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  • Name: Alexander Novikov ( Novikov Aleksandr )
  • Date of birth: 31 October 1953.
  • Age: 63 years
  • Place of birth: Burevestnik, Iturup island, Kuril archipelago
  • Height: 193
  • Activity: singer, poet, composer, social activist
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Novikov: biography

    Alexander Novikov is a Soviet and Russian performer of his own songs in the style of «Russian chanson»; the musician who three times refused to award the title of honored artist of Russia.

    He was born in the military town of Petrel, which is located on the island of Iturup, which is part of the Kuril archipelago. There the family of Novikovs was due to the service of his father – a military pilot. The mother of the future singer was a housewife. After a few years moved to the Kyrgyz Bishkek, where Sasha went to school. But high school Novikov finished in the capital of the Urals – Yekaterinburg.

    It should be noted that Alexander while still in his Teens began to be hostile to the Soviet political system. He even refused to join the Komsomol, for which he had a lot of problems with teachers, and with law enforcement. This fact was one of the reasons why Novikov has not received higher education. He has done three times in the institutes – first in the Urals Polytechnic, and then in the Yekaterinburg mining, then forestry. But from each he was expelled.

    However, a young man very upset, because by the time I decided to plunge in to rock music, and then the chanson. The musical career of Alexander Novikov has already gained momentum, when suddenly he was arrested. The primary accusation was anti-Soviet lyrics. But even with a strong desire to indulge in wishful thinking was impossible, the investigation replaced the charges. Novikov was condemned for alleged profiteering and adulteration of musical equipment.

    Of 10 years, which gave him, the singer spent in prison six. Moreover, despite the fact that he was in the area offered more or less comfortable classes, for example, the place of the librarian, Novikov refused and along with all worked in construction and logging. For this, the artist has gained a lot of respect from the other inmates. In 1990 he was released early, as the Supreme Court found the verdict a false one, and the arrest had no Foundation.


    In the early 80-ies of Alexander Novikov decided to organize their own team and called it the «Rock range». For the band he wrote the songs he himself sang and played the guitar. I must say that the style of the first songs the singer was a lot different from what accustomed to fans later. The guys played rock and roll, which even included a small fraction of punk rock.

    In 1981 at a private recording Studio «Novik records» was created first magnitoalbom. And in 1984, Alexander abruptly changes the genre and writes a collection of spiritual songs, «Take me, driver». Later on in his career was a long pause related to a stay in prison camps.

    When he returned, Novikov republishes the previous album, and songs like «I Remember that girl!..» and «Street East» are becoming very popular. Later, he admitted hits song «City romance», «Shansonetka», «Dump her» and many others. Almost all the songs Alexander writes itself.

    But he has a few albums on verses of other authors. In 1997 he released the CD «Sergei Yesenin», where the lyrics were the poems of the great Russian poet. Later writers have repeated this experience. The record was released, «I remember, my love,» again on Esenin and «Pineapples in champagne» — the authors of the texts were different poets of the Silver age. All in all, on the account of the contractor more than 20 Studio albums, the latest of which is «E-album» 2013.

    Social activities

    In 2010, Alexander Novikov was appointed artistic Director of the variety Theatre became to him in Yekaterinburg.

    In 2011, Novikov together with well-known politician Alexei Navalny urged residents of Ekaterinburg not to ignore the polls and cast a vote of conscience. Even a video was released-a parody of the standard election advertising «HOLO… SUI!». And in the summer of 2016, it became known that Alexander himself is going to stand in deputies of Legislative Assembly of Sverdlovsk region.

    It is also worth noting that at the time Novikov acted as a Director of several documentary films, e.g. «I just got out of a cage», «GOP-stop show» and «Remember, little girl?». The most famous is a biography, «Oh, this Farian!» about the Creator of the legendary group «Boney M» Frank Fariana. However, according to Russian television this picture and has not been demonstrated, although the border was a success.

    Personal life

    With his only wife Mary Alexander Novikov met to the tragic pages of their own destiny. When the singer went to jail, the woman turned away from him. She, along with her husband passed through all the difficulties of life and now Alexander and Mary happy more than 30 years.

    To this marriage were born two children – a son Igor who is professionally engaged in photography, and daughter Natalia is a designer and art historian. Thanks to the children singer is already a grandfather.

    Alexander Novikov is a deeply religious man. But he was not limited to prayers and going to Church. Together with the Church master of the oral singer cast seven large bells and decorated them with reliefs of various princes of the Romanov dynasty. The bell tower was selflessly passed to the monastery, where the people until now.


    • 1984 — Take me, driver
    • 1993 — Necklace Magadan
    • 1995 — Urban novel
    • 1997 — notes of the criminal bard
    • 2000 — Krasivoglazaja
    • 2002 — Cranes over the camp
    • 2005 — Ponty Cupid
    • 2010 — Pineapples in champagne
    • 2012 — break up with her
    • 2013 — E-album


    Alexander Novikov

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