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(biography, photos, videos) Aleksandr Molochko

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  • Name: Alexander Jelly ( Aleksandr Molochko )
  • Date of birth: 1 may 1994
  • Age: 22 years
  • Place of birth: Astana
  • Height: 178
  • Activity: TV presenter, actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Alexander Milk: biography

    Despite the fact that on many Internet portals write about Alexander the Milk as indigenous Muscovite, in fact, he came from Kazakhstan. Sasha was born in the public may day and lived a long time in Astana and Atyrau. By the way, the Milk is his real name, not an alias. Alexander with humor recalls that because of such an unusual name in school years had a lot of nicknames, for example, Yogurt and even Cream of Society.

    From early childhood the boy was attracted to the creativity. He always loved poetry and now being able to recite a lot of poetry Golden and silver ages, and also modern authors. Not left without attention to Sasha and school plays and concerts.

    Immediately after graduation, Alexander the Milk went to the capital of Russia and enrolled in the acting course at GITIS. Its artistic Director was Alexei Sheynin, who considered the young man the makings of a good dramatic actor and was invited to the Theater-Studio of the Institute of Russian Theatre, where he also taught. The most striking episode in this scene for the Milk part in the production of Bulgakov’s play «zoy’s flat».


    After the furore of the program «Revizorro» with Elena Flying, has become the terror of domestic restaurateurs and studios, the management of the channel «Friday!» came to a common opinion: they need a similar project for lighting service in the shops and on the markets of Russia.

    A new show has received the name consonant with the «Magazzino», and its constant leading was Alexander the Milk. The young man together with the project team toured the city’s markets and large supermarkets and finds out who of the sellers really deserves attention of buyers, and to whom, and not worth to go.

    From October 2015 the name of Alexander the Milk induces trembling horror the unscrupulous owners of outlets, as the lad knows how to confidently and competently to defend the rights of buyers. Says leading, its main goal is to make every employee the trading industry professionally performed his duties in good faith and approached the performance of their work. Watching TV presenter, I want to believe that he will succeed.

    Today the team of «Magazzino» was visited more than 20 cities of Russia, and reports on these visits are captured in a fascinating way, the viewer has the opportunity to see every Saturday on the channel «Friday».

    Personal life

    Alexander the Milk is still quite young, so not yet started a family, but he was in a serious romantic relationship with a young girl named Mary, who, according to social networks, and is a graduate of the Institute of contemporary art.

    In March 2016 in the media appeared information about the fact that Alexander is Dating the famous Russian figure skater Adelina Sotnikova.

    Alexander is very attached to his closest people – parents and little sister, and grandmother, who very much effort spent on the education of her grandson, and now that he permanently resides in Moscow, she tries as often as possible to visit the young man.

    Free time rising star prefers to spend actively engaged in shooting from a sporting and military weapons, travels across Russia and abroad, dreams of one day to visit Antarctica, as he loves winter and snow. Another cherished desire of Alexander to carry out a parachute jump.


    Oleksandr Milk

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