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  • Name: Alexander Nezlobin ( Aleksandr Nezlobin )
  • Date of birth: 30 July 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Polevskoy, Sverdlovsk oblast
  • Height: 180
  • Activity: comedian, resident Comedy Club, actor, Director, writer, DJ
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Nezlobin: biography

    Alexander Nezlobin — Patriotic comedian, who became famous as the resident show «Comedy Club». He is also known as the DJ and actor of the Comedy sitcoms.

    Alexander was born and grew up in Sverdlovsk region, in the small town of Polevskoy. There he graduated from secondary school, after which, in consultation with parents, went to Kiev to enter the Ural state economic University. In this University Nezlobin became a specialist banking.

    Alexander Nezlobin
    Alexander Nezlobin
    Official website

    But what is much more important today – at the University the young man met with a Club of cheerful and resourceful. Alexander joined the student KVN team, and was then invited to the national team of the city «Sverdlovsk». After graduating from high school Nezlobin gets a job in a Bank. But a few weeks of him was enough to understand how the profession is far from the region of his desires.

    Freed, a young man joins the Ekaterinburg branch of the «Comedy Club». At first he wrote lyrics for other artists, and also served as a sound engineer, but later began performing in the genre of Comedy. In addition, Alexander tried his hand as a DJ in clubs under the name DJ Nezlob and create a personal concert «Let’s tell the truth», which was prepared monologues, and complete improvisation, based on communication with people from the auditorium.

    TV show

    In the comic project «Comedy Club» Alexander Nezlobin began in a duet with Igor Meerson named Elvis, which created the duet «Butterflies». The guys introduced a new author’s heading «Good evening, Mars.»

    Alexander Nezlobin. Performance in
    Alexander Nezlobin. Performance in «Comedy Club»
    Portal RuTube

    But over time, Alexander started to go on stage as a solo artist genre stand-up. His monologues are often devoted to the relationship of opposite sexes and, as a rule, throws, striking and extravagant. The main focus on the resident «Comedy club» is on stereotypes and patterns of behavior.

    Won popularity among viewers has led to the widespread popularity of Nezlobin in the country. He even entered the list of the 50 best public people according to the international research group TNS Gallup Media».


    In late 2013 Alexander Nezlobin debuted as an actor. Moreover, in the author’s own project. He created the television series «nezlob», which is told in comic form about his secret life. And played, of course, himself. Interestingly, the sitcom was attended by his relatives and friends.

    Alexander Nezlobin in the series
    Alexander Nezlobin in the TV series «nezlob»
    The series «nezlob» on TNT

    Then the comedian has joined the cast of a light Comedy «Studio 17», followed by «Friendship of peoples» by Teimuraz Britain, «Poor people» Olga Buzova and «Prom night» with Christina Isikenai.

    Recently, Alexander Nezlobin acted as Director and screenwriter. According to his own story he filmed another Comedy film «the Bridegroom» in which the main role was invited longtime friend Sergey Svetlakov.

    Personal life

    With his future wife Alexander Nezlobin met in 2007 in one of night clubs of St. Petersburg. The girl’s name is Alina, and she was brought up in a very wealthy family. About three years, young people met, then for a short time lived in a civil marriage, after which in 2012 officially got married. Wedding trip the newlyweds was held in the United States.

    Oleksandr I. Alina Nezlobina
    Alexander and Alina Nezlobina
    The portal «Belarus today»

    It should be noted that the change in marital status Nezlobin concealed as he could. According to the comedian, his monologues are no longer looked so natural, I wish people knew that before them is not a provincial playboy, and a great family man.

    But the pregnancy of the wife Alexander hide was not able to. And the joy of the birth of a daughter Linda who was born in Miami, he is also keeping a secret was not.


    • 2013 — Studio 17
    • 2013 — nezlob
    • 2014 — the Friendship of peoples
    • 2014 — Graduation
    • 2015 — Deffchonki
    • 2016 — Poor people
    • 2016 — Groom


    Alexander Nezlobin

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