. She taught Oleshko better to get used to the images and to experience all the features of the character of his hero.

    Debut in «contemporary» for the actor was Epikhodov of «the Cherry orchard» by Chekhov. The role was difficult for a young artist and was given not at once, but the support team helped the young artist to open up fully.

    Alexander Oleshko in the play
    Alexander Oleshko in the play «Mademoiselle nitouche» | Theatre. Evgeny Vakhtangov

    While working in the «contemporary» star is involved in the production of the Vakhtangov theatre. Work in the play «Mademoiselle nitouche» brought the actor the first award «the Golden Seagull». Oleshko proud of this achievement because of this role was working when his idol Andrei Mironov.


    First job in the movie the actor took place during his studies in circus school. After that, he left the set. After Ashley Alexander Oleshko returned to the cinema. He started with a small secondary and episodic roles in various TV series.

    Career Oleshko developed rapidly. The largest of his work can be considered a part in the famous TV series «Daddy’s girls». Alexander speaks so warmly about that film and about the cast. According to the actor, they’re all still great friends and often meet for gatherings.

    Alexander Oleshko at the filming of the series
    Alexander Oleshko on the set of the TV series «Daddy’s girls» |

    To view a Oleshko, he still was not particularly important and significant film credits. But the star wants to be sure to find a mythic and unforgettable role that will leave a significant mark in history.


    The charismatic artist has quickly found a niche on television in different time Oleshko led a humorous program «Smeshariki» with «Home», worked in the TV project «Minute of fame», as well as in the show «the Alphabet» and «household tales».

    Special mention deserves the participation Oleshko in the parody show «Big difference», where the actor showed a few dozen ridiculous parodies of stars of domestic show-business. It was there first born is now everyone’s favorite star tandem with Nonna Grishaeva, who later appeared in the melodrama «a Man with a guarantee» and in many TV shows.

    Nonna Grishaeva and Alexander Oleshko in the melodrama
    Nonna Grishaeva and Alexander Oleshko in the melodrama «the Man with warranty» |

    From 2014, the year Alexander Oleshko leads the transformation show «Toch-V-Toch». Cheerful and clever entertainer quickly conquered the audience, but not all colleagues on the transfer was satisfied with his manner of transmission.

    A sharp conflict in the Oleshko came with Yarmolnik that sits in the jury. First Yarmolnik only resented the fact that Alexander is too talkative and does not give the jury before the end to make all of their arguments and observations. The conflict didn’t calm down, and one of the shows during the live Yarmolnik gave Oleshko ten thousand rubles, and asked him to fly to India. He argued that in Russia the leading still did not come and he did not see career growth, and the first bollywood action will make it known to the whole Peninsula.

    Personal life

    First marriage to Alexander lasted very long, about six months. The actor with his ex-wife Olga Belova maintains warm and friendly relations and has no intention to fight. In answering questions, that they parted by mutual consent, and the divorce process was amicable.

    Many assume that with Muscovite Olga Alexander was always in friendly relations, and they played fictitious, for registration in the capital.

    Olga Belova and Alexander Oleshko
    Olga Belova and Aleksandr Oleshko | See All

    Now around the personal life of the artist hovers a lot of rumors, sometimes the most ridiculous. Secretive actor will not disclose the details of his life. But still we know that neither family nor children had not. This gave rise to the question about the orientation of the artist.

    The actor maintains his physical fitness, visits the gym and pool. According to celebrity, the water gives him the necessary relaxation after a hard day’s work. In addition, he has a keen sense of style and knows how to dress well.

    Oleksandr Oleshko
    Alexander Oleshko | Metro Newspaper

    Many see his behavior hints at the love men and even believe that the TV he got thanks to some «gay lobby». Others believe that all the rumors about homosexual is nothing more than PR, which is also beneficial and the actor himself, leaving the name Oleshko constantly in the limelight and the headlines.

    In addition, Alexander Oleshko media regularly «marry» Nonna Grishaeva. Artists often perform as a Duo doing a joint film and come to social events with each other. However, Nona has a husband, and she is happily married, and with Alexander they were just good friends and longtime colleagues.


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    Oleksandr Oleshko

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