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  • Name: Alexander Mitta ( Alexander Rabinovich )
  • Date of birth: 28 March 1933
  • Age: 83 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: the Soviet and Russian film Director, screenwriter, actor, people’s artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married to Lily Maiorova

    Alexander Mitta : biography

    The real name of famous film Director Alexander Mitta Rabinowitz. He was born in March 1933 in the Moscow intelligent Jewish family, where both parents and grandparents were deeply devoted to the ideals of October. And almost all suffered a period of repression after 1937. The tragic fate of the mother of Alexander Naumovich. She was serving a sentence in the Siberian camps, and her life ended early. Son put on the feet of the father, only in his old age found a mate.

    Alexander Naumovich was a gifted boy, he was well versed in painting, he painted and dreamed of becoming an artist. But the film world was attracted and beckoned Sasha Rabinovich since childhood.

    After school, Alexander Rabinovich took the documents to the art school. But soon he was expelled from there: talent Sasha was very crowded in the narrow space of socialist realism. Unrecognized, the artist decided to continue his education in other Metropolitan Institute of civil engineering. His mentor was the famous constructivist architect Konstantin Melnikov. In 1955, Alexander graduated from high school, but the work the architect did not want to. Experience a short stay in art school allowed Rabinowitz to order caricatures in the legendary «Crocodile» and then at the illustrations in the children’s magazine «Cheerful pictures».

    One day the artist brought the Crocodile his cartoons. They really liked the editor, but he, after some hesitation, refused to accept the job, saying that «Rabinovich «Crocodile» is already too much.» In 1955 Alexander was Mitta. By the way, the young man did not hide and was not ashamed of Jewish origin. And as alias has even taken the Hebrew name of someone from relatives on the mother.

    Alexander Mitta movies

    A cinematic biography of Alexander Mitta began in 1961 with a thesis. Alexander and his classmate Alexey Saltykov set at the Studio «Mosfilm» his graduation film «my Friend, Kolka!». It is based on the eponymous play by founder newsreel «jumble» Alexander Khmelik. Nobody expected that the diploma melodrama about children and schools enter the twenty most popular paintings in 1961. From may to December «

  • My friend, Kolka!» saw almost 24 million viewers in the USSR. Teenage theme so well beaten in qualifying film, was raised again and again. In 1962, Alexander Mitta independently released film «without fear and Without reproach». The third film directed by Mitta called «the bell is Ringing open the door» was an interesting formation style of the young Director. Here was not boring and ideology of detachment from life. On the contrary – piercingly vital revealed children’s and youth problems. This tape is fun to watch for both children and adults. In 1966 the film won the top prize at the Venice festival of children’s films «Golden lion of St. Mark».

    In 1969, the creative biography of Alexander Mitta has added a new page: the young Director first became an actor. MITT played the intellectual Bishop in the film Marlena hutsieva called «July rain».

    Teenage topic was so close to Mitta, he again continued in his next film «dot, Dot, comma…» that was released in 1972. And for this picture of Alexander Mitta himself wrote the screenplay. The skill of the young Director was recognized. First, the 1970s film has received numerous awards, including the international (in Salerno).

    From the usual teenage themes Alexander Mitta stepped in his film «Moscow, my love» (romance), «Skaz about how Tsar Peter arapa married» (tale), «Gori, Gori, Moya Zvezda» (tragicomedy) and, of course, absolutely new for the national cinema of the time the genre of the disaster movie. It was unmarked picture-legend «

  • The crew». At a time when computer graphics nobody heard anything, had to credibility to really burn a few planes. By the way, the funds for this expensive project Alexander Mitta was looking for on their own, since the Ministry refused to give money for «useless» and «uninteresting» of the tape. Sponsor Director still found — they became «Aeroflot». It was a commercial film produced for extrabudgetary funds. «The crew» became a leader in the rental of the entire history of the Soviet cinema. But the MITT has not received from a successful project almost anything. But it has become almost a legend.

    Following a new stage in the Director Mitta became the musical tale is an allegory called «the Tale of wandering», in which the main role was played by Alexander Mironov. The picture is interesting because removing it, Alexander Naumovich decided for itself which of the two film schools closer to him – the actor or Stanislavsky. The picture is a kind of «hybrid» of different creative ideas, brilliant combination incompatible.

    Another film, after which Alexander Mitta did a long ten year break from work – «lost in Siberia». This joint British-Soviet picture of the English archaeologist, referred to Stalin’s camps. During these years, MITT did not take off new paintings, but he visited the United States and many European countries, where not only adopt experience, but also taught directing (in Hamburg and its Moscow Studio).

    In the two thousandth MITT again loudly reminded of itself by series «

  • Limit. Taiga novel». In this film Alexander Naumovich in 2002 was awarded the State prize of the Russian Federation. Soon the Director released two films of different genres – crime drama «Hot Saturday» and a serial «Swan Paradise». One of the last works of Alexander Mitta become a feature film about the famous artist Marc Chagall during his life in Vitebsk. Tape «Chagall – Malevich» was released in 2013.

    Alexander Mitta: personal life

    Personal life Alexander Mitta was stormy. My favorite

  • Lily Mayorov MITT withdrew from the family. Male Maiorova Igor was a correspondent of «Pravda». The couple and all was fine until the publisher has not appeared cartoonist Sasha Rabinovich. About the affair rumors. Husband came to Alexander in communal, to «look like a man». But after seeing the room where there were five tables covered with papers, and a small lumpy sofa, sorry opponent. And the growth of Alexander Mitta was much lower than Igor. Men talked. Male Maiorova decided that the problem with this conversation is exhausted, and Lily soon get it out of your poor cartoonist. But this did not happen – the wife finally went to the communal library. Two years her husband did not give divorce to Lily, although at this time Mitta and Maiorova already had a son, Eugene. Subsequently, the couple got their own apartment on Malaya Gruzinskaya street. To it helped Alexander Naumovich his friend Vladimir Vysotsky. He with whom frequently visited with the Director.

    Alexander Mitta: filmography

    • My friend, Kolka!
    • Without fear and without reproach
    • Call, open the door
    • Burn, burn, my star
    • Point, point, comma…
    • The story of how Tsar Peter moor married
    • The crew
    • Lost in Siberia
    • Limit. Taiga novel
    • Swan Paradise
    • Chagall — Malevich

    Alexander Mitta: photo

    Alexander Mitta

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