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  • Name: Alexander Lyapin ( Aleksandr Lyapin )
  • Date of birth: 12 August 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Alexander Lyapin : biography

    Alexander Liapin, was born in an intellectual family, where dad was in the military, and my mother an engineer. Sasha was born on 12 August 1985 in Riga. He has two sisters.

    Sasha grew up very artistic boy, and already in the kindergarten became visible to his acting ability. He was the star of kiddie matinees. Debuted young Lyapin in the role of a roly-Poly, and he liked it so much that since then «the work» he «took home.» That is played in the family circle, and in front of the neighbors. At school Sasha Lyapin became an active participant in the initiative. Seeing which stretches to the son, the mother took 12-year-old Alexander in the Studio of theatrical art of the Riga youth theatre. From 1999 to 2002 Lyapin he was an actor of the Riga theatre «Reverence».

    After graduating high school in his native Riga, Sasha went to Moscow and enrolled in VGIK, the benefit was well-prepared. In the course of the legend of the Soviet cinema Alexei Batalov, Alexander became one of the brightest students. Training finished in 2007.

    Alexander Lyapin:

    A cinematic biography of Alexander Lyapina began in 2007: the young actor debuted in the drama of Karen Shakhnazarov’s «the Vanished Empire». And once with a fairly significant role. The actor brilliantly embodied the image of a first-year student Sergei Narbekova, who fell in love with a student of the common People, and then for youthful fervor has destroyed their happiness.

    The picture was a huge success, and Lyapin Alexander at the festival «Constellation» has received the award «For the best debut».

    The main role played by Alexander Lyapin in 2009 in a military romance Alexey Kozlov «Lieutenant Suvorov», demonstrated the professionalism of the young actor, although critics have not particularly appreciated the tape itself.

    Then in the creative biography of the artist was to work in the films «the Thirty-seventh novel» and «Escape». In the period from 2010 to 2011 Lyapin appeared in five strips.

    More successful was Alexander 2011. He played Roma in the popular TV series «Moscow. Three station 2». In the same year the actor took part in the filming of the short film «aylav’yu», which got quite warm reviews from critics and viewers.

    Next year Sasha Lyapin appeared in the film «Anna», and in 2013 it saw in the popular sitcom «angel or demon» and «Search-2». Alexander was out on the street, but he was only halfway to fame.

    That all changed in 2014, the year when Alexander Lyapin auditioned for the role of the St. Petersburg intelligentsia in the television series «

  • Interns». The casting was successful, but it has changed a bit: Lyapin was not intellectual, but a simple guy from Torzhok. His hero is Alexei Maltsev, sincere and handsome young doctor, wants to return to his native Torzhok and become the chief doctor. Maltsev straightforward, honest and very charming guy. After the release of the series «Interns» with Alexander Lyapin the face of the actor is familiar to almost all fans of «Interns» and their millions. By the way, according to some medical issue for a more convincing game Sasha Lyapina advised the sister, who works as a doctor.

    Promising and already well-known artist Alexander Lyapin still not used to fell the fame, and no time: today it is very popular and has such a tight shooting schedule that rest on their laurels just once. Lyapin is not afraid to become an artist in one role, fixated» in the image Lesha Maltsev. He has already proved in previous works that may appear before us in different roles.

    Alexander Lyapin: personal life

    Personal life Alexander Lyapina — still a blank page. The actor says little about himself. Sometimes the tabloids get a photo where the artist is not alone, but accompanied by a beautiful girl. But the permanent and long-term relationship Sasha has not built and claims to family life and the wife’s choice is very responsible. Therefore, the search promises to be long and thorough.

    Alexander Lyapin: filmography

    • Vanished Empire
    • Lieutenant Suvorov
    • Thirty-seventh novel
    • Escape
    • Moscow. Three station 2
    • Side of the moon
    • Aylav’yu
    • Interns
    • Christmas tree 1914
    • Fartsa

    Alexander Lyapin: photo

    Alexander Lyapin

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