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  • Name: Alexandra Nazarova ( Nazarova Aleksandra )
  • Date of birth: 17 July 1940.
  • Age: 76 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 157
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: divorced

    Alexander Nazarov: biography

    Alexandra Nazarova, loved by millions of viewers after appearing in the TV series «My fair nanny» in the role of Baba Nadi today «in service». In the summer of 2016 for her, people’s artist of Russia, was 76 years old. But this little woman has so much youthful energy and mental alertness that many young envy.

    Oleksandr Nazarov
    Alexander Nazarov |

    Alexander Nazarov was born in July 1940. She is called, was destined to become an actress. After all, Sasha was born in the family of two great artists. Father Ivan Nazarov had the title of Honored. Mother Alexandra prokofievna Matveeva played in the theater and also lost at work from morning till night.

    Alexander Nazarov in his youth
    Alexander Nazarov in his youth |

    War found Alexander Nazarov in Leningrad. She was a year old. His father served in the New theatre and before the war went to tour the Far East. When the siege ring start to clench around the city, mum managed to escape from there with Sasha on his hands. She got to Vladivostok, where at that time there was a man. As they later learned, most of the relatives who stayed in Leningrad, died of starvation.

    Oleksandr Nazarov
    Alexander Nazarov |

    In Vladivostok, the mother of Alexandra Nazarova took the troupe. The theatre, which served the parents traveled with the front line. Victory day 5-year-old Sasha will remember it forever. It was General rejoicing that came out of the houses and engulfed the streets, forced to hug strangers.

    On the same day, the family Nazarovs returned to Leningrad. But as it turned out, had nowhere to go. Their apartment was taken by the official, who acted as quartermaster during the war. «Smoke» him out of home and failed. Parents could only get some of my stuff.

    Long time huddled in a small room in a communal, half of which was occupied by a surviving Royal. Alexander Nazarov remember the huge furnace in total, 8 families, food, and the only available access to shared toilet.

    Oleksandr Nazarov
    Alexander Nazarov |

    Sasha grew up a normal acting child whose parents are both day and evening were lost in the theater. But first, Alexander wanted is not on the stage. She wanted to be a ballerina. Decided not to enroll in ballet school at the last moment.

    But on stage his first time out 6 years. The girl was entrusted with a small role in a production of «Nora» by Henrik Ibsen. Perhaps then Nazarov and decided that the other way it is only in the artist. Parents, desperate actor’s life in full, did not want his only child such a fate. But to stop Alexander Nazarov was impossible. It is the first attempt came in the famous LGITMiK, where he studied with the famous pedagogue Boris Area, who eventually became his favorite student on the course.


    In one of his visits to Moscow Alexander Nazarov saw the play «my Friend, Kolka!», set, Anatoly Efros in the Central children’s theatre. More about any other stage of the young actress could not think. And although after graduation she was offered a job several theatres home city of Leningrad, she rushed to the capital. Nazarova, almost the only one among the graduates LGITMiK in its history managed to get distribution in Moscow.

    Alexander Nazarov theater
    Alexander Nazarov theater |

    In the capital began a theatrical biography of Alexandra Nazarova. Budding artist I loved and simultaneously feared. Trusted her a small role, but she was happy to do whatever she instructed adored master.

    Unfortunately, after 3 years he moved to Lenkom. To bring could only three well-known artists. Nazarov is still a bit empty without a talented mentor for the theatre and soon moved to the Theatre of a name of N. N. Yermolova. At this stage, she has been working for almost 50 years.


    A cinematic biography of Alexandra Nazarova began when she was studying in the 4th year of the University. During a vacation in Yalta student LGITMiK unexpectedly received a telegram with a request to arrive in Kiev for the shooting of the film «And if it’s love?».

    First Nazarova thought it was a prank. Never in the movie did not play and their photos in the Studio are not sent out. It turned out that the role of Alexander went by the second Director of the film called Maria filimonovoy. She saw the girl’s picture on the wall in the apartment of her parents, with whom were friends, and begged her. And in Moscow showed a photo of the film Director Yuri Raizman.

    Alexander Nazarov in the film
    Alexander Nazarov in the film «And if it’s love?» |

    So Alexander Nazarov played her first role in a movie. On the screens she appeared as the schoolgirl Nadia Bragina. The film was shot in Kiev and Moscow. So the girl is constantly shuttled between the cities.

    Today the filmography of Alexandra Nazarova has 80 different films and TV series. The most famous of them, «Sophia Perovskaya», «Crew», «Princess on beans», «Team», «Cadets», «the Night watch» and «Airport».

    Alexander Nazarov in the series
    Alexander Nazarov in the TV series «My fair nanny» |

    But the real fame struck the actress only after 60 years when she appeared in the Comedy series «My fair nanny». Filming of the series lasted 3 years. First, the role of «Baba Nadi», the authorized representative of Alexandra Nazarova was written like an episode. But when the project started to take off, especially for the actress’s role has expanded.

    The actress woke up famous. She learned on the streets. Alexander before she is better known in theatrical circles, but after «My fair nanny» she is a true star of the national cinema.

    In 2001 Nazarova was awarded the title people’s artist of Russia.

    Personal life

    In the life of the actress had two marriages. First, with the operator Yuri Prikhodko, a Muscovite, was quite happy. Alexander Nazarov just moved from Leningrad to the capital. After the wedding the couple settled in New Cheryomushki. Lived together with her mother and grandmother’s husband. It was a happy and carefree years, the years of the thaw. And let the young family didn’t even dream of luxury with the decor in their room only had a sofa and a bookshelf – but the feeling of love and happiness was in the air.

    Alexandra with her granddaughter
    Alexandra with her granddaughter |

    But Nazarov fell in love. In a rest home for actors in rhoose she met the young man, ironically also named Yuri. He had no relationship to art, he worked as a doctor-resuscitator. It was a painful breakup with a man.

    But the second marriage was a mess. Personal life of Alexandra Nazarova went wrong from the beginning. The couple broke up when their son Dmitri was two years old. 5 years later, ex-husband emigrated to Germany.

    The biggest pain of the actress – her son. He grew up in a time when the Soviet Union collapsed. The total uncertainty, leaving the old values and the empty space where the new, confusion and circulated in the air and quickly picked up by young people the desire to get rich, not the best way affected the son of the actress. The father’s absence also played a role. Dima have been looking for myself, rushing in different directions, and doing anything.

    Alexander Nazarov with granddaughter Sasha
    Alexander Nazarov with granddaughter Sasha |

    Dimitri was killed when he was 41 years old. Shortly before his death he married a young girl who bore him a daughter Sasha. Unfortunately, maternal feelings this woman was absent. When family life she and Dmitri gave a crack, the mother-cuckoo just passed a tiny daughter in the orphanage.

    Pull out granddaughter Alexandra Nazarova managed with great difficulty after the death of his son.

    Alexandra Nazarova
    Alexandra Nazarova |

    Today, they live together, grandma and Sasha, who calls Alexander Ivanovna mom. For her, the actress continues to go on stage and play. Dreams only of being able to put the girl on her feet. Probably from here it gets energy and strength to work further.


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    • «Love with privileges»
    • «The Princess on beans»
    • «Team»
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    • «Night watch»
    • «My fair nanny»
    • «Airport»


    Oleksandr Nazarov

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