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  • Name: Alexander Spout ( Alexandr Nosik )
  • Date of birth: 6 November 1971
  • Age: 45 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: civil marriage

    Alexander Nosik: biography

    Alexander V. Nosik became known to a wider audience after the triumphant appearance in many of your favorite TV series «Spetsnaz» and «the Return of Mukhtar». Masculine and tall, it looks a little like his famous father Valery Nosik, who played the comic Otto Fokina in the cult film «Big change».

    Alexander was born in November 1971 in Moscow. Not only father but also mother of the Spout, Starikova Maria, was an actress. The good boy got in school because of the close relationship with the famous artist, although Alexander never boasted of a famous father.

    In childhood the Spout, Jr. often went with his mother – an actress of the Maly theatre on tour. In the school years on the screen he appeared in the short film of Sergei Gurzo «you and I will go for mushrooms in the forest…». In this film, Alexander played with his father.

    Alexander Nosik with his father and uncle
    Alexander Nosik with his father and uncle |

    After his parents ‘ divorce – at that time, Alexander Nosik was 9 years old – he began to see his father less frequently. Mom married a second time. Her second husband became a people’s artist of Russia Alexei kudinovich is one. In the house reigned creative atmosphere and conversations about theatre and cinema were permanent.

    However, Alexander Nosik did not wanted to become an artist. In high school he became interested in the economy. After secondary school went to enter the Plekhanov Institute, but flunked out. Not eager to join the army, kid related documents in the correspondence Department of financial and economic College. But after 3 months the Nose still was drafted into the army. He served in the air defense in the Belgorod of today does not regret.

    When Alexander Nosik returned home after the service, his father advised him to try his hand and go to the Shchukin theatre school. Sasha tried it and did it first try.


    After «Pike» aspiring artist was accepted into the troupe of the Maly theatre, where he felt comfortable. In fact, besides his mother, he worked here side by side with his stepfather and family uncle Vladimir Nosik.

    Alexander not only came out on the theater stage, but also managed to appear on the screen. First it was the episodes in the popular TV series «Maroseyka, 12», «Turkish March» and «Kamenskaya». But the roles quickly become large.

    Alexander Nosik in the series
    Alexander Nosik in the TV series «SWAT» |

    In 2002 on the screens out the series «special Forces», in which Alexander Nosik was entrusted to one of the main roles. He played senior warrant officer Kobrin, responding to a nickname of Snakes.

    The success of the project was so huge that its creators continued shooting. The project was closed after the terrorist attack in Beslan, but Alexander Nosik saw and remembered not only spectators but also Directors.

    Soon the Nose began to invite in the new movies. As a rule, they were fighters. The most successful of these tapes was one in which the actor has appeared on the screen along with the cutest dog named Mukhtar. The series «Return of Mukhtar», was released on the NTV channel, and was renewed for a few seasons. Spout shot up to 3rd.

    Alexander Nosik in movie
    Alexander Nosik in the movie «Return of Mukhtar» |

    In 2009, the artist changed the image, paint the hair red. So his audience saw in the film «This life», where Alexander appeared in the role jumped off the Canopy.

    More than 4 years, the actor collaborated with the TLC channel. Fans here saw him in a new capacity – leading the transfer of «Want home!». And in 2012, Alexander Nosik appeared in the program «Between us girls».

    Recent TV projects, which starred actor, it is worth noting the series «Workers», «Wild», «family circumstances» and «enforce the law».

    Personal life

    The artist does not like to talk about personal, though quite often on this subject, there are various rumors and gossip. Rumor has it that the Nose many novels and 3 of the civil marriage. His first wife Alexander lived for almost 7 years. With the second, whose name was John, he and I were together 5 years. They met on the set of the TV series «Ko mne, Mukhtar». Jan at that time was a student-Intern of the Institute of television and radio.

    After the breakup artist for a long time remained one. But in 2012, the personal life of Alexander Nosik, it seems, has changed for the better. Quite by accident, during a routine flight on shooting a new project, he met a girl named Olga. To the world of art Olya is irrelevant. In her profession, she is a lawyer. According to some information, darling Nose much younger than him. That Aleksandr and Olga have legalized their relationship, no information.

    Alexander Nosik with his wife
    Alexander Nosik with his wife |

    About children actor dreams of long ago, but have not yet decided because he wants to participate in their upbringing. But the current employment does not allow them to focus on the family.


    • «Maroseyka, 12»
    • «Turkish March»
    • «Kamenskaya»
    • «Special forces»
    • «Return Of Mukhtar»
    • «The road»
    • Wild
    • «The shore»
    • «Family circumstances»
    • «Enforce the law»


    Alexander Nosik with his father and uncle

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