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  • Name: Alexander Nevsky ( Aleksandr Kuritsyn )
  • Date of birth: 17 July 1971
  • Age: 45 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 198
  • Activity: bodybuilder, writer, Director, actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Alexander Nevsky biography

    Famous bodybuilder, actor and writer Alexander Nevsky was born in Moscow. At school Sasha Kuritsyn (real name) was referred to as «a wet hen». And it’s not just the names: tall and thin boy could not one time to catch up on the bar. In 15 years, the teenager was almost two meters tall, and weighed only 60 kg. the gym Teacher out of pity put the boy «three» on the subject.

    Sasha is very well studied, was reading a classic, wanted to enter the Institute of management and read poetry to girls. Subtle but romantic girls are not loved, and the boys mocked. The guy grew up without a father, and the mother didn’t know how to teach my son to fight back the bullies. It was decided to record the young man in a Boxing school, but the training did not bring success, while he saw in a magazine photo, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Tanned and muscular American actor is so impressed Alexander that he decided to become the same. Boxing gloves with textbooks Sasha traded on the gym. The guy was so interested in training that failed the entrance exams to College. The following year, Alexander received, but the priority was sports. He has participated in various competitions in bodybuilding and fitness, grabbing every opportunity to Express themselves.

    After 10 years of training from Sasha, who teased the «wet chicken» is not gone. Then he weighed 140 kg at growth of 198 see Athletes are being invited on radio and television, the media started talking about the fact that Russia is a rival Arnie. Then Kuritsyn decided to change my Neskuchny the name of the noble Nevsky.

    In 1997, the bodybuilder wrote his first book «How to become Schwarzenegger in Russia.» The next two years he tried his hand in television: he was co-author and presenter of programs «Good morning», «Party zone» and «16 and older». In addition, his series of video lessons on bodybuilding successfully been broadcast. Also Russian Bogatyr made her film debut, playing a cameo role in Eldar Ryazanov’s film «silent whirlpools».

    Alexander Nevsky: Hollywood

    At the same time come to Russia American producers in search of new talent and promise to Alexander Nevsky starring in a movie with Chuck Norris, van Damme, Schwarzenegger, as well as a career and millions in royalties. The prospect of living next to an idol and work with him on one platform and not left indifferent the Russian bodybuilder. In September 1999, the Alexander Nevsky with his wife is going to conquer Hollywood.

    In America, the Russian hero with the stars introduced, but the movie was not a speech. The producers had dissolved like dust, and signed the cooperation contract had no legal force. To return home with shattered hopes Nevsky did not want and began to conquer America: studied the language at UCLA and acting at the theatre Institute Lee Strasberg. Familiarity with Hollywood actors was not in vain — Jean Claude van Damme Nevsky invites you to star in the film «the Secret Sect». About this sentence dream of millions, but Alexander refuses, because he basically does not play the «Russian mafia». Only two years later the actor gets an invitation to play in the extras in the film Walter hill’s «the Untouchables». This was the starting point of the American career Nevsky. Behind Alexander roles in such films as «fast and furious da Vinci» and «Moscow heat.»

    Since 2006, Nevsky continues to produce more books, and tries his hand at writing scripts, directing, and producing. So, in 2009, on the screens out the film «Murder in Vegas», where Russian Bogatyr played a major role and acted as the producer. However, the story of the investigation of the Russian American detective murder did not impress neither the audience nor the critics.

    Alexander Nevsky does not appear in 2014 is the public the film «Black rose», which was directed, produced and starring. The story tells of the murder of the girls, and the story unravels a brilliant detective from Russia. Reviews for the film were, to put it mildly, negative. Saw the movie smashed to smithereens the quality of shooting and special effects, low acting and predictable script.

    One of the last works of Nevsky movie — action movie «Showdown in Manila». The shooting took place in the Philippines and partner of the Nevsky at the site was actor Dmitry Dyuzhev. The film’s release is scheduled for late 2015. And in July of this year in Moscow, began shooting the Comedy Thriller «Maximum impact». Alexander Nevsky got a positive role. There he plays a FSB officer. Together with Russian actor of the film are Eric Roberts, Tom Arnold and Danny Trejo. It is expected that the film will be released in 2016.

    Despite the small list of works in film, Alexander Nevsky, continues to act and takes his place under the Hollywood sun. It is the Hollywood foreign press Association, participates in the determination of winners of Golden globe awards, owns the production company «Hollywood Storm», which is based in Beverly hills.

    In 2010, Nevsky announced that he was invited for 60 th bodybuilding Championships «Mr. universe». The news of the victory of Russian bodybuilder at prestigious events scattered around the world. But Alexander himself was more proud than ever, because in this competition at the time was won by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. However, later the media announced that the Nevsky confused the names of Championships. He has participated in the tournament of the International Federation of bodybuilding «universe» (WBBF), and the contest, which was won by Arnie, was held under the auspices of the NABBA Universe Championships.

    Alexander Nevsky: personal life

    His first wife, Catherine, the athlete met while still a student, the girl has strongly supported Alexander and helped to adapt in America. But after 15 years of marriage their marriage ended in divorce. Nevsky does not like to talk about their relationship, only in one interview admitted that he tried unsuccessfully to save the relationship, and a divorce left his wife all the property she claimed.

    Rumor has it that now the Alexander Nevsky building a relationship with the star of the series «Teacher», a champion in ballroom dance, Oksana Sidorenko. The pair met on the project «Dancing with the stars.»

    Alexander Nevsky: filmography

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    Alexander Nevsky: photo

    Alexander Nevsky

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