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  • Name: Alexander Maltsev ( Malcev Aleksandr )
  • Date of birth: 22 June 1995
  • Age: 21 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activity: the Russian athlete, who competes in synchronized swimming, world champion and silver medalist of world Championships in the mixed Duo
  • Marital status: not married

    Alexander Maltsev : biography

    The champion-2015 world and athlete of synchronized swimming Maltsev, Alexander E. was born in St Petersburg on 22 June 1995. In 6 years the mother took Sasha to school synchronized swimming. She wanted to spare the boy’s fear of water. At that time the son had no time to tread water, but I was afraid. Learn to overcome your fears and develop physically son – such were the goals of the parents Maltsev. Moreover, synchronized swimming was included gymnastics and diving.

    Later, Sasha asked to go to a more «masculine» water Polo or diving, but Maltsev refused. Coaches noted Sasha, and his career is rapidly moving up. Success was not long in coming. The young athlete often participated in various competitions.

    After high school, Alexander Maltsev went to Moscow where he entered Russian state University of physical culture. His training was engaged honored coach of Russian Federation, Professor Maria Maximova.

    Alexander Maltsev: synchronized swimming

    In the 2012-2013 season Maltsev called for sports club of Strasbourg. In the French club won two gold medals at the regional championship among juniors.

    May 2013 brought 18-year-old Alexander Maltsev victory at the Paris international tournament in the competition soloists in synchronized swimming.

    In the same 2013 Alexander became the first and

  • the only male interpreter in the national team of Russia in water sports. 29 Nov 1014 to the Congress of the international swimming Federation (FINA) has suddenly decided to include competitions for men interpreters in the new program of the world Championship by water kinds of sports, breaking down old patterns. Many titled girls synchronized swimming, said that would not be able to make a duet with her husband. About this categorically announced four-time Olympic champion Anastasia Ermakova. «Neestetichno» the presence of men in this sport said the two-time champion of London-2012: Svetlana Romashina. But the coach of many Olympic Champions and the head coach of the Russian team Tatyana Pokrovskaya, though he doubted whether fall team during the world Cup, decided to give a chance to 19-year-old Alexander Maltsev.

    Alexander Maltsev: the 2015 world Championships in Kazan

    After debate and deliberation, it was decided that in July 2015, Alexander E. Maltsev will speak at the world Championships in Kazan in the new discipline – competitions of mixed duets together with

  • Daria Valitova, which already was part of the Russian team. Alexander Maltsev was extremely excited when I heard about the unexpected adoption of the decision on the inclusion of new FINA discipline at the world Championships in 2015. The athlete hopes that it would help promote synchronized swimming among men in Russia.

    Preparing for the championship, Alexander Maltsev knew that the struggle will be difficult. About his participation said strong duets from USA, France, Italy, Japan and Ukraine. A very serious opponent Sasha believed the American bill James may, who was one of the first men the interpreters in the world and in its time created a furor.

    30 July 2015 the main event of the day, of course, was the triumph the triumph a pair of a pair of Alexander Maltsev and Darina Valitova a new interpreters of the discipline of «mix». A few days earlier in the technical program of the mixed doubles was won by American couple (bill may and Kristina Lum underwood), but in any program Russians win, taking full revenge. Americans at this time were second, third place went to the Italians.

    The performance of the pair Maltsev-Valitova was very bright. The Russians has surprised his suit. The athlete appeared in the image of the soldier of the Soviet army during the great Patriotic war. The pair played under the melody from the film «17 moments of spring», depicts a scene of a meeting of Stierlitz with the wife. Athletes dedicated your room to the 70th anniversary of the great Victory.

    Medal, conquered by Alexander Maltsev, of course, had historical significance.

    «The feeling of complete happiness came after the announcement of the estimates, — shared his emotions champion a simultaneous interpreter Alexander Maltsev. — When he saw what we first thought, after all there is justice in the world!».

    Alexander Maltsev: personal life

    While the personal life of Alexander Maltsev – a clean sheet. All his time is sports. Maria’s speech Darya Valitova it is associated solely friendships.

    Alexander Maltsev: photo

    Oleksandr Maltsev

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