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  • Name: Alexander Mogilev ( Mogilev Alexander )
  • Date of birth: 2 June 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow, Russia
  • Height: 174
  • Activity: dancer, choreographer, ballet master, teacher and participant of the show «Dance»
  • Marital status: not married

    Alexander Mogilev: biography

    Dancer, choreographer, teacher modern dance Alexander Mogilev was born 2 June 1986 in the small town of Kandalaksha.

    Later, Sasha started dancing. As he says, his story is not like the other dancers. Parents took him by the hand and was led into a dance Studio. He came to acrobatics at age 8, but after six months the coach left town, the circle was closed. The only thing that managed Mogilev – master the bridge and the splits.

    He went to public school, had good grades in school. His life might have been different if not for the second attempt. Alexander Mogilev was 12 when his father came to the concert. On the stage danced a girl, and her movement so impressed the teenager that he said: «Dad! Want to dance on stage.»

    They went behind the scenes – the teacher was asked to come back next year, because the relevant age group was not. Alexander impatient to wait so long did not come to classes for kids, lessons for adults, and in parallel was engaged in the breakdance scene. Mogilev is recognized that danced in the streets, in basements and garages, put together my own team. To stop him was impossible.

    In 2003, he entered the Department of choreography of the Petrozavodsk College of culture, in 2006 – Moscow state University of culture and arts. In the classroom he felt the depth of modern dance and imbued them with spiritual content. Then there was training at the Austrian Conservatory of ballet.

    In 2006, Alexander Mogilev received the Grand Prix at the competition «Winter fantasy». Since 2007, he teaches contemporary dance at dance school of Nikolay Ogryzkov, performs solo numbers in Russia and abroad, participates in television programs.

    The Show «Dance»

    On casting of the project «Dance» on «the First channel» Alexander came in March 2015. One of the members of the jury then asked him what he was seeking was held by the choreographer on this show. Mogilev said, «Haven’t danced away». During the selection of Radu Poklitaru noted that in the «Favourite choreographer» half of the participants indicates Alexander of Mogilev.

    The project «Dance» the guy has performed brilliantly and has attracted tens of thousands of spectators. It was called a serious contender for the win, and Alexander has justified expectations of fans. According to voting results, he won and got the two-million contract with the theater «Leningrad Center.» Prize dancer was never used.

    Show «Dancing on TNT»

    Alexander Mogilev call top Russian choreographer, so the creative team of «Dancing on TNT» invited him to participate in the new project. In the first season he had to put the complex numbers to the participants. One of the most brilliant choreography of Mogilev – room for Ilshat Shabayev, which the participants called «master of disguise».

    Alexander didn’t know if it will be invited to the second season of «Dancing.» In an interview with the choreographer said that TNT-schnick pissed at him for participation in the dance show «First channel». But it is working moments.

    Apparently the negotiations were successful, because «Dancing on TNT-2» Alexander Mogilev invited.

    Personal life

    About the personal life of a dancer and choreographer, little is known. Media wrote that Alexander Mogilev can be found with a colleague Larissa Polunino. This information has not yet been confirmed.

    Mogilev does not consider himself a «star» calmly accepts it when people recognize him on the streets. He tries as often as possible to visit his native city of Kandalaksha, where you will recharge your batteries and rest the soul.

    Alexander Mogilev said that it is more pleasant to be need in demand in the profession than the popular. He recently admitted that if it didn’t work out with dancing, would become a pilot.


    Alexander Mogilev

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