Alexander Lazarev, Jr.

(biography, photos, videos) Aleksandr Lazarev-ml.

photograph of Alexander Lazarev, Jr.

  • Name: Alexander Lazarev-younger ( Aleksandr Lazarev-ml. )
  • Date of birth: 27 April 1967
  • Age: 49 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 192
  • Activities: actor, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Lazarev, Jr.: biography

    Fate determined the path of Alexander Lazarev, Jr. He was born in a family of actors Alexander Lazarev and Svetlana Nemolyaeva. For the spouses and significant event occurred on 27 April 1967 in Moscow.

    Family on the maternal side – the intellectuals of St. Petersburg. Alexander’s parents met in the theatre, fell in love, got married. Their marriage lasted for more than 50 years. Alexander always wanted to be like their parents, perhaps that is why in another profession itself is not seen. To act on the stage, he began early, at the age of 12. His debut role was Lyamina in the play «Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk». Sasha played on stage with parents.

    After school Karasev Jr. entered the school-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, but after the first year, for a time interrupted his studies for army service. During the service he had to be a loader, and a mounter. The actor says that this period taught him a lot: he began naturally to treat people perceived the circumstances as they are, and react like a man.

    In 1987, Alexander Lazarev, Jr., continued his studies at the Moscow art Theater. During his studies, he occasionally appeared in films under the pseudonym troubetzkoy. The young man did not want to be considered to be «Golden youth», trying to make himself whole. In 1990, he graduated from the Studio school and began an adult actor’s life.


    After graduating high school theater Alexander did not want to go to the Theater im. Vladimir Mayakovsky, because that’s where my parents worked. He joined the troupe of Lenkom theatre. The first role on this stage has brought him popularity. He played in performances «the Marriage of Figaro» and «the Royal game». On the last play of the tickets were sold out for several months. For the «king of games» actor received the prestigious award «crystal Turandot» and the prize. K. S. Stanislavsky.

    Along with the great roles Alexander Lazarev played and small, like the sailor in the play «Juno and Avos», a villager in «Memorial prayer».

    The talented and beautiful artist had a lot of fans, they literally walked behind him, and confessed his love. Lazarev Jr. reacted to the popularity of calm and reserved, said that he is monogamous.

    In 2003, the actor became a laureate of the award «the Seagull» for her role in the production of «Crying of the Executioner», and in 2006 for the play «Eclipse». In 1999 he was awarded the title of Honored artist of the Russian Federation, and in 2007 he became a people’s artist of the Russian Federation.


    In the movie Alexander made his debut in 1982 — it was a small role in the series «Professiya – sledovatel». But in adulthood have a certified artist for a long time was simple. The Directors said that Alexander too the right person for their scenarios. Actor painfully endured downtime, not showing.

    He gladly agreed to the proposal by Alexander Belinsky and starred in the title role of the painting «Provincial benefit». The film was a success. In the 90 years of Russian cinema was going through hard times, films were few and of poor quality. One of the notable roles of this period – Anatoly in the film «dead man’s Friend», it was released in 1997.

    In 2000, the situation changed dramatically: the Directors of the films and TV series have started to invite Lazarus to be in a serious and interesting roles. He played brilliantly Gan ivolgina in the film adaptation of the novel of F. Dostoevsky «the Idiot». The actor is always responsible approach to work, listen to the advice of the Director, often improvising. His characters are convincing and realistic, probably, for it and the audience loved Alexander.

    He played dozens of diverse images. On the historical film «Vivat, Anna Ioannovna!» Lazarev Jr. voluntarily jumped in the snow naked. In the film «Dying is easy», the audience saw instead of Alexander Alexandrovich crazy maniac. In «Honor» of his hero deliberately went to death, in the series «the Medicine against fear» actor convincingly played a military doctor.

    In his filmography — 70 roles, and this is not the limit.

    Personal life

    The actor says he is monogamous, and hopes to live with his only life, like his parents.

    Wife Of Alexander Lazarev – Alina Ayvazian. They lived in neighboring houses, went to the same school. After school Alina entered the faculty of foreign languages, she is a translator of children’s literature.

    May 7, 1988, Alina and Alexander got married, two years later, the family welcomed daughter Pauline. And in 10 years had a son, Sergei.

    Alexander Lazarev is not involved in scandals, despite public profession he is faithful to his wife and family. Free time and every holiday he spends with them.


    • «Game of love»
    • «Poor little thing»
    • «Zemsky doctor»
    • «The medicine against fear»
    • «Catherine»
    • «Heavy sand»
    • «Recipe witch»
    • «Mamuka»
    • «Heavenly life»
    • «Terror to love»
    • «Long way home»


    Alexander Lazarev-younger with parents

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