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  • Name: Alexander Marshall ( Alexander Minkov )
  • Date of birth: 7 June 1957
  • Age: 59 years
  • Place of birth: Korenovsk, Krasnodar Krai
  • Height: 193
  • Activities: Russian rock musician, singer, bass guitarist, songwriter
  • Family: married to Natalia Minikowo

    Alexander Marshall: a biography

    Alexander V. Minkov, which all fans know as Alexander Marshal, was born in July 1957, in the southern town of Korenovsk, Krasnodar territory. Sasha’s family had no relationship to music and art. His dad was a military instructor pilot, mom is a dentist. At the age of seven, the future singer began to visit two schools: school and music. In the latter, he learned to play the piano. It happened in Tikhoretsk, where the family moved Minkovich. Sasha was a good hearing and he taught himself to play the guitar.

    The creative biography of Alexander Marshal started when he was a sixth-grader. The school town of Salsk, where he dispatched of Alexander’s father, guy has created vocal-instrumental ensemble, calling it «Steppe». The musicians successfully played at a local club and Park at the dance, they were often invited to weddings.

    The guy in his youth had two dreams, between which he was torn. Alexander Minkov dreamed of becoming like his father, a pilot. But at the same time, him with irresistible force pulled to music. Anyone else – a pilot or a singer – he wanted to be himself Sasha really did not know.

    In 1974, Alexander Minkov became a student of the Stavropol higher military aviation school. Specialization chosen by him, was called «Navigator command and control».

    The first thing after receipt, the future pilot was engaged in the creation of a musical group. He had time to study and to play. But two years later, Alexander realized that the more it pulls to the music. Continue to be torn into two halves will not work. Parting with the army was difficult. No less difficult was the conversation with the father and the command of the aviation school. To leave just does not work, I had a year to serve as a soldier.

    After the service, Alexander Marshall engaged in your favorite music. But to live for something he had, because his father refused to help his son after leaving school. The guy is taken for any work. He works as a mechanic, a sailor-the rescuer, the musician in the restaurant. As for the origin of the nickname «Marshal», it Sasha was in College. He has another «Minor». The so-called min’kova musician friends in the 70s.

    Alexander Marshall: «Gorky Park»

    To conquer Moscow Alexander Marshall arrived in the early ‘ 80s. Stumbled upon the announcement that the music band need a bass player. Alexander took a chance and took it. He was very lucky, because the team was the best of the capital group, which played popular Western music. Here Alexander Marshall felt really happy, because this is what he dreamed of for years.

    Soon, Marshall begins its cooperation with «Mosconcert». Immediately available group

  • «Araks» and
  • «Flowers»
  • Stas Namin.

    The idea to create a band that will conquer the West, there was one fellow Marshal, Alexander Belov. It was perceived ambiguously: the Marshal did not really believe in the feasibility of such ambitious plans. But the group to «conquer the West» was created. It was called

  • «Gorky Park». In 1987, Alexander Marshall, together with the musicians of the newly established team went on the first tour in America. Fall debut concert «Gorky Park». Specially for promotion and advertising of the Russian project the band filmed the first clip, which showed in the «Show don king».

    First, the group planned that the tour will last no more than three months. In the end, «Gorky Park» and Alexander Marshall lived in the United States for five years. After returning to Russia it was already a well-known band, whose concerts gather the stadiums of fans.

    In Russia, the group takes the lead vocals Nikolai Noskov. His place is destined to take Alexander Marshal. In «Gorky Park» minkow worked twelve years, to the end of 1999. His departure from the team the singer explained that the group had exhausted itself. In fact, Alexander Marshall, all of which have grown to a solo career.

    Alexander Marshall: songs

    First solo album of Alexander Marshall’s called «Maybe». Admirers of Marshal was able to buy it in 1998. The main hits of the collection was the song «eagle», «Rain», «Wait-wait», «Fly again» and «At the crossroads».

    But the first solo concert performer gave in 1999. However, he was held not in the capital, and in Krasnodar. The admirers of Marshal gathered in large numbers. The hall was to become. Fans of Marshal gave the singer an extremely warm welcome.

    The second album of Alexander Marshall called «where I was» came out in zero. Presentation of the album took place at one of the airfields near Moscow. The concert venue was dictated to Alexander his nostalgia about the sky and the unrealized dream of becoming a Navigator. Best songs collection of steel «the Sky», «Let go» and «Old yard».

    The next album «Highlander» was made up of songs that were played in war, in hospitals and prisons. «Highlander» is radically different from previous collections of content and concept. I must say that Marshall devoted to military theme of many of his compositions. The military theme sounds in the album «dad», «the cranes are Flying», «Father Arseny», «goodbye, regiment» and others.

    In 2012, Alexander Marshall presented the album «Turn around.» More than half of its songs written by the performer.

    Alexander Marshall: personal life

    Personal life Alexander Marshall – one of the least favorite topics for interviews. On her popular singer prefers not to extend. From what is known about Alexander Minkova is that he has a wife

  • Natalia and son Artem. The middle of the two thousandth was the most difficult in the life of the spouses. Marshall had a brief affair with one of the singers of the group «Brilliant», which is called
  • Nadia Handle. The pair often appeared in public, although the relationship was not commented on. Natalya tried not to notice the novel, hoping that it will soon be over. Soon happened as she had predicted: after a couple of years, the affair of Marshal Nadia Pen dried up. Personal life of Alexander Marshal have returned to their former orbit: he chose life in the family.

    Alexander Marshall: discography

    • Eagle
    • Go
    • Fly again
    • The bride
    • Old yard
    • The shower
    • The sky
    • Wait, wait
    • White ash
    • Goodbye

    Alexander Marshall: photo

    Oleksandr Marshall,

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