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  • Name: Alexander Litvin ( Litvin Aleksandr )
  • Date of birth: 25 July 1960
  • Age: 56 years
  • Place of birth: Troitsk, Chelyabinsk oblast
  • Activity: physician, writer, winner of season 6 of the show «Battle of psychics»
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Litvin: biography

    Alexander Litvin, a former military physician, healer and business consultant, who managed to win the sixth season of the popular mystical TV show «Battle of psychics.» And the husband says that he is not a magician nor a psychic, and his ability is based on the symbiosis of intuition and great knowledge of science physical and biological processes.

    Alexander was born in 1960 year in the town of Troitsk, located in the Chelyabinsk region. In his family and he had relatives who were engaged in healing, but mostly through the female lineage. And the Lytvyn decided to help people with exclusively scientific and traditional hand – after high school he enrolled in medical school and got a medical degree, and later graduated from a second faculty, of pharmaceutical.

    But Alexander Litvin was not a civilian doctor and the military. About 15 years he headed the medical service of a military unit in Chukotka. After retirement he returned to his hometown and got a job in the customs service. Inquisitive, always seeking knowledge, Alexander has received an additional legal and management education.

    It is custom Litvin began to develop its own unique method. Drawing on psychology, knowledge of personal traits, and incorporate intuition, he not only put together an amazing cohesive team of like-minded people, but easily figured violators of the law.

    After some time, this extraordinary man realized that the service was exhausted. He retired from the customs and organized his own enterprise, the purpose of which is to help all people in need. And the psychic not only advises visitors in a personal interview, but also tries to help customers with their official Internet site, which is called «the Laboratory of Alexander Litvin». As you can see, the scientific approach for it is more acceptable even in this non-traditional activity.

    TV show

    When television began a demonstration of TV show «Battle of psychics» Alexander Litvin began watching this show from the first season. All relatives and friends who were aware of his abilities, persuaded her husband to take part in this program, and in 2008, he succumbed to their entreaties.

    Litvin easily passed the audition and was among the magicians, sorcerers, healers and psychics who are ready to fight for the victory in the sixth season. Alexander himself on a variety of tests used the technique based on knowledge of physics, chemistry and biology and unique intuition. Besides, the man says that the scientific approach was able to simulate his victory on the show.

    But what he was really hard to handle, so it is with human grief and strong emotions emanating from the guest heroes of the television program. Was also distracted by the cameras and Studio lights, so Litwin worked mostly with his eyes closed. In the end, Alexander lost most of the proposed tasks, from tour to tour closer to victory, and won the «Blue hand «winner».

    Personal life

    Alexander Litvin was married twice. From his first marriage he has two adult sons. His first wife Alexander was happy, but in the midst of the sixth season of «Battle of psychics» his wife Natalia died. The husband was very upset by the tragedy, and even planned to quit the show, but the two sons persuaded him to return to the project.

    After the victory in the «Battle» Lytvyn with his head immersed in other people’s problems, not to be left alone with their own. He helped a lot of people, including a young woman named Elena, who approached him with a request to help her sick mother. Struck up an acquaintance, which gradually turned into romance and then marriage. Now the couple raising two young sons, whom the father tries to pay the maximum amount of their time.

    The Lithuanians moved to Moscow, where Alexander is engaged not only in advising clients but also conducts historical research, but also delves into the energy laws of nature. New ideas that he expresses in his books «Above God won’t» and «They will find me.» And in his spare time Lytvyn, the family travels a lot and he tries for a while to get out fishing or hunting.


    Oleksandr Lytvyn

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