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  • Name: Alexander Loya ( Aleksandr Loye )
  • Date of birth: 26 July 1983.
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 179
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Alexander Loya: biography

    He became an artist in 5 years. The audience fell in love with the charming red-headed boy Sasha Loya with vivid roles in the children’s magazine «jumble» and is «Hershey Cola». Appearance and temperament Alexander on screen completely justifies its name, which translates from German as «fire.»

    Sasha was born July 26, 1983 in Moscow, he lived the usual life of a Soviet boy. He was five years old when he and his parents vacationed at the dacha outside Moscow. Close by were the film «Dubrovsky» – it is clear that this guy was hanging next to the filming location. His red hair stood out from the crowd of spectators. The Director invited Loya to appear in the episode. Sasha gladly accepted, however, it was not a full role, but rather, the presence in the frame. But those few minutes in front of the camera determined his further life.

    Textured boy noticed and began to invite to the shooting. Alexander’s mother Loya had to leave work to accompany his son. She brought him to the site of the soup in a thermos, worked as a «clapper», mastered the installation and even appeared in episodes. After the role of Vova Sidorov is in the famous «Hershey-Cola» Loya is famous in the whole country. His fee Alexander spent on the purchase of a washing machine for mom.

    After an active period in the career of the boy there was a lull. Five years he had received offers from Directors, had time to grow up, finish school. At school he studied well, but only up to grade 9, until the kid decided on a profession – he wanted to become a professional actor. In the end, in the 10th grade Alexander was going to be expelled from school for academic failure. Then he got wise, made up for the material covered and received a certificate.

    A year after graduation Loya became a student of the University but soon transferred to the Schepkin theatre school. In 2006, the dream came true the guy – he’s got an acting degree.


    His first major film role he played in childhood. It was the main role in the film «Trance-Vanty». Then there was frequent shooting in the «Jumble». In the children’s humor magazine Loya was filmed 4 years, left after a dispute with the artistic Director.

    Several role Alexander played in his student years. In the series «Next», he played the son of the protagonist: this role was the birth of the adult Alexander Loya. His hero, programmer Fedechka, like the audience and impressed the Directors. The first season of the series followed by a second and a third, which also starred Alexander Loya. The father of Vedecci played Alexander Abdulov. In an interview Loya recalled that he had few friends on the set because of age, so to communicate with them he was uncomfortable.

    In 2004 he tried himself as a Director in the TV series «Blind». In the first season he worked together with Sergei Makhovikov, and in the second season of the project independently.

    Among the roles of Alexander Loya many episodes and the roles of the second plan. He played Sergeant Goldin in «Storm the gates», a Biker in «the Trail of the Salamander», Sergey Novikov in «the Escape,» NKVD officer «second revolt of Spartacus,» Yuri Ivanushkina «Apogee», and participated in other projects. Actor says that no one role he is not ashamed because in the movie he works not for fees. Alexander tries to give everything on the court at full strength, perhaps that is why his heroes are charismatic and liked by the audience.

    Personal life

    Personal life Loya makes the brackets in an interview with reporters. The actor lives with his mom, communicating with close friends, which, by the way, is not enough. Favorite pastime – the loneliness, the opportunity to be alone with him.

    Alexander Loya’re not married yet and in no hurry to tie the knot. Said that until he met the love of my life. In his view the family is for a lifetime, this is the place where there is mutual respect, trust and understanding. Sasha wants his fiancee were interesting and passionate person, housewife it is unlikely to inspire.

    By the way, in the home Loya – pedant and perfectionist. In communication, the actor tries to avoid conflicts, control emotions, no regrets what was done and what happened. Alexander says that he is idealistic, but not romantic.


    • «Storm the gates»
    • «Dreams»
    • «White crow»
    • «The trail of the Salamander»
    • «Second revolt of Spartacus»
    • «Five brides»
    • «The Young Wolfhound»
    • «My family heirloom»
    • «Eyes»
    • «Route»


    Oleksandr Loya

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