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  • Name: Alexander Maslyakov ( Alexandr Maslyakov )
  • Date of birth: 24 November 1941.
  • Age: 75 years
  • Place of birth: Yekaterinburg
  • Activity: TV Presenter
  • Marital status: married to Svetlana Smirnova

    Alexander Maslyakov: biography

    Alexander Vasilyevich Maslyakov was born in the capital of the Urals in 1941. Father-my colleague Basil served as a fighter pilot, fought during the great Patriotic war and after were in the General staff of the air force. Education Alexander did the mother Zinaida Alexeevna. Interestingly, four generations Maslakovic called Vasiliyi, and Zinaida Alexeevna decided to break this family tradition by naming a son Alexander.

    After finishing school the young man entered the Moscow Institute of transport engineers (MIIT), which he successfully graduated in 1966. After graduation the first time, my colleague worked in the same field, but later decided to retrain as journalists. From 1969 to 1976 Maslyakov senior editor of the Main editorial programs for youth, then a special correspondent. Since 1981, Alexander worked as a commentator in the television Studio «Experiment».

    On TV Maslyakov was completely random, being a fourth year student. Recalls Alexander, the captain of KVN team of the Institute asked him to be one of the top five Comedy programs, which was to shoot the winning team of the last game. By accident it was a team of MIIT.

    Alexander Maslyakov: KVN

    Comedy show «Club of Cheerful and Resourceful» appeared in 1961. His prototype was a program of Sergei Muratov «Evening funny questions,» 1957, which, in turn, was copied from the Czech equivalent of «Gad, Gad, fortune-teller». On the evening of questions answered than the teams and the viewers. Creating a transfer was involved in the USSR’s first televised edition of the youth, known as the «festival edition of DH». The third edition of the TV show for the a sad mistake a host and all the editors had to close.

    Four years later, the creators of «Evening funny questions,» has released a new Comedy show called KVN. Transcript of the name was twofold: in addition to the traditional values of «Club of Cheerful and Resourceful» the title hinted at the brand of TV KVN-49, which was produced in those years.

    First leading of the game was albert Axelrod. Three years later he was replaced by Alexander Maslyakov. First my colleague was co-host with him led to the transfer of the Soviet announcer

  • Svetlana Zhiltsova. Later Alexander became the sole host, which remains to this day. The first seven years of KVN went exclusively live. But later, as the joke teams are sometimes concerned Soviet ideology and reality, have become editions recordings, pre-cutting all of them wicked party leadership moments. The then head of the Central Television Sergey Lapin did not like the club for his unpredictability and boldness, and with a transfer time of censorship began to closely engage the State Security Committee. The Directive of the KGB was at times simply absurd: for example, the program participants were forbidden to wear beards, as this was viewed a mockery of Karl Marx. And at the end of 1971
  • KVN was closed. The creative biography of Alexander Maslyakov at the time spawned a lot of gossip. So, the most common rumor is that around the same time with the closure of KVN in 1971 Maslyakov was in prison for foreign exchange fraud a few months. Sam broadcaster to comment on the fact refused, claiming that his criminal record would never be allowed on Soviet TV.

    So the break lasted for 15 years. But at the beginning of perestroika, in 1986, on the initiative of the captain of the team, IISS 60 years of KVN Andrey Menshikov again was released. Leading left Alexander Maslyakov.

    Already a few releases, the program has acquired the same widespread popularity as in the sixties. There was a whole movement games, comic competitions were held in schools, institutes and summer camps. The geography of the «club of Cheerful and Resourceful» has improved markedly: KVN began to play in Western Europe and America, in 1992, Moscow hosted the first international game between the CIS countries and Israel, and two years later in Israel were arranged the world Cup in which took part teams of the CIS, Israel, Germany and even the United States.

    In 1990 Alexander Maslyakov founded the creative Association «Alexander Maslyakov and Company» (abbreviated

  • «AMIK»). This company is the official organizer of the games of KVN, and also of a number of related gear (League, Out, wailing kivin, humor, etc.). Alexander is a leading and Director of all software released «AMIK». In 2013, General Director of LLC «TTO «AMIK» was the only son of Alexander Vasilyevich Maslyakov Alexander Alexandrovich, succeeding Naum Iosifovich will Barely, who previously held the position of Director of the television program KVN.

    Alexander Maslyakov: TV

    The confidence with which the young man was kept in the frame, his eloquent speech, innate tact and a great sense of humor made Maslyakov essential leading. In addition to KVN in different years Alexander Maslyakov led to a variety of transmission. Among them was the talent show «Hello, we are looking for talent», sports contests «and well-ka, girls!» and «come on, guys!», the famous talk show «the 12th floor», and, of course, a variety of humorous TV: «Alexander-show», «Jolly fellows» and «Sense of humor».

    By the way, several times Alexander Maslyakov appeared in a rather unusual gear. So, in 1976, he held the second edition of the intellectual game

  • «What? Where? When?» the author and Creator of which is Vladimir Voroshilov (at the time Maslyakov changed it in gear «And well-ka, guys!» after the death of one of the participants). And in 1988, the famous TV presenter spent the April fools edition of the program.»
  • Look».

    Maslyakov also played the leading song festivals in Sochi, in the late seventies led the program «song of the year» and had reports from international festivals of youth and students, held in Havana, Berlin, Sofia, Moscow and Pyongyang.

    The gentleman of many awards of merit obtained in Russia, Ukraine and the Chechen Republic, Honoured worker of arts of Russia Alexander Maslyakov in 2002 he received the prestigious national TV award «TEFI» in a special nomination «For personal contribution to development of domestic television».

    Alexander Maslyakov: personal life

    Personal life Alexander Maslyakov is closely connected with the «Club of Cheerful and Resourceful». The wife of a famous TV presenter was

  • Svetlana Smirnova, which in 1966 got a job as an assistant Director of KVN. Five years Maslyakov and Smirnov were married, Svetlana is still the Director of the TV program. In 1980, the couple had a son Alexander, who continued the family tradition. After graduating from the Moscow state Institute of international relations, Alexander Maslyakov-younger stands leading programs «Planeta KVN», «offside» and «Premier League of KVN», and since 2013 is CEO of his father’s company «AMIK». Alexander married a girl by the name
  • Angelina, in 2006, the couple have a daughter Taisiya.

    Alexander Maslyakov: photo

    Aleksandr Maslyakov

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