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  • Name: Alexander Makogon ( Makogon Aleksandr )
  • Date of birth: 8 February 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Donetsk
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Makogon: biography

    This actor today, a large filmography and played many roles in theater. Spectators remember and love by Alexander Makogon, after his appearance in the popular TV series «Traffic light», «Alexander garden» and «Gypsy».

    Alexander Makogon was born in February 1973 in Donetsk. In his family there was no one from the world of theatre and cinema. As with other types of art the parents of Alexander were not related. But the son grew up a creative person and dreamt of the stage, as they feel that is called «at ease». The young artist was active in school performances. Without him there was not a single event. So in high school Alexander Makogon already knew exactly who would be.

    After leaving school in 1990, in Donetsk, the guy went to Moscow and, as expected, filed papers in a famous ACTOR. Did the first attempt and was admitted to the Studio of Andrei Aleksandrovich Goncharov, under whose guidance over several years learned the secrets of the acting profession.


    To put into practice received from experienced teachers ‘ theoretical knowledge Alexander Makogon started already in the first year of GITIS. He made his debut on the stage of the theatre named after Vladimir Mayakovsky, playing George Matchima Jr. staged his University mentor. The play was called «Victoria». A successful debut and a great game in the graduation performance «As you like it» opened for the novice actor the door in the Mayakovsky theater, where Makohon took immediately after graduation.

    Soon, theatergoers saw a young artist in performances of «Illusion», «the brothers Karamazov», «kin IV» and others.

    A cinematic biography of Alexander Makogon began in 1992. At that time he was a 2nd year student. From Donetsk debuted on the screen in a TV melodrama Isaac Friedberg «ABC of love». This series, which was released in the early 1990s, was notable for the fact that was one of the «first swallows». That is one of the first domestic TV series that came out during the dominance of Russian television Brazilian melodramas.

    After a considerable hiatus, which was filled with work in the theatre, Alexander Makogon again appeared on the screens. The audience saw him in the series «Tourists», which was broadcast in 2005. After this great role, the Directors began to offer the actor a new, not less visible. So, he starred in the popular television series «Russian translation», «Drongo» and «Female logic».

    But the most famous actor brought the work in the rating series «Airport», «Stunt» and «Kotovsk». It is noteworthy that the characters in these tapes were quite diverse. Makogon has demonstrated that it can easily transform into heroes and villains.

    Alexander Makogon successfully acted not only in melodramas, but in a feature film. In the action-paintings «Three days in Odessa» and «S. S. D.» he played the Central characters. In 2007, the audience saw their favorite artist in a Comedy way. He starred in the great Comedy film Tatiana Augshkap called «Runaway».

    Especially liked by the audience the character of Makogon Seva Barinov from the TV series «Traffic light». Here Alexander was engaged in 2011-2015. Recently it became known that the sequel to the beloved Comedy project. And again, the audience happy to watch the favorite Seva Barinov, performed by Alexander Makogon.

    Fans have noted that he manages to look organic and a scoundrel (in the TV series «Blue night», he played officer obkhss Artem Bolshakov), and comedian (Bob from «the Man in my head»), and hero (geologist Gleb Kirsanow of the picture, «the serpent’s Lair»).

    In a large filmografia Alexander Makogon recent years there are many main roles. And the star role the actor plays more often. For example, in 2015 alone, there have been several movies where Makogon played the main characters. This is the picture of «Murder for three», «Theory of improbability», «Chasing three hares and Marathon for the three graces».

    In our time, despite a demanding schedule on the set of new TV projects, Alexander Makogon continues to go on the stage. His playing can be seen in the Mayakovsky theater, where he is involved in performances of «the brothers Karamazov», «Illusion» and «Live to love».

    Personal life

    Their happiness, Alexander Makogon, it seems, found only recently, when he met his current wife, Alexandra Mikheeva. Before that he had 2 marriages. In the first official, in 1996 the actor was born the son of Paul. When the boy was 4 years old, the couple divorced. Family troubles Alexander Makogon painfully experienced.

    In that period, in 1999, a colleague of Alexander theatre named after Vladimir Mayakovsky, actress Tatyana Augshkap created his own theatrical Agency. The first play staged by the Agency Augshkap, was the children’s play «the Secret of the old Cabinet.» The role of the romantic young Tatiana invited Alexander. Broke out between them the novel, which led a couple to their life together. But after 7 years of civil marriage, the relationship ended.

    Personal life Alexander Makogon got better when he met the assistant Director Alexander Mikheev. It seems this woman artist really happy. Sasha is much younger than her husband, but the age difference the couple does not feel. In 2011 they had a son, Stepan, in 2013 was born the daughter Masha.


    • «ABC of love»
    • «Tourists»
    • «Stunt performers»
    • «Three days in Odessa»
    • «S. S. D.»
    • «Traffic light»
    • «Alexander garden»
    • «Gypsy»
    • «Homicide for three»
    • «Marathon for three graces»


    Aleksandr Makogon

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