Alexander Maslyakov-younger

(biography, photos, videos) Aleksandr Maslyakov-ml.

photograph of Alexander Maslyakov Jr.

  • Name: Alexander Maslyakov-younger ( Aleksandr Maslyakov-ml. )
  • Date of birth: 28 April 1980.
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: Russian TV
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Maslyakov Jr.: biography

    Alexander Maslyakov-younger has grown along with the game of KVN. But from a young age, he didn’t just watched the game of the funny and inventive players on TV, like most of his peers: Sasha saw the «kitchen» of this exciting and humorous show. Because his father Alexander often took his son with him to rehearsals, and her mother Svitlana worked side by side with her husband, but as a Director. Probably, this circumstance became the determining factor when Maslyakov-younger has chosen the right profession.

    But it’s fair to mention that Alexander Maslyakov, though watched every game with interest, immediately began to dream about how to link their lives with this lesson. First, he wanted to be a simple policeman. When I got older, became seriously interested in politics and Economics.

    After school, Maslyakov Jr. entered one of the Moscow universities, the choice of a prestigious faculty of international relations. In 2006, he managed to defend his dissertation on the subject of governance sub-Federal estate and even he received a PhD degree in economic Sciences. But the career diplomat turned to Alexander Maslyakov-younger not so attractive to advance further in this field.


    For 20 years, biography of Alexander Maslyakov-younger has become increasingly in touch with the game of club cheerful and resourceful.

    The young man gave his first performance as the lead of the new project «planet of KVN». Also, the audience began to notice his constant presence at the games of the Higher League. Face Maslyakov-younger often, the camera pulls out from the audience. Son of Alexander Vasilyevich known to all fans of the game and its direct participants, and some employees «the First channel» carefully Express an opinion, Maslyakov-the senior prepares for his son the choice of his successor. A high probability that after some time it Alexander Maslyakov will succeed his father as President of the club.

    Soon rumors began to be vindicated. In 2003, Alexander Maslyakov, Jr. becomes the head of the Premier League KVN. This new project was created to provide the «rear» of the main game and develop a new generation of Members. It just happened. Premier League under the guidance of Maslyakov-younger has become a kind of «incubator» of young players, among whom were such bright stars as funny as Michael Bashkatov, and Alexander Gudkov, Natalia Medvedeva, and many others.

    At the same time, Alexander Maslyakov, Jr. participated in the birth of new projects such as «planet of KVN», «offside» and «the First League of KVN». He also led the program. And Alexander II, as it is called by Members, often acts as lead various leagues of the Union of KVN in the CIS countries.

    Currently, a talented young TV presenter known to all lovers of the game. Now Maslyakov Jr. continues to work in the University and as a presenter performs regularly in the Premier League. But, according to forecasts, Alexander will inevitably take the place of the father in the Highest League of KVN. He studiously avoids talking about it and hates when it is compared with the father.

    Personal life

    With his future mate Alexander met during his studies at MGIMO. Angelina Marmeladov studied there and was more diligent student than he is. The girl even helped her future husband to prepare for exams.

    Their affair lasted for 5 years. Young people find it comfortable and interesting to be around, although both claim that they are completely different people. Probably, it was the attraction of opposites.

    At one point, the personal life of Alexander Maslyakov Jr. and angelina Marmeladova finally merged together. Now both do what you love: Alexander – project development of KVN, and his wife angelina Maslyakov is making great strides in the field of journalism and literature. She is the author of 3 novels, which enjoyed great success among readers.

    In 2006, Alexander Maslyakov, Jr., and angelina was born the daughter Taisiya. The girl soon showed his artistic inclinations: she is in Moscow theatre-Studio «fidget».


    Alexander Maslyakov-younger with parents

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