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  • Name: Alexander Lyubimov ( Aleksandr Lyubimov )
  • Date of birth: 23 June 1962
  • Age: 54 years
  • Place of birth: London, UK
  • Activities: journalist, presenter, Creator of the TV company «Vid», the politician
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Lyubimov biography

    Alexander Lyubimov is a Soviet and Russian journalist and TV host. Was one of the founders of the first Russian independent television «VIEW».

    He was born in the British capital, where at that time his father, Mikhail Lyubimov, a Colonel of foreign intelligence. Mother Ekaterina Vishnevskaya trained as an actor and play the scene. Three years after his son’s birth the family returned to Moscow. And when Sasha was six, her parents divorced.

    Further education of young Lyubimov was doing mother and stepfather. Alexander had almost absolute freedom of action that allowed him plenty of time to give not only different sports, but heavy year, officially taboo in the country.

    Aleksandr Lyubimov
    Alexander Lyubimov | Flight.Ru

    After school the boy goes to a very prestigious University MGIMO, where he obtained the specialty of international economist. The Institute Lyubimov was fluent in English, French and Danish, although during his studies he had to earn not only a translator, but even as a loader at the Mikoyan meat processing plant.

    Distribution Alexander had to go on service in Denmark, to the Soviet Embassy in this Scandinavian country. But he refuses and decides to find work on their own. The result is a young man begins his career as a journalist. After 12 years, Lyubimov will once again sit at the Desk and finish the course «campaign Manager and political consultant» at Harvard University in the United States.

    TV and radio

    In 1985, Alexander Lyubimov got on the radio and television Department of the Scandinavian countries. «Radio Moscow» he led the transfer of the Danish and worked there for about two years. Then the young man got a job as a correspondent on TV, and soon together with Vladislav Listyev and Dmitry Zakharov and Oleg Vakulovsky began to lead one of the most popular programs of the late 80-ies — «the Look». The majority of our compatriots believed that this transfer has not only changed people’s attitude to television, but also became a symbol of perestroika and taught people to Express their opinions openly.

    At the end of 1990, foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze to protest the current political situation, he resigned. Journalists wanted to show «View» the story about this incident, but the authorities have forbidden to remove such material, and the initiators were dismissed from the channel.

    Alexander Lyubimov, Vladislav Listyev and Dmitry Zakharov, the transfer
    Alexander Lyubimov, Vladislav Listyev and Dmitry Zakharov in «Look» | Novgorod Internet newspaper

    Lyubimov, together with his colleague Alexander Politkovsky decided to release a copyright transfer «the View from underground» and distribute them on videotape. But this enterprise was not justified: underground «esters» were less acute and pressing than the official.

    In 1992, Alexander returned to Ostankino, where he hosts the program «Red square», and then the author’s «View with Alexander Lyubimov». Around the same time he became the co-founder of the TV company «VIEW» and together with Ivan Demidov is producing a variety show program of the channel. After a few years, Lyubimov returned to the duties of the producer and will promote the reality show «Last hero», as well as a number of films, for example, the television series «the dawns here are quiet», «Barvikha», «Mortal combat» and many others.

    As a TV presenter Alexander Mikhailovich was a personality show, «one on One», «Here and now», «Senate», «the Name Russia».

    Personal life

    First wife of Alexander Lyubimov was TV presenter Tatyana Pushkin. They met in the cafeteria of the Ostankino TV tower, and after a week her husband made her an offer. First, their family life was similar to idyll. Husband dust blew with Tatyana and a very good attitude to her son from her first marriage to Nikita. But then family relationships began to deteriorate and two years after marriage Lyubimov and Pushkin broke up. It is noteworthy that Tatyana since avoiding meetings and communication with her ex-husband.

    Alexander Lyubimov and Tatiana Pushkin
    Alexander Lyubimov and Tatiana Pushkina | Priceless news

    The second wife of television host was Natalia Kunikova. She is a translator and Japanese language teacher. By the way, the grandfather of the current wife Lyubimov is a hero of the Soviet Union Caesar Kunikov, the commander of the assault detachment, seized the beachhead «Malaya Zemlya» during the great Patriotic war. Natalia and Alexander over the years of living together had three sons — Cyril, Oleg and Konstantin. In addition, they raised an orphaned neighbor girl.

    Aleksandr Lyubimov I Yogo squad Natal Kunikova
    Alexander Lyubimov and his wife Natalia Kunikova | Express newspaper online

    Favorite hobby Alexander Lubimov is reading books, visiting theater performances, fishing, rally and Windsurfing. It is also worth noting that during coverage of the fighting in Chechnya, the journalist was awarded the order of Honor, for contribution to the development of national broadcasting and even the order of Friendship.


    Aleksandr Lyubimov

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