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  • Name: Alexander Lesun ( Aleksandr Lesun )
  • Date of birth: 1 July 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Borisov, Belarus
  • Height: 185
  • Activity: pyatibrat, the Olympic champion, the repeated world champion and Europe
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Lesun: biography

    Alexander Lesun Russian and Belarusian athlete, who competes in the discipline «Modern pentathlon». He many times won in European and world Championships, and in 2016, won gold medals at the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro.

    Alexander was born and raised in the Belarusian city of Borisov. From early childhood the boy was fond of sport and almost all the time, ranging from six years spent in the pool. He had good results, but at the age of 15, when he was in school of the Olympic reserve, Lesun chose another sport – the pentathlon, in which it could be realized not only as a swimmer but as a runner, fencer, horseman and marksman.

    Aleksandr Lesun
    Alexander Lesun | Soviet sport in Moldova

    Already at the age of 17 the young man is twice bronze medals of the championship of Europe in this challenging discipline that requires incredible stamina – after all, usually all of the above types of the competition is the athlete in one day. In 2007, Alexander was included in the national team of Belarus, and for this country Lesun acted not only as pyatibrat, but a couple of times and tried to «clean» fencing.

    In 2008, a young man moved to Russia, taking citizenship and agrees to act for a new home. The fact that, according to Alexander, in Belarus, the head coach of the Olympic team especially gave him the opportunity to develop to instead be included in the team of your own pupil. Were fabricated medical documents, which Lesunou allegedly did not exercise. Russian pyatibrat was examined in several different independent clinics, which are not found he had no abnormalities.

    Modern pentathlon

    In the spring of 2010 Alexander Lesun has managed to break into the Russian team and in may won the previous world Cup stage in Hungary, and in September won the silver award for flagship world Cup. The following year, newly minted Russian has repeated this achievement. I wonder what was passed forward Lesun only partners in the national team — Sergey Karjakin and Andrei Moiseev.

    In 2012, the results of the athlete is much improved: he not only won almost all the competitions, but also topped the world ranking modern pentathlon. As favorite was riding Alexander and the London Olympic games, performed well in his favorite fencing, but at the last stage allowed himself to be ahead of the competition and took the 4th place.

    Alexander Lesun at the 2016 Olympics
    Alexander Lesun at the 2016 Olympics | IA

    So after four years in Rio de Janeiro Lesun went with an insatiable thirst for revenge. This was manifested desire instantly – Alexander on the results of the individual competition took first place, taking the gold medal of the Olympic Games. Moreover, pyatibrat set an Olympic record in fencing by typing in this a 268 points, which previously no one could.

    Now the main goal of the young man is the Olympics 2020 will be held in Tokyo. He wants to try themselves not only in pentathlon, but in the new Olympic discipline — the mixed relay race, where a couple are a man and a woman. Alexander wants to participate with another naturalized Russian former athlete from Lithuania Donut Rimsaite.

    Personal life

    Wife of Alexander Lesun name is Catherine. To 18 years old she and future husband, was engaged in the modern pentathlon, but in professional sports go. In 2012, young people have a daughter. Interestingly, the Olympic champion absolutely do not want a child to follow in his footsteps. He is not against doing sports for themselves, to maintain tone and health, but not as a main activity.

    Aleksandr Lesun
    Alexander Lesun | Portal Sport.Ru

    I must say that Alexander Lesunou have to live in two countries. From spring to autumn, he lives in Moscow base, and a wife and child at this time lives not far from Minsk, in a country house, next to which grows a pine forest. There athlete goes, as soon as he have some free days, which happens very rarely.

    And only in winter, the family sticks together in Moscow, where Alexander was forced to rent an apartment as a private housing Federation of sports, it has yet to be identified.


    Aleksandr Lesun

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