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  • Name: Alexander Lukashenko ( Aleksandr Lukashenko )
  • Date of birth: 30 August 1954
  • Age: 62 years
  • Place of birth: village. Kopys, Vitebsk oblast, Belarus
  • Growth: 182
  • Activities: Belarusian politician and statesman, President of the Republic of Belarus
  • Marital status: Married to Galina Zolnerowich

    Alexander Lukashenko: biography

    Alexander Lukashenko is the first and only President of the Republic of Belarus, which the Belarusian people trust for over 20 years. In the world community Belarusian leader called «the last dictator of Europe», with a hint of its undemocratic government, but every citizen of the Republic considers it an authority and example in all that makes it of political longevity.

    Born Lukashenko Alexander Lukashenko on 30 August 1954 in the urban village of Kopys, located in the Vitebsk region of Belarus in a single-parent family. The future President RB raised a single mom Catherine Trofimovna, who worked as a milkmaid on the farm. About the father Lukashenko of information is almost there, we only know that he was a Forester.

    The childhood of the Belarusian head was held in the village of Alexandria in the centre of the collective farm «Dnieper», where he, along with village children attended a regular secondary school, after which he entered the Mogilev pedagogical Institute in the faculty of history. In 1975, Lukashenko received the diploma of teacher of history and social science and as a young specialist was assigned to the city of Shklov, where the secondary school № 1 took the position of Secretary of the Komsomol Committee. After working there for several months, Alexander G. was drafted into the army and the following two years gave back to the Motherland for service in the frontier troops of the KGB. After the army, the future President of Belarus continued his Komsomol activities in the post of Secretary of the Komsomol Committee at Mogilev gorpischetorg. In 1979, Alexander G. has received membership in the Communist party, and in 1980 the second time I went to serve in the army, where for the next two years he commanded a tank company on the political part.

    After the second period of military service Lukashenka was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Shklou farm «Drummer», and then took the position of Deputy Director of the plant materials in this regional center.

    In 1985, the future political leader has received the second higher education in Economics, graduated from the correspondence Department of the Belarusian agricultural Academy. However, he was the head of the farm «Gorodets», whose successful operations allowed the young professionals to lay the groundwork for his future political career. Lukashenko became the first person in the conditions of the restructuring was to implement a rental contract at the farm, making the farm unprofitable in a short period has become advanced.

    Alexander Lukashenko: policy

    In politics, Alexander G. fell, due to their achievements on the farm «Gorodets». His efforts and achievements at the were praised by the top leadership of the Soviet Union, Lukashenko was invited to Moscow, where he became a people’s Deputy of Belarus. After the collapse of the USSR, homeland of the young politician became a sovereign state, which allowed him to fly swiftly to the pinnacle of power and build a dizzying political career.

    Creating a reputation as a defender of the people and a fighter against the corrupt government, Alexander Lukashenko has won the trust of the electorate and, despite the intrigue, was able to get to power. «Revelatory» activity of Lukashenka allowed him to become the most popular politician of the time, surround a large number of associates. However, after the implementation of plans for the future the President of Belarus, many team members had left him, going into opposition. For some, a departure from Lukashenko became the finale of his political career, as only units do not support the future head of the Belarusian people was able to stay in the upper echelons of power.

    The election program of Alexander Lukashenko is based on the output is on the threshold of the abyss the country out of an acute crisis, promising politician planned to do in several ways. He promised the people that will save the population from poverty, will destroy the mafia, to reduce inflation and to restore ties with Russia and other former Soviet republics. The population actively supported the candidacy of Alexander Lukashenko on presidential elections in 1994, resulting in Lukashenko becoming the first President of the independent Republic of Belarus, with over 80% of the vote.

    Alexander Lukashenko: President of Belarus

    Bright political leader Alexander Lukashenko came to power immediately began to implement his plan for the withdrawal of the Republic of Belarus out of the crisis. From the first days in office, he held a referendum in which the Russian language was given state status, was introduced in the flag and emblem of the young state and adopted political integration with Russia.

    Thanks to Lukashenko in 1995 between Belarus and Russia was created by the payment and customs unions, and signed a Treaty of friendship, cooperation and good-neighbourly relations with Russia. After a year of economic and humanitarian integration was established with the Kyrgyz Republic and the Republic of Kazakhstan. In November 1996, the Belarusian leader held a constitutional reform, an unrecognised USA and the EU, according to which the count five-year presidential term was started again, and the head of the Republic has received large powers.

    The second presidential term of Lukashenko started in 2001, when the first round of elections Alexander G. scored more than 75% of the votes. Then the world community and the OSCE declared that the elections of the President of Belarus did not meet international standards, but Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Lukashenka won, publicly congratulating his re-election.

    After coming to power for the second time the Belarusian head began to contradictory policy with Russia – Lukashenko and Putin could not find a compromise solution in matters of governance and the introduction of the single currency. In addition, tensions between the Russian and Belarusian leaders increased gas scandal, which arose on the background of the reduction and complete cessation of Moscow’s gas supplies to Belarus.

    Thus in economic terms, Alexander G. has made significant strides, and held a third referendum, which approved the amendments to the Constitution of Belarus, which provide for the removal of restrictions in the form of two presidential terms for one person. The results of this referendum, as the previous two, was not recognized in the United States and the European Union, against which, against the Republic and Lukashenko himself has imposed a series of economic sanctions.

    Despite this the Belarusian head on a step has not receded from its political direction and stated that the «color revolutions» in Belarus will not be, as it will not allow Western bandits to restore «order» in his country. In March 2006, in the Republic of Belarus held its third presidential election in which the constant leader became Lukashenko, gaining more than 83% of the vote.

    The third presidential term of Lukashenko is notable for the adoption of the Belarusian head of fundamental decisions about the construction of a nuclear power plant, which will be launched in 2016 and will provide the country with cheap energy, that will save up to $ 1 billion a year on natural gas imports.

    Maintaining its high position of popularity, dedication and love of Belarusians Alexander Lukashenko again won the presidential elections in 2010 and becomes the fourth time already a regular leader of his country. As in all previous victories of Alexander Lukashenko in opposition and the West considered «fake», although this time the OSCE observers called the election transparent and democratic.

    The fourth presidential term of Lukashenko fell on a sharp currency crisis in Belarus in 2011, during which the ruble was devalued the dollar by 189%. But the Belarusian President has acknowledged the economic crisis in the country and continued to conduct its policy in the selected direction. According to the results of parliamentary elections in 2012, as in previous times, included only supporters of Lukashenko, with whom the Belarusian leader was able to overcome financial difficulties in the country.

    For all 20 years of the reign of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has managed to bring the country to a leading world level on growth and production, while maintaining domestic engineering, agriculture and petrochemical industry. Despite the many sanctions the EU and the USA the Belarusian leader was able to maintain a good relationship with many world countries and stay an authority for his people.

    According to the politician, he is going in 2015 for the fifth time to participate in the presidential race, stating that even if the whole world opposes him, he will again become President of the Republic of Belarus. Lukashenko does not exclude that the population may already be a fatigue factor from his 20-year rule, but that does not diminish his chances of winning.

    A lot of free time, the President also paid to hockey which is his passion since childhood. He regularly trains, supports your fitness and conducts a tournament in which he sets the rules. Another passion Lukashenko is the ski race, where he’s skating not only with their guards and companions, but also competes with high-ranking officials of other countries, including the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, President of Russia Vladimir Putin and President of Kazakhstan

  • Nursultan Nazarbayev.

    Alexander Lukashenko: personal life

    Personal life Alexander Lukashenko is not as permanent as his political career. In 1975, the Belarusian leader is married to high school sweetheart

  • Galina Zolnerowich, who bore him two sons, Viktar and Dzmitry. Lukashenka’s elder son holds the position of Advisor of the head of the Council of national security, and Dmitry headed by the Central Council of the Presidential sports club. There is information that in recent years President of Belarus does not live with his wife, but officially continues to be married with Galina. Lukashenka’s wife lives in the village Ryzhkovichi and is under constant guard of her husband, by whose authority any comments on relations with her husband press does not.

    According to official data, in 2004 the President of Belarus was born the illegitimate son of Nicholas, who, according to media reports, had a former doctor of the presidential family

  • Irina Abelskaya. The youngest son of a permanent Belarusian head appears regularly with his father to many official events, journalists believe that this fact is an indication that Nicholas Alexander G. preparing for the presidency. Also, the President of Belarus has two grandsons and five granddaughters, whom Lukashenko is always trying to make time for communication. Granddaughter Lukashenko do not lack the attention of his influential grandfather, for which priority persons in the family.

    Alexander Lukashenko: photo

    President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko

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